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  1. He’s a right back/centre back. Ticks the boxes.
  2. Bad ankle injury to Stafford’s Ben Forrest. Game resumed, Stafford leading 1-0 from a penalty.
  3. Signing incoming according to Twitter.
  4. On his Instagram yesterday he was getting a lift from training with Whitehead and sounding peed off after having to train with the youth team.
  5. The OVF app is working for me this morning (1st July) but based on Rob’s explanation above, I guess it might go again.,
  6. It’s now not working - the OVF app - after being OK this afternoon (30th June).
  7. DC’s comments on the official site - reading between the lines there’ll be less of a difference in ability between the two keepers to perhaps create some competition? “Lucas had a very good season with Torquay and has earned his right to move up the ladder. He is hungry to prove he’s a league-level player and we feel he has all the attributes to succeed at this level.”
  8. Are players who’ve agreed to sign for us allowed to train with us before the expiry of their contracts elsewhere? If they’re employed by another club, then issues of insurance and liability must come into play, for example what happened if they had an injury while training with us, while still on the books of another club? Wonder if there’s some sort of waiver or agreement which has to be in place?
  9. Someone had a moan about this saying that there was no-one in the pipeline to replace Brown. Dan Townley’s response was that they weren’t saying there was no-one in the pipeline - just not today….
  10. I was teaching at a local high school and on the afternoon of the game, there were a couple of good kids in my GCSE History class - who were never away - who weren't there. I thought little of it until I made it to the Baseball ground and spotted them trying to hide behind their dads for the duration in the hope that i hadn't seen them. Obviously I asked them if they'd enjoyed the match in the next lesson...
  11. A midfielder named Walker… hmmm…
  12. The lens on that camera looked like a 35mm wide angle F1.8 prime - not normally a portrait lens but better for group photographs. Might need to fit more than one person in the frame. Photographic overthinking, right there.
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