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  1. I suppose money talks and always beats dropping down two levels?
  2. Just watched the highlights of Northampton's friendly against West Ham on YouTube.They look a useful side.
  3. I agree,he is slow to make changes and considering the quality of players he has on the bench it seems to be his weakness Fresh legs in last twenty minutes of normal time might have made a big difference but unfortunately we'll never know.
  4. Player of the match perhaps but Pickford would have got my vote for player of the tournament with five clean sheets.
  5. To be honest,I thought we looked tired in the second half and Italy took advantage.We dropped too deep and hardly tested their keeper.That extra days rest for the Italians may have contributed?
  6. Spot on.We are definitely improving under Gareth and are now progressing from tournament semi-finals to finals. Roll on the next World Cup.🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿 Congratulations to the Azzurri on extending their unbeaten run to 34 games.
  7. Ernie and Bob,what a partnership. RIP Ernie.❤
  8. For some strange reason the Sturgeon only passes judgement when Rangers fans celebrate?
  9. Hartlepool or Torquay it is. KO 14.00 today at Ashton Gate.
  10. He's with us for the next world cup.
  11. Nothing to worry about yet,Spain lost their first game to Switzerland and still went on to win the World Cup in 2010.
  12. When did Scotland last beat England,seems ages ago?
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