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  1. Living within your means is always a good policy. Doing a Bury is not.
  2. You couldn't right the script for that. I must admit I got a bit worried when we wanted 38 from 20 balls but those 3 sixes came just at the right time. Full credit to Kane Williamson and his team,I thought their bowlers were brilliant. At last it's come home.
  3. Just come back from holiday and I asked my hotel owner how things were going in Greece. His reply was "We have elections coming up and I'm unsure of what corrupt pig to vote for"?
  4. NHS compensation payouts were £2.36billion in 2018/19,a rise of £137m from the previous year.Half of that total came from maternity blunders. The Medical Defence Union said the cost had "spiralled out of control".
  5. Two horse race for the title with Brighton,Sheff.Utd and Newcastle getting relegated.
  6. Got it in a nutshell geo.
  7. Sounds as though the Lib,Dems need to be investigated by Panorama?
  8. She's an hypocrite of the highest order who needs to look up the word diversity and try and get some of it into her party?
  9. I'm not sure about the credibility of Shami Chakrabati's inquiry into Labour's anti-Semitism and how she managed to become a Baroness because of it?
  10. Wasn't he sacked for not doing his job. You know,for not being diplomatic?
  11. All created by the Establishment who don't like being told what to do by the majority.
  12. They'll be in good company then,the leader in waiting of the Lib.Dems Jo Swinson thinks we are a racist country?
  13. Started watching it last night,looks good.
  14. Yes,fifteen expulsions over the last three years says a lot about how seriously they are treating this issue. Sam Matthews' treatment was despicable.
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