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  1. Not sure about the gold trim but the all white looks nice
  2. Would have been better to have a few signings revealed this week. Last week was impressive but all quiet this week. Oh well, I'm not overly worried as yet
  3. https://www.linkedin.com/in/ron-mcilreavy-954b25183?originalSubdomain=uk
  4. Rodney was our top scorer with 11 league and we had 18 different scorers
  5. I guess when Gary Neville, Paul Scholes and company ring you up and offer you a truck full of cash to play for a Manchester based club then you'll be tempted
  6. Good point about the versatility of some of the players and Clarke's tactical changes meaning that we could put a midfielder into central defence midgame if Clarke felt it necessary
  7. Bob Pursell were uncle and nephew. We have had multiples of: Fred Jones, Dan Jones, George Lawton, Jimmy McLean, Jack smith, James Smith, John Smith, Harry Davies and Ben Davies.
  8. I thought I recognised the name (and not just the Stretford End at Old Trafford)
  9. Bloody hell it's all happening! Surprised that Scott Brown has gone to Exeter to be a coach but seems to justify DC's decision to let him go and look for a new #1 Crosby has left Northern Ireland, which can only be good news for us Aaron Martin has signed on a two-year deal. Well I said some pages back to expect an experienced signing to help balance out the young squad being put together. I was shot down in flames as people pointed at Amoo, Worrall and Legge as our experienced heads. Well I'm not going to claim to be psychic as it seemed an obvious thing to do from my viewpoint
  10. It seems Clarke said "I want this, this and this" in a coach and Flitcroft went and found Crosby, then Clarke interviewed him and thought he was a good match so he was hired. How it should be really.
  11. Wrex

    Rob Page

    I never knew that the fight he got into was because he was standing up for Chris Birchall.
  12. Wrex

    Rob Page

    Would be inappropriate in an article titled "deep thinker".
  13. I don't even think it's double figures. I think maybe 2 or 3 posters have been a bit critical of Wilson's signing and ten times that amount have been positive. It's just human nature to focus on the odd negative comment and forget about the positives.
  14. There are no guarantees in life and he's been pretty quiet since leaving Old Trafford but he's still only 25. Very impressive signing, at least on paper he ticks a lot of boxes.
  15. Hear hear. If anyone wants to throw out a suggestion then go for it. They shouldn't be abused for it. I can understand things getting heated when the topic is derailed into discussing the past, but I don't know why people at getting bent out of shape over actual chat about possible signings.
  16. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Rhys_Oates And some goalkeeper from King's Lynn. Not really rumours though. More suggestions. Those running "the matrix" are keeping leaks at a minimum.
  17. Well Ben Williamson's Bromley won't be joining us next season
  18. Still need a few old heads to provide guidance and experience. It might not be Sinclair but I'd be surprised if one or two veterans aren't signed.
  19. I suppose so. I just mean if we win promotion with a young squad then we'll be in an even more fantastic position than we would be if we'd done so with an older squad of League Two veterans. But you're right of course and I've said it myself, as have others, that if it doesn't work out and we find ourselves in a bad run of form in the bottom half of the table come January then there will be calls for the manager's head. Then a new manager will be credited with saving us from 'nailed on relegation' and the cycle continues, just like it has for the last few managers. I don't think that
  20. I'd be somewhat impressed if anyone could accurately predict our transfers. Darrell and David aren't going round former clubs, tapping up old mates or even asking round recently released players from Premier League academies. Assuming next season is a success then the recruitment team deserve immense credit.
  21. Looks like mentality and fitness is important in the "matrix". From reading about Walker and Garrity they seem desperate to play games and have energy to burn.
  22. Take a look 12 months ago and a lot of the people being negative about the new signings then are being negative now. Whereas those saying how brilliant the signings are so far this year were trying to convince everyone that Danny Whitehead was a "class signing" 12 months ago. Does that mean the moaners are right this time as well? Of course not! It's about building a team, a squad in fact. Clarke seemingly wants a young, hard working and versatile team who buy into his 'vision'. So we perhaps shouldn't be that concerned if some of the signings lack experience. And he seems to have a
  23. Walker was released from Shrewsbury in the league above but may have been retained had he not had a serious ankle injury in the new manager's first game. Garrity had his contract extended by a team promoted into the Championship who knew we were going to sign him and wanted to get a bit of money for him. Yes Walker has injury concerns and Garrity is unproven at this level (or at least Oldham fans seem to think so) but apparently they both had interest from other League Two clubs so we're surely not being too 'out there' on signing these pair.
  24. Walker does have a bit of experience at League One, which Manny doesn't really have. But essentially it is <ovf censored> yes.
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