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  1. For Us All


    Have you tried a 'Sunak Special' yet in Spoons Howjy? Doom Bar is £1.79 a pint.
  2. Terrific result for Bournemouth yesterday.After their first half performance I didn't give them a chance but fair play to them for coming back and turning it around. Next up Man.City.!!!
  3. For Us All


    Sorry Howjy,I could have sworn they've been going a lot longer than that. Never mind,let's hope the unions,H&S and HMRC get involved now after recent revelations?
  4. For Us All


    Correct me if I'm wrong but I don't think I have since his last defeat on December 12th?
  5. For Us All


    I haven't blamed Farage,where have you got that from,I'll blame him if he's found guilty?I've said the Guardian are hypocrites,Starmer is Captain Hindsight,Corbyn is irrelevant and Labour Councillers are responsible for what goes on in Leicester.
  6. For Us All


    Any update on the Farage investigation on breaking lockdown?
  7. For Us All


    Please keep up,there were exceptional circumstances such as unforeseen emergencies,you know like Covid19?
  8. For Us All


    Are these 'facts' illegal?
  9. For Us All


    Is this the same Guardian that people want shutting down because of its hypocrisy and after its founder was found to have used profits from cotton plantation slavery?
  10. Will be interesting to see if Leeds and Stoke players take the knee tonight after Millwall,Middlesbrough,QPR and Wigan decided not to yesterday?
  11. For Us All


    The shining light v the damp squib?
  12. For Us All


    Dunner worry,he's come back to put Captain Hindsight in his place.
  13. Meanwhile Rishi dishes out more of the same,literally?
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