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  1. Never known so many teams getting three clean sheets at the start of a season before but I'm certainly glad we are one of them. On the game,we were sussed out by the opposition today who closed down our midfield and credit to their numbers 4 and 7,who were instrumental in that.You don't win many games with zero shots on target!
  2. Well,it doesn't seem to bother the two main countries who run the EU. They are the ones who should be setting the example in the first place.
  3. Only if there's no consequences! (See France and Germany for more details).
  4. Probably remainers but you've got to blame the two countries who run the EU for setting a bad example on how to ignore a treaty.
  5. They haven't just threatened to break treaties they have actually done it and got away with it. Mind you it's hardly suprising when you see that it's France and Germany. In 2003 they consistently broke treaty commitments in terms of deficits and debt levels and guess what happened. Whether the EU takes any action against certain treaty breakers obviously depends on who you are and let's face it these two countries are the EU?
  6. I thought Money Heist was excellent as well and was only beaten by Breaking Bad for binge-watching. I'm watching Cobra Kai at the moment,a follow up from The Karate Kid.
  7. Love LoD and can't wait for Series 5 next year.The Fall is a good watch Rob.
  8. Meanwhile on BBC Radio 4,Mr Naughtie gets £175,000 a year for appearing on air for 23 hours?
  9. Not really,just facts about the hypocrites who are slating us for something they've been doing for years?
  10. It might be best to ask Germany about breaking International law geo,along with Spain they seem to be the masters.
  11. Basically we can do what we want.Clause 38 says that nothing in the WA shall alter our right to sovereign status and prevents the Supreme Court and other courts from referring to EU law to change the rules.
  12. Yes,typical of the BBC,they never learn do they,editing a video clip of Cameron to "make it look like he was unsupportive of the goverment" You couldn't make it up?
  13. Cheer up Sage,you remainers should be used to all these disappointing events by now.It's what the majority voted for and it's about time the minority finally accepted that we have left and move on. As Roy Orbison once said "It's Over".
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