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  1. Does anyone know what the AS players were appealing for when Wilson scored his third. It definitely wasn’t handball and neither did the ball go out of play when crossed.?
  2. Well done to all who who attended and impeccably observed the minutes silence 🌺 , 👏👏
  3. Well they certainly didn’t bring enough for a pitch invasion.
  4. I have to agree with some of what Coleman has said. The first 30 minutes were AS pushing the ball around and they did create a couple of chances, but they didn’t take them. I was really surprised with the height in their side it wasn’t aerial bombardment. We scored against the run of play but they never threatened our goal after that. In the second half we came out and we were the team playing the football and they were chasing the game. Even at this point I didn’t feel that AS we’re going to score. The sending off was a big factor and I still don’t know why the player was sent off because having watched the bbc coverage I cannot see why he was sent off, perhaps fans in the Lorne Street saw it but I couldn’t see it from the RP. It’s credit to Vale that they then punished the ten men by pushing the ball around and upping the tempo. When Coleman says about fans being derogatory that’s football, I don’t agree with it but it’s football, but then he praised the Vale fans. I can recall when we were looking for a manager some wanted Coleman. Does anyone know why the AS fans stood in the aisle of the Hamil in single file and remained in that position for about twenty minutes. Well done to the lads and I hope that they get another hone tie in round two. COYW
  5. Yes that’s correct, Rudge was sacked on the following Monday. I think we made 75k on him but he later had a big transfer
  6. IMO the rewards for this competition don’t match the commitment that a club has to put in, especially if it’s detrimental to either promotion or relegation. There are too many games, the crowds are minimal and I ask the question if clubs actually lose money on fixtures, in relation to the cost of ground operations for a game. I’d rather put more effort into the Carabao cup as you can draw EPL teams in the second round. I see this as the rewards outweighing the effort. Plus less chance of injuries, by playing fewer games.
  7. Folks, I’ve tried phoning the ticket office as I’m not on any of the social media platforms, indicated on the ticket office page. Does anyone know if or when tickets for the above game are on sale. Thank you.
  8. Good luck to Paul. I think I’ve just seen Daniel Levy stuck in traffic lights in Burslem town centre.
  9. The tune is the Men of Harlech, taken from the iconic film Zulu, as it featured the Welsh guard's. I think the Zulu was probably added by a few in the Red Lion. I never heard any other club use the chant, unlike the Wonder of You, which is definitely a product of VP terraces. It could easily be replaced by the name Amoo. I don’t think we’re or other clubs are that vocal any more due to the fact that we’re seated now, where when we were standing we were a mob, that consisted of young males, who behaved responsibly except when we were attending a game that’s when we turned into a bunch of delinquents and as the song says, ‘When the kids are United, they will never be defeated’. I sit in the RP and can’t hear any noise from the Bycars or LS. The noise in the RP is always started by the crew, who sit closest to the Hamil. The lads of the 80’s are now attending games with grown up children or grandchildren so aren’t that enthusiastic to be vocal. Hear are my suggestions for a couple of new chants. To the tune of Steelers Wheel song. 1. Benning to the left of me,Worrall to the right, here I am stuck in the middle Amoo. The sporting tune of the moment is Sweet Caroline and we are all in debt to a certain lady at the club, who keeps the dream alive, who deserves a chant. 2. Sweet Carol Shan, wow,wow,wow. Good times never seemed so good, so good,so good,so good.
  10. Wow Darren, that brings back some memories. Don’t know if we could use the Z word anymore.
  11. Good to see ppl talking positive about different players shows we have both strength in depth and every area of the pitch. I do like to see Jake Taylor on the pitch and all this without Super David Worrall.
  12. This definitely feels like a promotion season with the never give up attitude. Back up to second now, we’d dropped to 4th
  13. Phil, I see Lowery was back playing on Saturday, so which side have backed down
  14. Rob, enjoy your long awaited belated birthday present
  15. Biddulph, fail to plan then you plan to fail. 👍keep the faith. I’ve already booked a hotel room in London for when we’re in the final.
  16. A good chance for us to progress, especially if we can adopt that never give up attitude, unlike the other side that we’re capable of, just capitulating. 🤞we can get through the first two rounds then a big team away in the third round. The transfer window will be open and C&K could probably bring in another player if that’s what we need to secure promotion challenge. The player would need to be at least an established L1 player, or perhaps above. This would surely start giving us a vision for the future. I’m also a fan of if it ain’t broken don’t try to fix it and wait until the summer. if it does play out as I’ve described above can we have better control over sales of tickets and vouchers to be issued for the two home games leading up to the third round, not like the MCFC debacle.
  17. Phil, good to see you on OVF. I hope that you manage to turn it around, perhaps a little help from the big clubs in the NW, in January
  18. No he needs to play the way he’s facing. ie left back
  19. Couldn’t get to the game today, but having read the comments on OVF, the second half performance was completely different to the first half performance. So would you stick with the team that finished and would this include keeping Cov between the sticks.?
  20. It’s all about consistency, worrying how our second half performances vary so much from our first half performance.
  21. When you say take us up three leagues are you suggesting that we should have anyone playing for us who could ply their trade in the EPL.? I’d suggest that none of our squad are capable of playing in the EPL, but definitely in L1. If we had a billionaire that purchased the club, how many of our current squad do you think they would keep, on our journey to the EPL.
  22. The audacity of them starting with Bennett. three points to Vale.
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