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  1. I’d like to say well done to the PVFC staff and all those who volunteered and gave up their Saturday morning to make sure this game went ahead. Brilliant 👏👏
  2. Again, is it a tactical strategy substitution or is DW injured, never completes 90 mins
  3. Elvis impersonator on the beach in Peurto Rico singing, Wonder of you, excellent
  4. You can’t fault Amos determination down the centre even though he’s a natural winger. He’s shown it in the games against Bradford and Oldham.
  5. A good result may change that nhs, but like others I thought they’d sell out within a couple of days
  6. Hopefully the snow might have insulated the pitch. Good luck to PVFC today.
  7. I can’t believe they haven’t already sold out, especially with it not being on the tv. Was the defeat at Oldham so damaging.?
  8. Ray, you’re probably right but we are heading in the right direction with younger fans. There’s a generation of young fans that supported our rivals due to them having been in the EPL for a decade. We won’t turn that around for at least five years.
  9. I definitely think we need some to play DM. It’s an extremely important role just the player playing it probably goes unnoticed.
  10. I asked after the Oldham game if we’re going to okay JG in an attacking role which on Saturday was on the left then so that we’re capable off changing our formation we need a RB so that we can play with a back four. I’d also like to suggest that if we do sign a RB, that’s the position that they play. I’d rather move JG back to RB as he links up well with Worrall. I’d like to see either a 442 or a 451, when it’s or better formation
  11. Am I correct in thinking Conlon will miss this game and if so who would you replace him with. My initial thought would have been to play Taylor/Burgess hoping that they’re as effective as they were in the season that was postponed, but then we’d need someone to play in the L Joyce role, a DM
  12. I went to Oldham but couldn’t get to last nights game, which by the sounds of it, I dodged a bullet. I see Worrall was substituted again last as he was on Saturday. From reading last nights accounts it could have been names in the hat for substitutions. Can anyone offer an explanation regarding why Worrall seems to be substituted so frequently.?
  13. Fax, thank you. That’s a really good attendance for midweek
  14. Can anyone tell me what the attendance was tonight.?
  15. What's the point when we don't play with a right back? Phil, it would give us an option should we need to play four across the back. We do have players that can play in that position but for me they’re Jack of all trades. Perhaps we should concentrate on being more defensive even if it only brings ugly victories. Hopefully it would prevent the opposition from crossing the ball into our area which at the moment is a concern and it undermines all the teams good work and hard work.No one at Boundary Park on Saturday that Oldham won.
  16. Joe, I agree with what you say about JG but if we’re going to play James in a more attacking role, should we be looking at getting a new right back.?
  17. Having been disappointed with the result which was created by ourselves. I wasn’t over pleased with the substitutions as I thought this was a game changer. I gave my thoughts to the man in front of me who claimed DC had done it to control the game and defend our lead. I’m a big believer in,if it’s not broken, then don’t try to fix it. I’m wondering if DC had one eye on Tuesdays game, which he’ll want to win at all costs. Anyway the point I want to make is about Rodney. He moved out to the right wing for the last ten minutes and he got round their left back very easily on a couple of occasions. Perhaps this is his better position just need to work on his distribution.
  18. I didn’t take it as being disrespectful, I took it as how poorly our central defence performed today. Oldham didn’t appear to be an overly tall team either. There centre midfielder, centre back and goal keeper are tall, so I struggle to comprehend how we perform so badly with crossed balls.
  19. There were some good players in that half holiday league, that played Thursday afternoons
  20. Most of will have known that Sam Hart is a Vale old boy, typical.
  21. I thought the same but then having controlled the game and taken the lead in both halves our tempo drops and we let them come on to us. Disappointed, the consolation being not too long a journey back home
  22. Fosse, where are these stats from because I was wondering how they survive with their support. Super following today, the result was poor and I expect this result will have a huge affect on Tuesdays attendance
  23. I agree it’s what happens to clubs tgat play an ineligible player. I suppose they stated that the ref told them, whether he did or not will not be proven so it’s a grey area. When have there ever been 6 substitutes in a competitive match. If there has been would someone please enlighten me.
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