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  1. It will but only they standard FFP rules apply now that the PFA got the wage cap removed. So it shouldn't have much effect other than costing Carol a few quid.
  2. They discussed it on a podcast but Peterborough United chairman Darragh MacAnthony put it quite succinctly. The cost of ripping out the AstroTurf and putting in grass, then ripping out the grass and putting in AstroTurf again would be paid for by the to extra money made from being in the Football League. So they might not like losing the AstroTurf and the facilities for the community and revenue it provides but they're not going to turn down promotion to the Football League over it. Even if they got immediately relegated then they wouldn't have lost any money doing it.
  3. Well it was an old squad. They can't go on forever you know? Monty and Brown did a lot of good community work and Pope is of course a club legend. But I'm sure most of the new boys will also prove to be good lads, given time
  4. Joyce said he was disappointed that he'd had to wait until the Monday to be told he was being released so it's not like they had to hide any disappointment at being released. If they wanted to have a dig at Clarke the usual thing would be to say how great the fans are and teammates, maybe past managers, pointedly not mentioning the current manager. So yeah I'm a bit surprised too
  5. Yes they do. New contracts won't actually start until 1 July
  6. As many FA Cup final defeats as Don Revie
  7. You say it looks good for Sutton but if Torquay win tomorrow then they still might have to win both their final two games to go up. As for the play-offs, well there's some big names in there. No wonder it can take many years for relegated clubs to regain their Football League status
  8. I think we had Eden Bailey, Luke Chambers, Joe Collinge and Michael Lennon on the bench under Askey. If Bailey still has another year as a pro then what about the other three does anyone know? And what about Nelson Agbo? Our youngest ever player in a first team game
  9. Good listen as always guys. Hope these podcasts can continue in the off season
  10. Not quite like being Premier League champions but winning the FA Cup for the first time would be a marvellous achievement.
  11. Wrex

    Kyle Perry

    https://nonleaguedaily.com/primetime-pezza-the-show-goes-on-for-redditchs-new-diva-frontman-kyle-perry/ There's a big interview with him from last year and he talks about his time at Vale Park. During the time you had in the Football League with Port Vale, did it feel like you could compete at that level? Did you feel out of your depth against some of the players? What do you remember of it in that sense? It was kind of split. The dressing room was poisonous, to start with. There was a lad who was playing for Manchester United the season before and he couldn’t beli
  12. So the players definitely didn't know who'd be released until Monday (other than the ones where it would be obvious). Thanks for your service Mr Joyce
  13. Wrex

    Retained list

    To think of Stevie G screaming at his right-back to get tight on Monty next season. Go on Monty lad!
  14. I imagine Harry Kane would have broken the record had he spent the last ten years. But he didn't and neither did Jones. Jones did actually come back on loan in 1989 and wasn't that impressive. Pope scored more goals for Port Vale than Jones did for his entire Football League career. Pope scored more goals at Vale Park then Jones did home and away at Vale. Really don't see what point you're trying to make here.
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