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  1. If he hadn't have been taken off he might have been unavailable for future games.He probably asked to be taken off due to injury.
  2. Many thanks to Harry Smith for the extra motivation.👍
  3. Just seen this on YouTube as well:- Lift Hills and Thrills - Matchday VLOG against Harrogate with Shaun Evans and Vale fans.
  4. Like I said a few weeks ago melv,it was pointless turning P&G on until 17.30.Now it seems I don't need to bother until 17.50 to hear about the Vale. Biased or what?
  5. Great to know that we've reached 9 points in just 7 games and I'm sure DC will be happy that it's an improvement from his start at Bristol Rovers.😉 KTF
  6. Can't believe how bad Garrity was? Midfield is always where games are won and lost.
  7. PA system at the Bycars End still problematic despite the new speakers.Cuts out when announcing substitutes!!Doesn't help when the scoreboard is limited as well.
  8. Still can't access notifications on android.
  9. Missed Leggey massively at the back yesterday but the biggest worry for me was how we went into our shells after Beesley scored.Just didn't bounce back at all and let them dictate the game.Garrity hardly got a kick and our ball- watchers were out in force.
  10. So disappointed with that defeat after such a great start but congratulations to Rochdale on their first ever league win at Vale Park.We should have been 3-0 up before they scored but we are sadly lacking up front despite creating numerous chances once again. Gutted but still hopeful.KTF
  11. Hey up he's back💤 We've lost one at home.😃
  12. He may be on a contract?Ask him a question and away he goes,gives Pej and Sandoz a ten minute coffee break.
  13. Never used to turn P&G on until 17.30 melv,don't even bother now.😥
  14. I suppose money talks and always beats dropping down two levels?
  15. Just watched the highlights of Northampton's friendly against West Ham on YouTube.They look a useful side.
  16. I agree,he is slow to make changes and considering the quality of players he has on the bench it seems to be his weakness Fresh legs in last twenty minutes of normal time might have made a big difference but unfortunately we'll never know.
  17. Player of the match perhaps but Pickford would have got my vote for player of the tournament with five clean sheets.
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