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  1. Maybe so. Ed Woodward took massive flak for years from Man United fans but the club kept him in the job. I'm not hearing much credit coming Woodward's way now United are top of the league but I'm sure the Glazer's know what they're doing employing him as CEO.
  2. It also says "Want Need Expect" on the shirts. They're all just words, guff and marketing. I wouldn't look too deeply into it. It's clear that there were other people than Askey involved in the decision making in terms of player and staff recruitment. Particularly as now Askey has gone we are carrying on in the exact same manner as when he was here. But saying who has what influence is just speculation. Personally, I would speculate that Garlick wouldn't actually be doing much of the "driving" and therefore it would be wrong to blame him for the crash. And no it isn't fair to expect
  3. https://www.stokesentinel.co.uk/sport/football/football-news/chelsea-leicester-port-vale-sinclair-3921376 Actually he's been here since March 2020
  4. His arrival at the club coincided with us going from promotion hopefuls to relegation fodder. A lot of people don't understand the difference between causation and correlation.
  5. He worked with Garlick at Macclesfield. I highly doubt he'd be referring to Colin, especially as they're both quiet blokes who just get on with their jobs and don't try and go outside their remit. If you're saying both Askey and Garlick have been overruled or sidelined in some way then that's possible. I don't know.
  6. Second highest scorer when he's been on the wings, keeping natural full-backs out of the team when he's been played out of position at left-back. All round good egg. Certainly one to keep for me.
  7. Maybe we have been practicing rugby all season. That would explain a few things: 1. Why we've been so crap at football. 2. Why we've been constantly inundated with injuries. 3. Why Askey kept referring to "strange goings on". I'm only half joking but this conspiracy would actually answer a few questions!
  8. Pugh is isolating at home for the next two games so I'm not sure what, if any, effect our results in those matches will have on his prospects as manager.
  9. Wrex


    Bit of a maverick, had some good runs with County, the only club for him. Player power and new owners with no sense ? Unless he did something completely mad then it seems a nonsensical decision. Sacking a successful manager who also happens to be a club legend because of "cultural reasons"? Yikes!
  10. Wrex


    He's an odd bloke for sure and can be a bit of a prick if he doesn't get his way. But do you care if you're fourth in the league and going on cup runs? Do you care if your club legend is a bit mad if he's won five promotions with you? Not surprised the fans are up in arms
  11. After moving up three places from the Mansfield defeat we are 14th now and were 10th this time last year
  12. Seems a bit ageist to me
  13. I'd keep Brown, Montano, Joyce and probably one of Pope or Guthrie depending how this season goes. Probably try and keep Pope anyway for sentimental reasons.
  14. As far as I can tell we have a squad of 30 players. The EFL limit is 22, we have 5 under-21s and 2 deregistered, that makes 29. Does that mean we actually have 3 players not registered? I'm guessing Trickett-Smith isn't registered and we just haven't come out and publicised it so as not to embarrass him?
  15. The winger and full-back get earrache, though they do least get to look forward to a rest in the second half if they spent the first half by the dugout
  16. Billy Heames, 233 appearances from 1897 to 1904. Likely his tash will never be beaten
  17. Here we are: https://www.efl.com/-more/governance/efl-rules--regulations/appendix-5---financial-fair-play-regulations/ 4 Excluded Salary Cap Players 4.1 The following Players shall not be considered to be a Salary Cap Player: 4.1.1 any Under 21 Player; 4.1.2 in respect of Relegated Clubs in its first Salary Cap Year following relegation only, any Player who is not included within the Squad List of that Club throughout that Salary Cap Year; and 4.1.3 in Season 2020/21 only, any Player who is not included within the Squad List of a Club.
  18. The registration does not affect contracts or wages. Otherwise clubs would just deregister players when they wanted to get them off the wage bill! That said I wonder if deregistering would remove his wages from the salary cap limit
  19. Seems very likely if we're going to stick with 4-4-2 seen as we'd need four strikers
  20. People wanted honesty and transparency from the club. Now they've got it they're not happy. Carol was a bit too honest in her interview and people read too much into candid moments. This is why football people speak in clichés and try to avoid giving too much away if straying from the narrative. A few players saying they feel bad for the manager losing his job has now been twisted to them purposefully losing matches to get him sacked. As Blakeman correctly deduced though is that the manager's job is Pugh's to lose. That's the main takeaway from the interview. Which isn't a bad i
  21. Couple of weeks ago they couldn't wait to get rid of him, now it's apparently all the players conspiring to get him gone
  22. An expensive manager means less money for the playing squad. Athletico Madrid know they can't compete with Real and Barcelona on the playing wages so make sure they pay the best managerial wage to keep one of the best managers in the game at their club. But unless we're getting a special manager in like the Cowley's then I'd rather a cheap but effective option. That may well prove to be Pugh, who has the respect of the players and decent contacts, or someone like Heskey. But whilst the likes of Holloway or Adkins might have experience, I don't think they'd prove value for money. Pers
  23. Not sure if anybody has mentioned it yet but Rhys Browne has left Wealdstone (two weeks after joining them) and signed with Sutton United
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