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  1. According to the Independent,do you know how long it will take to finish paying off these PFI's?It will take another 30 years after which time we will have paid out around £307 billion,which apparently is five times more than the assets are worth. Even Jezza has criticised Blair and Brown for their "unsustainable" handling of the economy and their "legacy of PFI debt" when they were in power. And you think it was a "golden age for the NHS"? We'll be paying for their poor decisions for years to come. Apparently,a school which was built in Liverpool in 2004 was closed a decade later.It is now costing Liverpool council £12,000 a day due to the terms of 25 year PFI contract.
  2. Hats off to the Labour 15 for supporting everything anti-Corbyn.
  3. He's better off knocking on doors and visiting families after threatening to scrap the BBC licence. That's another vote winner.
  4. Not in Stafford it isn't under the last Labour goverment.
  5. Crikey,when were the health and education system's nationalised after being privatised. Must have missed that? Despite ten years of Tory cuts and austerity we have never witnessed a winter of discontent,with NHS ancillary workers blocking hospital entrances or grave diggers going on strike.We have never experienced a three-day week but I believe Jezza is already promising a four-day one? And despite ten years of Tory cuts and austerity we have never witnessed a NHS scandal like the one that occurred at Mid-Staffs,where so many patients lost their lives because of neglect. I believe that was on Blairs watch. After that shocking incident you should be asking yourself,is the NHS safe under Labour? It isn't alway the fault of those nasty Tories you know.
  6. It certainly would,remember the 70's. Confirmation of nationalisations of the railways,the Royal Mail,energy suppliers and water companies at a cost of £196billion would send the £ plummeting.These firms would become union dominated,serving workers needs and not customers.Remember the 70's?Investment and pension funds will be at risk if the shareholders of these companies are not properly compensated. You can understand why Labour are offering freebies to anyone under the age of 40.
  7. He hammers everyone who appears on his programme so I don't think it makes any difference.
  8. She was re-elected for a third term and became the longest serving British prime minister of the 20th century.
  9. Is he perhaps a mate because he's not antisemitic?
  10. You never learn do you. Appalling records? I give you Labour's last three goverments.
  11. You're at it again,think about what you are saying before you criticise others. Mysogynist men?You are supporting a political party that hasn't elected a woman leader in 119 years. Hypocrisy springs to mind.
  12. If he follows the Venezuela model which he supports everyone will be much poorer.
  13. Says the supporter of a party that has joined the BNP in becoming only the second political party to be investigated for racism by the EHRC. I suggest that you need to look closer to home and get your own act in order before criticising others of something that you support.
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