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  1. Not sure about the hatchet term but you could argue that it's much better than being surrounded by "yes men"?
  2. Not surprised really,she was never going to get very far after threatening to knife Jezza?
  3. The agent will be telling Smudger to hang on and wait for other offers,then both could benefit. There's nothing to lose for them.
  4. The audience member,as Fiona Bruce introduced her,was no other than university lecturer Rachel Boyle who reviews the newspapers on BBC News. Rather convenient that?
  5. Their latest one is "micro aggression"?
  6. They would say that though wouldn't they?
  7. A hard act to follow but the foundations are now there to build on. Good luck Max in your future job.UTV.
  8. When they hand it over to Jezza for ratification.
  9. For some reason we don't seem to perform too well straight after Christmas. In the last two seasons we have played 18 matches in January and February and won one game,against Crawley away. Let's hope our recent win at Stevenage isn't the only one until March?
  10. I had my doubts about the Blades this season RR but it seems you were right. Tremendous effort.
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