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  1. Another worldy beats us.Mind you it's the best one so far in my opinion, beating the Tranmere winner by Morris in November.Southend's Ferguson seems to be a master at it as well after watching his latest at FGR?The Hamil End seems to attract them?
  2. 1. Ken Hancock 2.Simon Mills 3.John Ritchie 4.Neil Aspin 5.John Nicholson 6.Tommy McLaren 7.John Green 8.Ian Taylor 9.Martin Foyle 10.Tony Naylor 11.Mark Chamberlain. Subs.Mark Goodlad Darren Hughes,Dean Gover,Robbie Earle,Steve Guppy,Gareth Ainsworth,Tom Pope.
  3. Exactly,it was poor question to ask in the first place.
  4. To Phil Bowers question of "Do you have an idea of what you want to do to cover that area (of defensive midfielder) DC said."I wouldn't be a manager if I didn't have an idea would I?So come on let's talk common sense.There are going to be ideas aren't there?" Reminds me of somebody?
  5. I agree,we are looking pretty solid at the back but need to create more chances.Wozza is instrumental in that as proven in his top number of assists.
  6. Farcical,two day finish for a test match?
  7. Wozza is always a big miss for us but the one player I am really disappointed with is Jake Taylor, who is a shadow of is former self.Where have all those shots from outside the box gone?
  8. I don't think the positions of the other two local football clubs help either?Patience is the key. KTF.
  9. Our friends down at the southern end of the city have their own moaner in the form of Jimmy.Him and Carl would make the perfect comedy duo called 'Doom & Gloom'?
  10. As MA said once at Bristol Rovers "We aren't Real Madrid"?
  11. Some interesting videos on YouTube of Darrell's time at Bristol Rovers.Extended Interview,four years ago explains how he handled the transfer of top striker Matty Taylor to local rivals Bristol City.The views from both sets of fans in the comments section below the video are nothing but praise.Another video also worth a look is called Beat The Boss starring Darrell and Matty Taylor.Darrell's keepy uppy skills sitting down are most impressive. Monty also makes an appearance.
  12. But we are the fourth highest goalscorers in the league?
  13. They've got to have somebody mate if Mills,Fitz and Robinson aren't playing?
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