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  1. The yellow covers over the pumps also indicate that they haven't opened yet.⛽🚙
  2. Looks more like a shortage of customers to me?🤣👍
  3. No,just the odd ones which Remainers obviously decided to photograph.
  4. "They may be not there now",thank you! What about all these empty shelves and Tesco hiring thousands of extra staff?
  5. Will you please let me know which local petrol stations currently have a fuel shortage and would you also like to comment on the extra staff Tesco are hiring for Christmas?
  6. Give over. The only shortage we have at the moment is queues for fuel. Meanwhile,despite Brexit Tesco hire 30,000 extra staff for the Christmas rush and travel restrictions are lifted. Stop making stuff up,do you work for the BBC?🤣
  7. If he hadn't have been taken off he might have been unavailable for future games.He probably asked to be taken off due to injury.
  8. Not suprising really when the French threaten to cut off Jersey's electricity,block the Channel tunnel and apparently steal five million Covid vaccines?
  9. Last time I looked Festival Park and Leek were local?
  10. And of course the EU will obviously praise Brexit?😃 Get real.
  11. Last week? Try again this week from Morrisons Festival Park to Morrisons Leek.
  12. It's just as bad in Europe but you won't hear much about it on our mainstream media. There doesn't seem to be a problem with either food or fuel locally.
  13. What queues are those,it looks like we are getting back to normal after passing six petrol stations this morning.That didn't last long did it?
  14. Energy price rises,E10 petrol,54,000 applications for HGV drivers waiting to be processed by the DVLA and Insulate Britain.
  15. That's probably the agenda. Spot the common denominator.🤔
  16. Good luck to whoever gets in at the next GE.Just the heat pumps insulation and electric cars to impose on the electorate.😃
  17. Many thanks to Harry Smith for the extra motivation.👍
  18. Labour's chances have just improved now that the last Corbynite in the Shadow Cabinet has left the building.
  19. No mention of the press from the Guardian.The five reasons they gave for the landslide defeat was:- 1.Jeremy Corbyn 2.Manifesto 3.Brexit Strategy 4.The collapse of "the red wall". 5.Election Strategy
  20. Reforms to stop Labour members electing another hard-Left leader such as Corbyn were voted through at the Conference.Hopefuls will need a fifth of Labour MP's to back them and registered supporters can no longer vote.
  21. Rayner in 2019,"Politicians must dial down language and act responsibly" Burgon "Voters don't want flags,pints and fish and chips". Oh,they do Richard,what they don't want is you two.
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