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  1. That's reassuring for fans of P or t V al e
  2. I think a Rodney hat-trick would be rather unexpected but there isn't a team in this league too good for us to beat if they play to the best of their abilities
  3. I scoffed at this but Clarke would almost certainly take Pugh's record of two wins after seven games right now. But Clarke has a plan and I'm not sure what Pugh's plan was. It's a simple plan of keeping clean sheets and building from there but it is a plan. Plus he's not afraid to play Legge and balls to any consequences in terms of contract extensions. I think Pugh was too much of a company man and concerned with lumbering the new manager with an ancient centre-back on a big wage.
  4. That reminds me of the Vale v Cambridge thread on here
  5. Wrex

    Retained list

    Bell liked to sack coaches too behind Rudge's back
  6. Maybe a bit of Jim Gannon but where are you getting Nathan Jones from?
  7. Decent post-match interview from Clarke. Staying positive but realistic and not delusional. I'm sure we'll be alright in the end
  8. Lucky for us only two teams go out of League Two. Never quite understood why four teams move between League One and Two, but it cost us that day
  9. 3 wins in the last 21 league games. They need their confidence boosting somehow. Over to you Mr Clarke
  10. erm, there are 15 games left of this season (17 for Barrow and Grimsby).
  11. Yeah Coates should sell it to one of those other billionaire life long Stoke fans
  12. Wrex

    Retained list

    Exactly. Seems like everyone has forgotten this but there was a bloke called David Flitcroft who was hired a few weeks ago to be our new director of football. Flitcroft handles the recruitment, he builds the academy, he judges how well the manager is doing. Clarke picks the team, motivates the players and sets the match day tactics. If he gets a new squad in the summer (be realistic and say half of them new new, assuming you keep the good half of the current squad) and can't get results out of them then he's out the door. Simple as. Absolutely no point in having a director of fo
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