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  1. Zebra has given us a new metric for the matrix: XWC - expected wife cheating
  2. Tom Scott has found gainful employment at National League side FC Halifax Town. Of last season's lot it's just Dino Visser who is yet to find a new club. Tom Scott Signs... - FC Halifax Town FCHALIFAXTOWN.COM
  3. Yes. There was a rumour he threw a strop after being benched for the game against us and was dropped from the squad entirely, but I must stress that is purely a rumour and the official line is that he is injured.
  4. Clarke says we're not to get carried away but it's hard not to be with the way things are going at the moment.
  5. Yeah, and for the most second tier seasons without entering the top flight.
  6. Ah yes! Okay so Blackburn Rovers are the only current EFL club to have not had a play-off game after our last one, besides Crawley who've never played one.
  7. For the heck of it I continued with the Championship and Premier League teams. Blackburn were last in the play-offs in 1992 and Newcastle took part in 1990. Arsenal, Chelsea, Everton, Liverpool, Spurs and perhaps surprisingly Southampton have never been in any play-offs.
  8. I've checked all the teams in League One and it turns out Cambridge's last play-off campaign was in 1992, a year before ours. 1991–92 Cambridge United F.C. season - Wikipedia EN.M.WIKIPEDIA.ORG No other club has to go back to the 90s for their last play-off game
  9. I've checked all the teams in League Two and Bristol Rovers and Oldham Athletic go back to 2007 whilst out last play-off campaign was 1993. Crawley Town have never taken part in any play-offs but prior to 2003 they played in the Southern League which did not have any play-offs.
  10. 2006–07 Oldham Athletic A.F.C. season - Wikipedia EN.M.WIKIPEDIA.ORG 14 years for Oldham. 28 years for us. It's an interesting one. Assuming we count out teams that have spent a lot of time in the Premier League then surely few teams will come close.
  11. Yes it is a bit worrying for a promotion push if you can't pin someone up and say "20 goals guaranteed here", but if goals genuinely can come from anywhere and anyone then you don't necessarily need someone challenging the top scoring charts
  12. It's all fitting into place now. Two players who needed to get off the mark were Worrall and Wilson and they've done just that. Gibson starting games again. Did not miss Rodney at all. First home win of the season. Even Covolon is getting players sent off rather than being shown the red himself! Ironic that we've had a tough run of fixtures to start the season but picked up our wins against the teams top of the league. The team look strong enough to recover from setbacks and any injuries and suspensions and lack of form. The manager is experienced enough to keep them grounded, and anyway I don't think these lads would even consider downing tools like the last lot did under Askey. I predicted top ten but we're on course for top seven I think.
  13. Daft lad. The only redeeming thing was that he got away with it during the match so we were never down to ten men due to his attack
  14. Yeah according to the matrix he wouldn't be here if there wasn't a decent chance of us signing him permanently if he did well for us.
  15. Yeah, sadly first impressions count. Worst possible game of the season to get sent off.
  16. Looks like it's not a temporary thing. Two Vale stories so far this week, NINE on Stoke from the last 24 hours!
  17. Wrex

    ron wilson

    Could pass for 60 there. Good to see him looking so well.
  18. Trust the process. We're 6 games in. If we get to 46 games and we're still 17th then perhaps we change the process. But for now we've got to have faith in the management and the players because we can't sign any new players (barring free agents) until January.
  19. I guess that's that then until January, barring loaning out Burgess and Whitehead.
  20. Pope on the Ale and Vale podcast reckons Montano said had to leave when Dazzler came in because he couldn't deal with not keeping his place if we had won. Is that what he said? I thought Montano figured Clarke had released him once before and he didn't fancy sitting about hoping he'd make a different decision the second time around.
  21. Yeah they all do. Good lads the lot of them
  22. Kurtis Guthrie has signed with Indian club RoundGlass Punjab. Well done for anyone who predicted that club as his next destination.
  23. That is seriously odd. But yeah I can't think of an alternative explanation other than coincidence. Am open to hearing any theories though!
  24. It was a post match interview after a defeat. He doesn't like losing.
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