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  1. 89 points, then lost to WBA in the PO final That was the week after we’d won the Autoglass. The game changed when with twenty mins to go Peter Swann was sent off
  2. Jean, I’m confused with the words, ‘That’s all’
  3. He was extremely humble and stated it was the fans that made it so good and that he was lucky, I told him that you make your own luck in life. He also told me that Paul Kerr threw a boot at him in the dressing room at half time because he’d subbed him. He sold players that he’d purchased for in excess of £3m profit, which is a lot today never mind all those years ago. I never referred to him as John and called him Mr Rudge. He told Robin VDL was banned from football in Holland for four month having broken someone’s leg, so he brought him to Vale as he wasn’t banned in England. Looking back I was like a star struck kid, who couldn’t believe I was actually there with JR. This man took us to the brink of the Championship play offs and would have made it if we hadn’t lost the last four games. It was the press who informed him that Brian Horton was replacing him on the Monday having just signed Marcus Bent the previous Thursday. WTB when confronted about the rumour denied it and later offered him a director of football position. When John McGrath sadly passed away on Christmas Day, Mrs McGrath phoned JR and asked him if he would do a ready by at the funeral, told me he had no sleep that night as he wanted to get everything right. I don’t think I’ve broken any confidences, by telling you this. Some of you will know it already but I didn’t. Genius
  4. I heard it on the radio last Sunday when they announced his sad passing.
  5. Some say Terrence, Herman,Aubrey but others have dropped the Herman, so I’m not sure
  6. It was about 11.30 when I arrived but they’d already started
  7. Today I spent sometime watching Vale train. Whilst there JR was walking by and having exchanged pleasantries, he stopped and spoke to me about his time as our manager for about 20 minutes. What a true gent and I’d like to thank him for not only taking the time and trouble to talk to me, but it isn’t everyday I get to meet and speak to someone of his stature. I’d just like to say thank you, to him.
  8. Good to see that young fans are now attending hone games. A couple of seasons ago, I was concerned about the the fact that there were very few in the Railway Paddock. This season there are quite a few which is good to see as they are the future of our club. I even witnessed a girl pushing a pram in the paddock yesterday. Our neighbours spent a decade in the EPL, which is marketed to make youngsters follow successful teams. Well done to all concerned at the club in marketing us, to make us more attractive to the younger fan.
  9. A game full of positives for me, with a James Wilson goal and the return of Jake Taylor.Glad to see we didn’t change our formation especially having taken the lead. Thought Harrogate gave us a good game and credit to them they never gave up when down to ten men. Their keeper made two fantastic saves towards the end. DC don’t start messing around with the formula now, unless it desperately needs changing.
  10. I was in the Railway Paddock and everyone around me clapped the taking of the knee. One loud mouth when we had the minutes silence, but I never heard any booing. I do leave a couple of minutes before the end so I can beat the traffic and get home. It’ll just promote negativity, I think this can some times be measured by home and away performances and results.
  11. I’d have thought after his goals last season that he would start every game, not be making substitute appearances. He looks like he’s bulked up which isn’t a good thing when games are quick and you have a racing snake marking you. I’m not sure why he’s a sub, whether he’s downed tools because he’s the sun or doesn’t get selected because he wasn’t signed by DC. On Saturdays performance I’d say the initial suggestion. Where is Amoo, I’ve reported him missing to Staffs Police but they assure me that he’s safe and well but refused to provide me with his location.
  12. This is a great point and I personally feel let down by the club again on my entry to the ground. Seems they’re more interested in their fan zone, which will come to an end when the weather changes. Good PA system though on Saturday and fantastic memorial so well done to PVFC on that front. I still wear my mask in the ground, I think I’m in the minority but each to their own. I’ve recently had two double jabbed relatives test positive from going to a local club to see a group
  13. Most football fans are fickle, as I’ve stated we’ll just have to wait and see
  14. That’s why it’s so hard being a PVFC fan, it’s nothing new
  15. I think ppl are just frustrated and possibly protective of C&K, for what they have done for the club and they don’t want the huge investment wasted. We’ll just have to see. 👍
  16. Beech, I agree. The reason being that after 15 minutes of them not having a touch and playing it on the floor and going forward. Worrall moved from right wing to right fullback, Smith from centre half to right midfield. The ball then started getting pumped in the air, we invited Rochdale to keep possession and come at us which they duly did, as we weren’t pressing the ball. Then we started hoofing the ball in the air and passing side wards and backwards. Who is responsible for changing the style of play after the first 15 mins.?
  17. We’re not playing Benning at left back, he’s playing more midfield. He would do at left back as he can play the way that he’s facing instead of having to turn. He did get caught in possession today in the second half because Rodney was not making any runs for him
  18. Correct. When we played Yeovil a couple of seasons ago at VP, I was really impressed with his energy and creativity. Since then he’s moved on from Yeovil, spending time at Mansfield when they splashed the cash and did nothing. I totally agree with your comment wholeheartedly. Perhaps because he started off at MUFC. I’m sure I read he’d been offered the chance to represent Pakistan, but turned it down as he thinks he’s capable of playing for the England national team.
  19. Fosse, I note that you haven’t put a year at the end of Xmas, is there a reason for this .?
  20. Tony, good morning. You mention our best two players. In your opinion who were these players.?
  21. Sam, when we’ve brought Amoo on twice this season, it’s nearly happened.
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