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  1. DC did say in his short message to Sky Sports on Deadline Day, that they might have to look at free agents post window to cover for Leon - but I guess he might wait to see if he picks up any further knocks with the players we’ve got.
  2. Worrall and Taylor on for Gibbons and Conlon.
  3. Keeper should have stopped it but we’ll have that!
  4. Clarke spoke on Sky Sports - hoping to move three out and looking for a fill in for Leon, but he said he might have to go to the out of contract market if nothing happens today.
  5. Good job he only uses his first and surname, or he’d need an extra couple of shirts - Isaac Tanitoluwaloba Aduraoluwatimileyin Olaofe …is his full name.
  6. Theo took his kids to see Colchester last night. His lad was wearing a U’s top and previously it was the previous Vale one. Here’s hoping…
  7. No Rodney or Conlon either if I can trust my glasses.
  8. Bycars isn’t open for the game - anyone with a Bycars ticket is going to be moved into the Lorne Street.
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