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  1. I'm sick to death of saying the same thing, I think Smith is a very good defender, but he's not a footballer. I'm sure he probably feels the same and never looks comfortable receiving the ball. His distribution is poor in my opinion and he sometimes appears like a rabbit caught in headlights. Plus side for me is I personally think he's one of the first names on the teamsheet. Not a great deal gets past him, his positional sense is good and 5 different managers had the sense to pick him. Not sure how he got man-of-the -match last night however.
  2. We have a winger, we just seem to play him as a full back.....odd really given his assist stats from season past.
  3. I sit in the Railway Stand about level with the 18 yard line Bycars End, I said straight away Covolan was off and it's a penalty although I think I was the only one in the Railway that thought that. My own opinion of Covolan is that he thinks he's allowed to get away with his antics, but he's being found out more than not. Great save early on, but that's what he's paid for. He needs to learn, and learn fast.
  4. Why do the turnstile operators need to scan a ticket? Whatever happened to ripping off the stub ? I'm not tech savvy, being of an age where pounds shillings and pence were the currency of the Realm, as I'm sure are many of the folk who use the Railway Stand/paddock. The problem has persisted for quite some time now, and with regards the scanners being persistently troublesome what worries me is the thought that i believe Synectics are contracted to protect sensetive Government data. They can't even scan my ticket !.
  5. A little left field here, but I always thought Ally Brown was a very influential player In the short time he was with us.
  6. It will be interesting to see how many they do rest. Today's victory puts them comfortably mid table so they may just fancy a cup run themselves. It's a game they should be looking to win considering the gulf in league positions. Hopefully, as you say, they rest a few players Ours may be match rusty but should be chomping at the bit come 3 oclock Saturday. Head says 1-3, heart says 2-1 aet.
  7. Memeries faded somewhat but i recall - i think it was Ernie Moss, scoring a similar o.g. at Chester. I also have a vague recollection of an away team, i think it was Swindon, making a substitution once when we were attacking the Hamill Road End. The substitution was made whilst Vale were waiting to take a corner. The sub ran onto the pitch and on reaching the penalty box the ref blew to take the corner, as the ball came in he ran onto it and headed an unstoppable ball into the top corner.
  8. That was our house, the wife always seemed to have a packet of OMO in the window whenever I was at work..... Lord knows why [emoji848]
  9. More than happy with the draw, a premier league team at home, you can't really ask for much better than that given how many teams are in the hat. Reasonable chance of an upset, especially if they are concentrating on their premier league status, early January so the weather will no doubt play a part. I would imagine their fans aren't exactly ecstatic at the prospect. All part and parcel of the third round proper, there's no reason at all why we should go into this fixture fearing the worst.
  10. Good luck to the lads today, a good result could bring the kind of cup draw to change Vales future dramatically, even if it's not one of the big 5/6/7 it could be a chance to progress and further glory and riches ahead. Defeat will not be the end of the World and would obviously clear the path for the old "well at least we can now concentrate on the League " A tough game in prospect and I think one goal either way could settle it. If it's us I really hope Rodders can bag it, he needs a goal badly, for his sake and ours. UTV
  11. Thought it was a "professional" performance against a poor side, the kind of result that you look back on when promoted as one of the games that get you where you are. Yes, against better opposition that team may have struggled, and may yet do so but with the injuries we have I thought every player stood up to be counted and did their job. We will play more 'Hartlepools' than 'Forest Greens' in the coming months and these games are the ones where a couple of goals and a clean sheet can make quite a difference when/if goal difference comes into play. As I said earlier in the thread, it's imperative to keep with the chasing pack, especially with the injuries we now have but hopefully with the cash fri\om the Bradford game, Walsall's 1500 and even a hearty 350-odd from Hartlepool we can strengthen in January and Proctor and Wilson coming back towadrs the nitty gritty end of the season will seem like additions too. Not a classic game but the 3 points and the manner in which 'fringe' players slotted in all bodes well.
  12. Tomorrow is another opportunity for 3 points if everyone plays like we know they can. It's imperative to keep up with the leading pack and with the possibility of further strengthening of the squad in January we must give the team as much backing as possible. No excuses after Tuesday, get at them right from the start, 4-3-3 and a 3-1 win.
  13. The mere mention of the word Walsall and my mind recalls two names......Alan Buckley and John Connaughton, once those names flash through I have to quickly think of something to stop me from feeling quite sickly.
  14. If Alan Buckley isn't fit to play we have a chance [emoji6]
  15. Win lose or draw we won't be either promoted or relegated Saturday. Difficult game maybe and I can understand people's worries but it's 11 v 11 and man for man I think we are better than them at the moment and I don't see that changing any time soon. Looking forward to it. And get well soon Andy.
  16. Walsall 1 v Vale 1 aet. Vale won on penalties Keeper saved 3 [emoji16] Well done lads.
  17. But Benning is this season's scapegoat, can't believe no-ones called him "dead wood" yet. What happened to getting behind the team I wonder?
  18. That's the one Conrad, stood underneath many a game (Or at least half a game as we used to swap ends in those days.).
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