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  1. You won’t be laughing when PVFC764, wins the Nigerian lottery.
  2. Andy, thank you. I was hoping for the sake of revenue that it didn’t.
  3. When we say that we’ve sold 4,500+ season tickets is this the amount for 23 games or does it include the 10 game plus tickets.?
  4. Joe, do you think it’ll take as long as 45 mins, I think it’ll be more like 10 minutes
  5. Do we know if TP has actually said this or is it the journalists take on things. If TP has said this does he want to return to the club for a testimonial.This will leave a bad taste in fans mouths.
  6. Mullins another mercenary who has no faith in his own ability.
  7. The thing that I liked about Cullen was the fact that he didn’t just wait up top to get the ball he’d drop off just in front of midfield, holding the ball and linking up play, at the same time drawing a defender out. In the long term thought Mark didn’t offer us value for money. Good luck to him.
  8. Can’t see many defenders looking forward to playing against Tom. With Gary Roberts also at the club, they’ll know how to celebrate. Good luck to both of them
  9. I really think Quigley, like many others before and since him, has been subject to the instant judgment typical of some Vale fans. He was given a grand total of minutes equivalent to around 5 games for us, all in what most will agree was one of the worst Vale sides ever. Fact is that when given an actual chance he has performed well, scoring 35 goals in 73 appearances, including 15 last season. Yes, he did play for us in a really poor season, but thats when good players stand up. I always thought he lacked any imagination and couldn’t be bothered. He’s had two very good seasons at Barrow so deserves a move but IMO very poor for us. Two good seasons since being a professional footballer, hardly tearing up trees. A lack of ambition and steps down a league for money.
  10. Just a load of old tosh, only club who’d have him. Didn’t Quigley mk2 Richie Bennett say the same when moving to Stockport and he’s now at Sutton
  11. Ppl are mentioning that he’ll be back up for Gibbo, can’t parent clubs place a clause in the loan contract that the player has to play a certain percentage of games.? I don’t know and this is a question not a statement
  12. If he’s injured he has to return back to NUFC.
  13. Paul, perhaps it’s to do with character, is TP difficult to manage due to what he has done for the club.?
  14. Rob, the Sentinel also reported that a car had been stopped in Meir without insurance. For me it would have been more newsworthy if they’d told us a car had been stopped by the police in Meir that had insurance.
  15. When Dc came in we continued with our losing streak, making many even myself think we’re going down and JA should have gone in December. DC then blamed the previous management which he was entitled to do and he was right. JA would have taken us down with his lack of knowledge in the transfer market and tactics. DC had to come in and motivate the squad which led to us going on a remarkable winning run and offered reassurance to us, the fans. Whilst for me the jury is out at the moment on DC who some may describe as a (poor mans Mourinho), I’ll make my decision around Christmas, it won’t just be based on league position it’ll also be based on performance. We’ve made some very good signings and with these unprecedented times players will be holding back on signing for clubs and holding clubs to ransom for a lucrative deal. Unfortunately in football at all levels clubs will overspend hoping to get promoted, however not every one can be promoted and will then struggle for years to come. A good example being that shower in Blurton. The strength of a forum is to listen to others POVs invade someone mentions something that you haven’t seen or weren’t aware of. Please let’s of some cohesion amongst ourselves. COYW
  16. Carol, don’t let me down, just do the right thing.
  17. Swindon Town appear to be in financial trouble, players not paid last month and ground rent not paid for twelve months. The rumour on the net yesterday was that Derby had been relegated players were leaving yesterday. Our beloved neighbours that small club in Blurton selling assets and releasing big contract players, I hope everything is okay.
  18. I watched the documentary about class of 92, when they took over and some Salford fans we’re saying no that they didn’t want football league status. If they were being honest then they’d love a visit to Leek Town
  19. Darren, I agree with everything that you’ve said. Especially as there was talk that he’d go to an L1 outfit, rather than stay with n L2. He’s got a good couple of years left in him yet, but an injury could put pay to that.
  20. I was talking to someone last week who told me that Hanley Town have offered TP £600 a week contract. I immediately dismissed this as that’s a big contract for HT and would TP drop to such a lower standard.? I’m not a fan of internationals, so for me the season is closed at the moment so thought I’d ask others opinions.
  21. The fact that Benning is only on a 12 month contract, is that his choosing or ours.?
  22. Fylde have been big spenders and a couple of seasons ago everyone thought they’d get promoted to L2, but the next season they were relegated. I hope they do get promoted as I think he had an exceptional season when the league was suspended.
  23. I’d rather reside in Lytham or St Anne’s than Oldham.
  24. Do not have a bet365 account on principle and the thought of any money from PVFC fans, going to them, chills me to the bone
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