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  1. We've tried a Brazilian in goal, now we'll see what the Czech Republic has to offer. Two new nationalities in the history books this season
  2. Well if you're not counting fully professional clubs then Legge only turned pro at age 24. Not really fair to count professional clubs for one guy from ages 18 to 24 and not count non-professional clubs for another player at the same ages.
  3. Walsall are also a professional football club so the masquerade would continue. Looks like the Rodney project hasn't worked out, but I don't think anyone at the club is to blame. Perhaps Devante himself hasn't got the mentality to get the best out of his talents.
  4. I don't mind it too much but having five subs on the bench and having important players missing for weeks at a time and vaguely spoken of like they're some half remembered distant great uncle doesn't inspire confidence
  5. He has a new full time job so can't watch the games live or do the pods at the regular times
  6. Every word from Port Vale manager Darrell Clarke on injuries, transfers and Leyton Orient - Stoke-on-Trent Live WWW.STOKESENTINEL.CO.UK “It is what it is. There are 16 or 17 teams that think they can get out of League Two. There is a hell of a lot of teams in League Two that think they should be in the Champ and League One." - Darrell Clarke I don't want to do us down but he is right. We consider ourselves to be to big for this division but then probably so do Tranmere, Swindon, Bradford, Walsall, Bristol Rovers, Scunthorpe and Oldham. We have good backing from good owners but so have Forest Green, Northampton and Mansfield. Several other teams are well coached and manage their modest budgets very well. We don't have a divine right to go up. Even with good backing and good management we can still fall short.
  7. Wrex


    Gibbons is a fairly attractive geezer if you're after eye candy
  8. Wrex


    Last year Clarke condemned our injury record and said he'd never really had more than a few players injured at a time. He said things would change. Sadly what's changed is our injury curse has more than cancelled out his lucky rabbit's foot. The players have changed, and I understand so has our medical and fitness department. Is it the pitch to blame? Something to do with the training facilities? Just more bad luck?
  9. I get the frustration with Worrall not being played in his best position but I don't see why Zebra is criticising Clarke for not building the team around Amoo.
  10. The manager, director of football and all their staff are paid to handle such setbacks. I think they'll steer is through this awkward spell to a top seven finish. If not then all positions must be looked at the club. No need to panic at this stage. Certain things are going to go wrong but you can only control the controllables. Politic being bought by a Serie B team, well that's just not something anyone here can control. IF Gibbons has a big club come in for him then there isn't a great deal that can be done about that. No point crying over spilt milk.
  11. I've just never seen a goalkeeper getting sent off for kicking a player whilst safely catching a ball. It just doesn't happen. Why would it? Not even a rush of blood to the head after being sycthed down or something. Just pure madness from Covalan. He's a good keeper but he's not good enough to justify a few sendings off a season. I'm happy to give him another chance though, as Clarke has made it clear that another stupid sending off and he's out the club.
  12. Really struggling to understand the arguement that Covalon made a mistake and we should treat it the same as if he dropped the ball into the net. Kicking someone for no reason isn't an accident. It was a stupid and malicious decision. If a motorist loses control of a car and runs someone down then that's a mistake, an accident. If they intentionally veer onto the pavement and run someone over then that's attempted murder and they should be put in prison. You can't compare the two.
  13. McKirdy has signed a new contract of undisclosed length with Swindon. Seems to be a trendy thing now for the contract lengths to be undisclosed as Hussey's wasn't disclosed either.
  14. This is going to get lost amongst the Valepope crap but... I think I saw it mentioned that Edmondson and/or Harratt are out of contract at the end of the season but they're actually under contract at Leeds and Huddersfield until 2023 and 2025/6 respectively. Edmondson signed a contract but Leeds didn't do a press release for it and Harratt signed his new deal last month.
  15. Thanks for your service Stu
  16. Obviously not one we'll look to sign but David Fitzpatrick has been released from Altrincham after doing a job providing cover for their injured players in the first half of the season.
  17. I saw the title and thought this was some kind of sex phoneline where people ring up Harry McKirdys and the Harry McKirdy talks dirty to them. I am disappointed.
  18. He's actually on ten goals now, from 23 games this season. It was a sensible decision from Clarke to let him go at the end of his contract, considering his difficult attitude, but I think it was nuts for Askey to deregister a talent like that.
  19. Covid-19: EFL removes matchday testing for players as 10 new year games are postponed - BBC Sport WWW.BBC.CO.UK No more last minute postponements, at least in theory.
  20. Harrogate Town A.F.C. - Wikipedia EN.M.WIKIPEDIA.ORG If Wiki is up to date they only have a squad of 19. They might have been forced to recall the three loanees as well. But yeah, small squad.
  21. Does anyone know where my dad can get a good quality carpet fitted at a reasonable price?
  22. https://football-italia.net/serie-a-has-98-per-cent-covid-vaccination-rate/ Serie A has a 98% vaccination rate. https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/59686996 25% of EFL players do not intend to get vaccinated. https://www.efl.com/news/2021/december/efl-statement-covid-19-update/ Non-league football does not have daily tests, but EFL clubs do. So all these unvaccinated players are getting the virus, testing positive and getting games called off. Meanwhile in non-league there are players with Covid who are playing without knowing they have Covid. Top to bottom it is farcical in this country.
  23. Nobody can accuse the EFL of thinking things through
  24. Nice to see the Sentinel are as up to date with their Vale coverage as ever. No news since Saturday apparently. The Salford game being postponed has not been mentioned on the website
  25. Went for a Christmas meal in Newcastle on Saturday night. Had my Covid pass at the ready but the door staff asked for drivers license and weren't interested in the Covid pass. None of the staff inside were wearing masks, so yeah
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