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  1. https://www.stokesentinel.co.uk/sport/football/football-news/port-vale-players-contract-details-3757417 The Sentinel have reported it now. As a few pointed out I missed Brown's contract extension to 2021. Trickett-Smith is also here until 2021. Browne and Worrall's contracts run until this summer. They say it is believed that Conlon's deal also runs out this summer.
  2. Smith has played around 200 games for us and has been a near ever-present since he broke into the team. It's not like we've stood by him through serious injuries or controversial times. I really hope he stays but if he does leave for a higher level club then that can only be a lesson to not let our best young players enter the last year of their contract.
  3. Anyone know if this has all blown over now or is the investigation still pending?
  4. A quick Google shows Browne deal runs out in the summer but Worrall and Conlon contract lengths were simply unreported for some reason
  5. No. Transfermarket.com has one but it says Pope's contract ends this summer so that isn't very reliable. From checking each individual player's Wikipedia's I get this: 2020: Jordan Archer, Kieran Kennedy, Jonny Maddison, Shaun Brisley, Daniel Trickett-Smith, Ryan Lloyd, Scott Burgess, David Amoo, Callum Evans, Nathan Smith, Scott Brown, James Gibbons, Luke Joyce, Leon Legge, Cristian Montano, Will Atkinson, Mark Cullen 2021: Alex Hurst, Ryan Campbell-Gordon, Richie Bennett, Adam Crookes, Manny Oyeleke, Tom Pope Unspecified: Rhys Browne, David Worrall, Tom Conlon Loan: Jake Taylor So unless players have signed deals on the quiet or they have secret extension clauses like Aspin used to put in them then that's what we're looking at.
  6. People shouldn't post selective statistics. It shows how weak their arguement is. Our club's second highest all-time goalscorer, who hadn't taken a penalty until he was 32, a targetman who holds the ball up and brings others into play. Okay he is our current top-scorer but if we arbitrarily decide to not count the FA Cup (a hat-trick and a goal against the current Premier League champions) and we arbitrarily decide to exclude set piece goals and let's say goals scored in the last ten minutes or on a Tuesday night don't count. Fuckinghell
  7. Askey has just released Joe Berks and Lucas Green-Birch. Neither of whom made a first-team appearance this season and just spent time on loan at Stafford Rangers and Market Drayton Town. This leaves the squad now at 28 professionals, including four of haven't appeared in the league: Pugh (player-coach), Maddison (back-up goalkeeper), Hurst (on loan to Bradford PA) and Trickett-Smith.
  8. I can do it if needed but I don't have a Twitter account
  9. That site records goals for National League North level but not appearances. Not sure how helpful that is to anyone but that's what they do. Also they have stuff like this: https://www.soccerbase.com/players/player.sd?player_id=4914 Stanley Matthews is 104 and has 0 FA Cup appearances to his name apparently, even though the only three matches it lists in his seasons data are all FA Cup finals.
  10. Seven: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/2019–20_Port_Vale_F.C._season#Results_by_matchday
  11. If he wants to be the new Jade Goody yeah
  12. If he was a politician he would be sacked for that tweet, though maybe not under Jeremy Corbyn. Another fine and ban is possible, hopefully nothing too severe.
  13. Tbf by all accounts Pep and the Man City players were a class act. Inviting the Vale players into the home dressing room, Pep having a glass of wine and long chat with Askey and so. As I said there are tossers at every club. They tend to be the loudmouths though who ring up phone in shows and post bile on forums. There's been a fair number of forum members posting nonsense on here! Good luck for the rest of the season.
  14. Manchester City are owned by the rulers of the United Arab Emirates, not Saudi Arabia. A bit like calling a Scotsman an Englishman I suppose. I listen to the 606 podcasts every week and Manchester City seen to have their fair share of tossers, as do every club. Last season they were saying they're not bothered about Europe and just want domestic domination, this season they're moaned about Liverpool being top, blaming VAR, then saying Liverpool fans are arrogant for thinking they've already won it, and now they've run out of excuses. Annoys me how they like to portray themselves both as the elite footballing force in this country and yet also pretend to still be the charming "little" local club they possibly once were. I've always been bored by Pep's style of football and hated the way pundits would drool over his Barcelona team. But fair play to him for going to Germany and England and getting huge success there, even if he does always have huge resources behind him and the Champions League has so far eluded him outside of Barcelona. But though I don't personally like his footballing style you still have to give him all the credit in the world for his success and the way he improves players with his coaching.
  15. Worrall was out of form this time last year. But then a successful manager ensures that his best players are in good form. I do roll my eyes when folk say Aspin performed miracles keeping us in the league. But keep us in the league he did. Overall he did okay, but he was on the decline and went at the right time.
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