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  1. Amongst that lot are 3 Stoke fans 1 Leeds fan 2 Rangers fans and 1 Spurs fan
  2. Must of been tough decision over Dimes Bok revolution
  3. Brought in under difficult circumstances with a clear job description.Did a good job in steadying the ship and many thanks. Good luck for the future.
  4. The two Stoke fans whom were sentenced for attacking the QPR keeper at the Brit.
  5. Anyone remember when a Vale fan ran on the pitch at VP and tweeted Pompeys keeper
  6. Forums are for anyone and everybody to express an opinion. But hey,God help you if go against the majority.
  7. Plenty of things to do in this world than worry about Port Vale. I was talking to a fellow supporter in Postie after the Grimsby game on Boxing Day whom told me that he'd been going to VP for 55 years.FM 55 years I said.Are you married I asked? NO he barked.I didn't think you would be I replied.Imagine spending your life based around Saturdays in Burslem and at Port Vale.
  8. You obviously haven't got much going on in your life if Port Vale is all you can do on a Saturday.
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