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  1. This article gives some excellent insight of how the finances of L1 and L2 clubs work and their interests as a result = from a business point of view - it's on Bradford - https://widthofapost.com/2020/10/14/assessing-the-finances-of-bradford-city/
  2. Clark signed on loan until January - in the Sentinel. Mike Baggaley posted on Twitter. https://www.stokesentinel.co.uk/sport/football/football-news/port-vale-mitch-clark-leicester-4591330
  3. Carol’s just been interviewed at length on Sky Sports talking total common sense as ever.
  4. IFollow worked fine in the app for me (Paid a tenner, didn’t use a code) but the new app wouldn’t cast nor work with an Apple IOS-HDMI Adapter & cable from iPad to TV. The app would appear on the telly, but when I clicked on the live stream that would only appear as a black screen with a frozen spinning loading circle. I’m wondering if the new app has some sort of rights protection built in. Anyone have any joy with casting or cable from iPad?
  5. No - there are often software restrictions which prevent this. There are ways of re-broadcasting such a signal - it's how a lot of folks illegally get live football for free... Watching BT Sport as a Virgin media customer on a phone or tablet is equally frustrating as you are forced into using one app - it's a way of them controlling your data. There may be a way around it, but it's probably easiest to use a cable.
  6. Askey saying that McKirdy is “just training with us” is a perfect political foil - if that is exactly what is happening, then fine. If he is having a look at him up close, the player doesn’t lose face if he’s not taken on and we have made an informed choice with no risk if we don’t take him. If we do take him on, we have an idea of what he’s like up close, in addition to tales of his reputation. No doubt there are others who are on the back-burner - there always are but it’s a case of balancing priorities of risk against value.
  7. We don't know what time the player who's making the decision today is contacting the club. If it's positive and he wants to join us, then he's likely not going to drive over, sign immediately and make a promo video. I would think. Do all that tomorrow or whenever the appropriate offices are open to complete paperwork and announce when done. It would be silly to announce something before the ink has dried on the contract. If the player in question isn't coming, then Arthur will presumably give some indication in his next interview.
  8. Kit looks decent. ....that's it.
  9. It also has an added practical bonus - if there are any bellybutton injuries and the medics are inexperienced and don’t know where to look, the shirt will be a godsend.
  10. According to this article in a German regional newspaper, they’re considering a delayed readmittance of fans - limited attendance and entrance only allowed by tickets bought in advance online (nothing on the day). They’re also suggesting no away fans and no alcohol sales - (article is in German) https://www.rheinpfalz.de/lokal/pfalz-ticker_artikel,-fan-rückkehr-in-stadien-kein-alkohol-und-keine-stehplätze-_arid,5094479.html
  11. Indeed - there is the trope of the “self-hating Jew”... and is someone anti-Semitic if they’re anti-Zionist?
  12. Last full-back we had called Mills wasn’t too shabby and could play in midfield too... bit more follically challenged, mind you.
  13. Mike Baggaley & SOT Live on Twitter saying we’re after Jake Taylor & Mitch Clark although competition expected. The connected article seems to imply a loan deal although it mentions our previous bids for JT.
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