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  1. Beech, I agree. The reason being that after 15 minutes of them not having a touch and playing it on the floor and going forward. Worrall moved from right wing to right fullback, Smith from centre half to right midfield. The ball then started getting pumped in the air, we invited Rochdale to keep possession and come at us which they duly did, as we weren’t pressing the ball. Then we started hoofing the ball in the air and passing side wards and backwards. Who is responsible for changing the style of play after the first 15 mins.?
  2. We’re not playing Benning at left back, he’s playing more midfield. He would do at left back as he can play the way that he’s facing instead of having to turn. He did get caught in possession today in the second half because Rodney was not making any runs for him
  3. Correct. When we played Yeovil a couple of seasons ago at VP, I was really impressed with his energy and creativity. Since then he’s moved on from Yeovil, spending time at Mansfield when they splashed the cash and did nothing. I totally agree with your comment wholeheartedly. Perhaps because he started off at MUFC. I’m sure I read he’d been offered the chance to represent Pakistan, but turned it down as he thinks he’s capable of playing for the England national team.
  4. Fosse, I note that you haven’t put a year at the end of Xmas, is there a reason for this .?
  5. Tony, good morning. You mention our best two players. In your opinion who were these players.?
  6. Yesterday I listened to this podcast. As a Vale fan I found it interesting what TP had to say. There are always two sides to the story and would like to think that the ppl who he made disparaging comments about would like to give their version of events. He certainly puts Smurf in a different light. A start for me would be speaking to Monty to see if he corroborates TPs version of events regarding his signing for Livingston and DCs response. Again if true I feel that due to personal issues with TP, if true then JA cost us promotion by selecting that buffoon Bennett ahead of TP, game after game. I don’t expect Smith/Worrall to comment as they’re still at the club and will be silenced by a code of conduct and professionalism. Perhaps TP shouldn’t have named them at this time. I’m struggling to see if TP should be allowed back to the club at the moment with DC and DF at the helm for a testimonial. I’d be interested in hearing others points of view. COYW
  7. Sam, when we’ve brought Amoo on twice this season, it’s nearly happened.
  8. Not really. I’d like to think that ppl who post on here all have PVFC best intentions at heart and they’ll still be here when DC either leaves for a bigger club or is sacked. I see Worrall being ran up and down that right wing covering all the positions down that side. I’d rather he conserves his energy to use when in his best position with ball at his feet. I thought we’d purchased Benning to play at left back. Before we’d got him fans were saying he’ll go to a L1 club as he’s good enough at that level. The bloke looks lost playing left midfield, he’s probably better playing the way that he’s facing not having to play both ways. Benning is an excellent passer of the ball and is more than capable over going on an overlap. No I’ve never managed a football team or taken any coaching badges but I have played the game.
  9. I don’t see it any other way and as I’ve said Worrall and Amoo to swap wings at any time. It’ll at least mean that the defenders will have to keep thinking or swap as well.
  10. If fit, Amoo needs to start and we need to change the formation. Strange that almost everyone with the exception of the person who selects the team can see this. Shows a certain amount of arrogance IMO. As I’ve said before I’d like the ball played on the floor with Amoo and Worrall don’t either wing and swapping wings during the game when they want to with someone down the centre. I will continue to keep my powder dry, on my thoughts about the manager as I’ve said I’ll judge him at Christmas, that is if he’s still here.
  11. I’d keep Worrall and play just one of Wilson,Proctor or Devante. Your right the wingers do have to have a full back behind them who they have an understanding with. Cass at right back and Benning at left back.
  12. Does no one see a start for Amoo. He’s certainly changed our attacking capability when he’s been brought on as sub.?
  13. How anyone can have a go at Worrall is beyond belief for me. He puts in a shift every game and definitely one of our best players if not the best at the club.
  14. On a brighter note, C and K said that the problems at the turnstiles would be resolved and it was. There was just under 5,000 last night, an extra turnstile was open by the club shop, so looks like they’d got it completely wrong on the staffing front. Well done 👏👏
  15. Phil, totally agree. I thought Legg was perhaps our MOTM due to his aerial dominance. However we all see things differently.
  16. Too much expected from Worrall running from right back to right wing. We’re too defensive and then when we get the ball out hold it up and then pass it back to defence. Too many high balls. If we’re going to describe Carlisle as an average team then I don’t know where that puts us. For me we’re playing similar to how we played three seasons ago. Still plenty of games left
  17. Are there any guarantees yet, that all problems regarding entry to the paddock will have been resolved for tomorrow nights game.?
  18. With goals like that he could play anywhere in midfield or up front. Very promising signing. Well done to every concerned in this deal. I think IMO a central role would be the better option. COYW.
  19. Sounds like a quality player. Will he play in central midfield or to the right allowing Worrall to play further forward in the right. On a couple of occasions when Worrall had the opportunity to put the ball in the box first time against Sunderland there was no one in the penalty area.
  20. Doha, yes they but a ticket from ticket office before the game. I agree with all that you say and believe that Carol will be discussing this either this morning or tomorrow to resolve the issue. After Carlisle we have three away games so it has to be sorted by then at the latest. I’m a huge fan if Carol and Kevin and know that they want the best for the club and fans so don’t want to see this damaged by basic errors
  21. I’ve a couple of friends who’ve decided not to bother for the Carlisle game as they have to work until quite late. They get their ticket before the game and say they cannot be bothered, after the problems yesterday. Can’t blame them, I’m in two minds myself.
  22. You only need a couple of hundred ppl to cause a major incident and there was certainly more than that outside the Railway Paddock ten mins before kick off. The game shouldn’t have started end of. Personally I’d class this as a near miss, when it comes to a serious incident. We host Carlisle in three days, I pray that we don’t see a repeat. I don’t think you need an SIA or first aid badge to let ppl in to the ground as security personnel have the SIA badges and there are qualified first aides at the ground. Just get the problem sorted if it’s lack of personnel or lack of equipment it needs sorting ASAP. I’m not bothered how much it’s costing the owners because they’ll suffer in the long run if they choose not to address it. Fans safety is paramount and should be at the forefront of the minds of those in charge. There’ll be a ground commander who’ll be held to account if something does go wrong. 🙏🏽
  23. The problem was there Tuesday for a low key game. We’re all ticket now no paying in the day. So the owners have a good idea of the least number of ppl attending. As documented by others turnstiles were closed. The only ppl that need to be patted on the back are the fans who conducted themselves brilliantly as there could have been some outbreaks of serious public disorder, which would have meant a large police attendance at this game and future games, increasing our policing bill. The start should have been delayed and then to hear that certain parts of the ground were opening the gates and letting ppl in, that could have been disastrous if others had heard of this and gone rushing round there to get in. We still keep hearing about Hillsborough years later yet, we haven’t learnt.
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