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  1. Unbelievable, how has this happened. In the RS on Saturday myself and ppl around were asking if it was five or three subs, as we’d made two subs with Wilson injured and immediately then substituted him. I’ve had a shocker today on OVF I rate my performance as 1/10.
  2. Darren, good morning, yes I was thinking of the wrong person. I only put the game on to see Quigley score the lib and then turned it off. My questions around BWFC playing their strongest eleven, revolve around, 1. Is their place in L1 more financially rewarding than a cup run, as they’ve had an extra game out of the tournament. 2. Even more importantly is it getting to affect us, if they recall Politic.
  3. Nice to see they have a stand named after Danny Begara. Noticed that they had electronic advertising boards as well. Played without Rooney who they said had been voted the player of the season for the last two leagues in which they’d played. How much must he be earning a week.? Does anyone know if Whitmore is injured because I don’t even think he was on the bench. Does anyone know if Bolton played their first team.? Quigley did really well I seem to remember him playing towards the right hand side for us, so probably JA played him out of position
  4. I just hope that if Politic does go back to BWFC, that he doesn’t immediately go out on loan to another club, especially in L2. I’m not sure what I’d make of this if it happened, would it mean some club has come in offering more money.? BWFC want to sell and we don’t yet have the money.? I think he’d be an asset especially if we were to get promoted
  5. MV, (not including pets) a friend of mine went to watch Alsager v Halifax last night and took his dog. With regard to attendances a tad of topic Notts County v Solihull at the weekend an attendance of 13,000.
  6. Phil, I think ppl come on here hoping that if enough ppl like the comment then perhaps someone at the club, checks comments. Where as emails don’t get checked or ppl never respond to them. In the past I have been contacted by the club over a post that I put onto OVF. In short though I don’t know what the answer is
  7. Geoff, I’ve not said ST holders aren’t genuine fans, quite the opposite. I based the comment on the MCFC game, when it was reported ppl were having as many tickets as they wanted. Which they then sold to ppl who’d never been to VP and have never seen PVFC play since
  8. Congratulations to all those who’ve queued and got a ticket, I hope you all have a great day. Also I’d like to say well done to the club, limiting it to one per season ticket holder, giving genuine fans a chance to watch the mighty whites.
  9. I see that Macc and Bury are top of their respective leagues. In this league NWCL Isle of Man had and attendance of 2,000
  10. You’re right they don’t have the right to block off a road,if it’s a public road then the offence being committed is obstruction of the highway. They should contact the council, regarding permit parking. I suppose if you did challenge them their your car would be damaged.
  11. Bob, that’s a shame for the Bycars, that’s why I suggested RP. However if we give tickets to school kids and fill it then why not the Bycars
  12. Does anyone know when tickets for Derby away are going on sale.?
  13. What about a massive PVFC flag that the fans pass over their heads in the RP starting at one end and then it’s collected by someone at the club, when it’s done just before the game starts.?
  14. I agree, but then comes a cost implication from collating all the information gathered. I’ve never attended a supporters club meeting, are these type of subjects discussed. Some suggestions may require a lot a finances which we might not have at the time or are in the pipeline, should we continue to grow as a club. Perhaps just taking three ideas from the fans and making sure that these ideas are either implemented or there is an improvement from when the club agreed to manage the suggestion.
  15. I’ve never been to Forest Green, but have heard lots of ppl talk about their match day food. Has anyone tried it and what was your opinion.?
  16. Conrad, perhaps we should mentor them. Didn’t we seek advice from Blackpool
  17. I’m struggling to comprehend why this isn’t being televised. The Pirelli Stadium holds just under 7,000, Burtons average attendance is just under 3,000. I think we might get 2,500-3,000, it’s a game that lots of fans won’t be able to get a ticket for as demand will quite easily outstrip demand. North Staffs against East Staffs. Salford... Really, are the Class of 92 running out of money Anyone who does get a ticket go there be loud and proud, get behind the lads. Is there a replay, if it’s a draw.? May be that will be televised
  18. Folks, thanks for the contributions, all with Vales good fortune at the centre of them. I hope that this thread is brought to the attention of C&K as a lot relate to funding streams and simple things can be improved, ie making sure that ppl are able to purchase drinks at the games. 👏👏
  19. Have they announced yet if this will be televised as I won’t be in the UK at the time, but if so, I’ll find a bar to watch the game
  20. RZ, I’ve never previously responded to your comments and must admit initially I had similar thoughts, but stated I’d give my opinion at Christmas. I don’t have to wait that long as since DC stopped tinkering, I’ve really enjoyed our performances. We never give up and I’m quite confident that when we go a goal down, we don’t drop our heads and give in. I’m also confident that we can score from different areas and don’t need to rely on penalties, which is a good job. We’re second in the league, in the second round of the FA Cup, knock out stages of the EFL Trophy and DC has won MOTM for two consecutive months, what more can you ask for.This is a group of players and not the odd individual player. The club has lots of ambition so they’re not satisfied with what we’ve achieved so far it’s what we achieve in the future. COYW
  21. Biddulph I like your comment re the blue seats even though we have had blue away shirts, but why the white.That’s the only part of the ground where I’ve never watched a game. As a kid I’ve even sat in the wall with the behind the church, until they opened the gates with twenty mins to go then we’d go into the LS. Even when they put glass on top of the wall we’d sit on it.
  22. Darren banter does make football and the best football chants don’t necessarily need obscenities in them. What about the chants... ‘Is that all you take away’ or ‘ You must have come in a taxi’.
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