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  1. Bolton, Ipswich, Brizzle Rovers,Derby all new grounds for me, Forest Green was a great day out before lockdown, and will hopefully travel again.
  2. That's the one, many thanks.
  3. Slightly off topic, does anyone know what the song is before the games start, the irish sounding one. thanks.
  4. Garrity, Gibbo, Hall
  5. The Geoff Horsfield one is great, tells about the coach trip with Gannon.
  6. A very close call between Gibbo and Garrity. Gibbo probably just edges it as he has been playing in a different position to what is considered his natural one.
  7. timvalefan

    the 3

    Proctor, Gibbo, Wozza
  8. Leanne Rimes, Jordin Sparks, And the best ever Wendy James.
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