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  1. Thanks for all the comments, links and photos on here. A really wonderful day for all connected to the Vale. I think we're blessed to have genuine people running our club and through that they get good management, staff and players.
  2. I too am finding it difficult to understand why people are not asking why the politicians are not scared. While troubled about the logic of the scare after about a week of lockdown I was broadly compliant for a while. I used the wretched and useless hand sanitiser against the airborne virus at £6.99 a bottle compared to the pre pandemic £1.99. I stayed way from visiting my elderly mother except for visits from outside the window speaking to her on the phone from outside her house. Then I became more and more sceptical. The mask nonsense in shops after 4 months of a deadly plague was what annoyed me the most. Absolute nonsense. Then I posted on here my concerns about the alleged vaccine. I was questioned by several people and apologised. However now I want to say that I don’t think this vaccine does any good at all and overall it harms people. Why have so many more people got covid after having the vaccine than before the vaccine was brought out? Those that are usually sceptical question big business and the government. I am troubled why a lot of people stopped questioning this and I do not know the answer and would politely ask anyone who is usually sceptical why they stopped being so. Also I said I thought that Bill Gates was genuine. Well I take that back in spades. He’s in this for the money and control.
  3. I was thinking at the time of the substitutions that we would have gone on to win the game as we were on top. It seemed to upset the balance of the team.
  4. People should sack Sky off. Let football be for proper fans who go to matches
  5. Apologies over late reply. What I would like to see is a return to the government's strategy of 2019 which was to protect the vulnerable. Lockdown is something we've copied from the totalitarian regime of China for some reason. Also use existing treatments and not a vaccine. That is all. I fear what the governments of the world have done is mainly theatre to show they've taken action. Also that they've complied with Agenda 2030 of the UN which isn't going to be much fun if it succeeds
  6. I agree with Leedsvaliant too. Coronavirus is a nasty disease that has been blown up out of all proportion to its threat. Lockdowns, masks and social distancing don't work. Sadly it looks like the so called vaccine is not that good either.
  7. A very moving programme. Andy Woodward was so brave in speaking out. Paul Stewart was a person I was never very keen on and I thought he wasted his talent. I was so wrong about him. He spoke so well and his mother too. Steve Walters also showed great courage. So sad that bad people prey upon innocent childrens’ love of the game.
  8. I must echo what leedsvaliant is saying. Below is a link. It is the ONS figures for deaths by date of death and and not date reported which gives a far more accurate view of how many people are dying "with covid." It appears that the number of Covid associated deaths has peaked for the autumn but may be too early to say. I think that as a result of the PCR testing they may increase again in the new year and especially February which is usually the worst month for respiratory deaths. I feel we must awake to how disproportionate our response to this illness has been. We must realise that if the PCR testing was not available the pandemic would disappear. The deaths due to the lockdown will not though as in missed cancer, heart and stroke referrals plus suicide. Link here: https://coronavirus.data.gov.uk/details/deaths
  9. I think the government are only proposing tinkering with the regulations so they can say their actions brought the virus under control. If they were genuinely worried they would do something much stronger. Should not have long to wait though before Johnson makes his latest announcement. Oh and no football crowds either but go into a pub where there is less fresh air. Makes loads of sense!
  10. I didn’t say it was a positive but I think his intention is good although I disagree with it. I apologise if it came across another way. i believe we are now being played as fools but they panicked in the first place. I really do not understand why they think the lockdowns work. When there is a virus about it has always been prudent for the vulnerable to be protected and not to quarantine the healthy. Please believe me I have seen websites where it has stated 1 million. I have said I don’t know what the true level was. As for this thing about face masks saving lives then no I don’t think there is sufficient evidence to show that they protect you against a virus. These masks are designed to stop bacteria getting into wounds during surgery. The WHO are alleged to have only changed their advice due to political pressure. please see the video here 4:28 is where the WHO are mentioned https://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/p08krw69
  11. I think Bill Gates is pushing a vaccine because he believes it’s the right thing to do. However I don’t think a rushed vaccine will be safe. I stress the think. Given what the overall level of people are likely to be killed by this disease I think the action we are taking is disproportionate and will cause more harm than good. Doha was quite right to ridicule what I said about vaccinations and I hold my hands up there. I have always enjoyed his posts especially over the Smurthwaite shenanigans so apologies again. I am quite clearly not a scientist but when things do not make sense it makes me question what is going on. I try to be even handed. For example there was a demonstration on Saturday in Berlin against the lockdown measures. Most media reported it as 17,000 people whereas I have seen as high as over a million quoted on other websites. Therefore I simply don’t have a clue how many people were there. I’d like it be be a million but who knows. If Bill Bell was in charge of counting I reckon 6k would be more likely.
  12. Apologies about the mistake in saying vaccinated instead of eradicated. My views are not taken from Facebook science. One of the scientists from Sweden was asked when we’ll know who was right with their strategy and he said in about a year. At the moment I still think they were right. This also means that I agree with the initial government strategy which was overturned by going with what Imperial College London said. Please don’t put insults down in response. I am just saying my piece and will respond politely to other views. PS I did think Jim Gannon was mad! Does that give me any leeway?
  13. Please read what they say and then see if you think they have a point. That's all. I'm not saying I'm right. I think I may be. I hope I am. Bill Gates has been pushing vaccines for years. He funds the WHO and many other organizations including Imperial College London. In the whole of history we've only successfully vaccinated for one disease being smallpox. I do think they can work but am worried about one done at breakneck speed.
  14. Oh and I'm not a conspiracy theorist. I think the UK government panicked. I'm not sure what they're doing now. I don't think that 5g is anything to do with it. I do think Bill Gates is pushing the vaccine route. I don't think a vaccine is necessary.
  15. Andy, please check UK figures on Worldofmeters and compare them with Sweden's. They have less deaths per head of population. Please look at Belgium, Italy and Spain. They all had high death rates and lockdowns like us. Yes Norway, Finland, Denmark all did better than Sweden but the counter view is that Sweden has reached herd immunity and that we have almost done it too. Imperial College London reconned that we'd need about 60-70% people infected to reach her immunity but many medics believe the necessary figure is 20% and also the overall death rate from the people who get symptoms is 0.26%. All I say is give that website a read and then check where their information is from and see if you then may think differently. Then again you may not!
  16. The evidence I have seen quoted is by comparing our death rate with Sweden's. Sweden didn't do a full lockdown but did have some distancing measures. Their chief scientist took the view that the virus would take it's course anyway. Sweden's death rate was less than ours. Also I have seen it said that we locked down too late and that the virus had already passed it's peak. So the full lockdown was 23rd March and the peak of deaths was 9th April. The average time from infection to death is 21 days. If anyone is interested in the sceptical viewpoint I'd recommend looking at The Fat Emperor's Twitter feed, the Lockdown Sceptics site and this site below https://swprs.org/a-swiss-doctor-on-covid-19/ I'm not saying I'm right in that this virus is basically over in this country but I hope I am right. I do look for the opposing evidence too but all I'm seeing at the moment is a focus on the number of "cases" with no focus on how many are ill.
  17. I’m not sure if I’m on my own here as have not read the whole thread. However in the past week there have been 36 hospital deaths with people dying with and I stress the “with Covid.” The hospital deaths have been showing a steady downwards progression unlike the ones that we are told of of total Covid deaths in the UK. I personally think that we are being played as fools. The number of new infections does not seem to be driving up hospital admissions or deaths. I’ve been sceptical of the whole lockdown since about a week after it started and now I don’t think they do any good at all. Just protect the elderly and vulnerable and everyone else should live life as normal. I will state that is my view from looking at the information available. I don’t know what the government’s strategy is on this and I’m not a conspiracy theorist. It’s just all rather odd to me.
  18. What an absolute shower this government are. I would add that I think their initial idea of letting the virus run its course was broadly correct. However we should have protected the vulnerable and old. And not have the entire nation under house arrest though. I thought they were the Conservative Party not some military junta. This lockdown should end now. It’s killing more people than the virus. Cummings should be sacked unless he does the honourable thing and resigns but he strikes me as not a man to do that. However the main thing that needs to happen is to stop this madness and let us be free of the house arrest.
  19. Just chanced on this thread and although I thought I’d get into classical music as I got older it never really happened. However that opera bit that Paul6754 posted is really moving! thanks for putting it on.
  20. Nightmare, Cut Dolores out of my list as I'd got so many. Linger...don't think they ever bettered it and then she went a bit strange for a while
  21. So many here I agree with: Stevie Nicks - bought my first album, Rumours, after I heard her singing Dreams Karen Carpenter - I know it's old stuff but she had an amazing voice and naff to admit but the tunes were/are good Sarah Cracknell - amazing voice but never thought the band lived up to it Helen Marnie - band as good as her voice! Tanya Donnelly - yes Jenny Lewis Some others not mentioned Harriet Wheeler - The Sundays, my favourite so far Nina Persson - The Cardigans Julianna Hatfield - some of her songs are really rubbish mind Sally Ellyson - Hem, very American sounding band, oldies give it a go please Hope Sandoval - Mazzy Star
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