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  1. So,just 16 players required now to make up the 25 player squad DC wants.Suggestions on a postcard please.UTV
  2. Spot on,we can't keep having seasons like the last five,it's no good for your health. Thankfully,the 'Deadwood Stage' has come over the hill.
  3. Hope so Geoff,it's DC's recovery campaign 'Build Back Better'.
  4. I think DC and Flickers will already have an idea of the players they want to recruit Warren.Just waiting for the play-offs to finish now and finalise the last few to make up the 25.
  5. No need to worry,it's probably an age thing?😃
  6. Why would he be told on Saturday? DC has said all along that his players would be told on Monday. Ask Micky Adam's about Malbon and his passport?
  7. Decision probably made on age and mistakes made by Brownie and Joycey this season.Not really surprised by Popey going but as you say it's all very sad and all three will be remembered for their time at Vale Park.All the best for the future to all those players who have been released.
  8. DC questioned his disciplinary record last week after the Grimsby defeat and he didn't seem too impressed.
  9. It's a scandal and a mystery how the EFL have come to this decision. Were the 'Class Of 92' on the panel?
  10. In 2021 Liverpool have had 146 shots on goal at Anfield and scored 4 goals. There's hope for us all?
  11. Apparently,Spurs have released a highlights DVD of their 48 hours in the European Super League.
  12. Only three of the twelve clubs left now.Juventus,Barcelona and Real Madrid.
  13. I don't suppose they'll mind paying that as long as they are signing players like Pepe for £72million?
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