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  1. A man walks into a bar with a roll of Tarmac under his arm and says "Pint please..... and one for the road".
  2. Only appears when we are on a bad run,strange that?
  3. On the other hand only 6 teams have a better record for winning. Stay positive. UTV.
  4. Five changes with Joyce,Legge,Conlon,Ammo and Rodney all starting.
  5. England currently stand 4th in the FIFA World rankings. 1. Belgium 2. France 3. Brazil 4. England 5. Portugal 6. Spain 7. Argentina 8. Uruguay 9. Mexico 10.Italy
  6. Spot on,I'd hate to play them now. Patience is the key. Keep The Faith.
  7. Agreed,seemed to enjoy it just like Vale1995 for some reason?
  8. I fear for Chris Wilder at the Blades if things continue.
  9. We'll be better this weekend with Joycey back.👍 UTV.
  10. Or call somebody s*um and then apologise also gives you a free pass?
  11. Well,apparently they had 580,000 members in January but the article says they now have less than 500,000.
  12. Labour members leaving in their droves at the rate of 250 a day since Captain Hindsight became leader, according to the Times.
  13. Yes,he was referring to the fact that Crewe had 70% possession and lost 4-1.You can pass it around at the back all you want but it doesn't help you get nearer the final third.
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