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  1. A brilliant partnership which shows their commitment to help the community.
  2. For Us All


    I should think so as well,she's an absolute disgrace.
  3. For Us All


    Labour councillor Sheila Oakes says that Boris "completely deserves this"? What a nice lady!!!
  4. For Us All


    A brilliant gesture. Credit where it's due.
  5. Spurs,Newcastle,Bournemouth are still taking the goverment cash despite Liverpool's u-turn yesterday. PL players who will become free agents this summer are refusing to accept wage cuts and despite opposition from the PFA,PL clubs are still hoping players will take a financial cut. They might however be prepared to take a drop in wages if the season is not completed and the clubs are subjected to massive losses due to the lack of TV revenue.
  6. How can you forget about diversity when a newly appointed shadow cabinet member has just wrote a book called Tribes:How Our Need To Belong Can Make Or Break Society?
  7. Very BAME though compared with Labour?
  8. Is it true that he's already put a complaint in to Sir Keir about the lack of diversity in his Cabinet?
  9. For Us All


    No concept of working class,really? You've got the wrong man,try looking up the name Graeme Andrew Logan.
  10. For Us All


    Thankfully,she's resigned.
  11. Another one you might be interested in on YouTube Paul is Under The Cosh with Stephen McPhee.
  12. Starmer's new cabinet. Angela Rayner - Deputy Leader Anneliese Dodds - Shadow Chancellor Nick Thomas-Symonds -Shadow Home Secretary. Rachel Reeves - Shadow Chancellor of the Duchy of Lancaster. Lisa Nandy - Shadow Foreign Secretary Jonathan Ashworth - Shadow Health Secretary.
  13. I see Jezza has advised 'Sir' not to accept the PM's invitation for a government unity meeting to tackle Covid-19. Is this in the country's best interest?
  14. Angela Rayner replaces Tom Watson as deputy-leader.
  15. The son of a toolmaker who became a human rights lawyer and removed the fact that he was a millionaire from Wikipedia to help him win this leadership vote.
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