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  1. Herrings yes,sturgeons no.
  2. Leave the Kippers out of this.
  3. What a load of bull. Typical losers response.
  4. Quote of the year from Jezza. "Labour is not prepared to sell out the communities that we represent"?
  5. Nothings clear from those two PM's with their history.
  6. I was just agreeing with the very educated Mr.Ikea who claimed I was smart.
  7. It seems that the Remainers don't know what they want either.Up until Boris agreed a deal last week all they wanted was to prevent No Deal. Another bunch of liars. Labour MP Caroline Flint got it spot on yesterday when she said. "This was a panic measure to reinsert the 3-month delay for one reason only - to thwart a deal".
  8. They were probably too busy promoting a No-Deal Brexit to help their hedge funding mates?
  9. Looks like we have something in common then but at least I'm smart.
  10. It doesn't seem to matter what we think anymore,that finished in 2016.
  11. Well,I can't see them funding the courts to thwart Brexit?
  12. Come on,get real,it's quite obvious that the elite are trying to stop Brexit through the courts.
  13. Spot on,I've decided to follow parliaments example,criticise and complain and play delaying tactics.
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