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  1. Kaid Moahmed has been sentenced to 2 years imprisonment for dealing cocaine https://www.walesonline.co.uk/news/wales-news/former-professional-footballer-caught-11000-21145600
  2. I mean even his biggest fans would have to admit he loved a good moan. So from that perspective it's not surprising to him end his time here with a few undignified remarks. Doesn't make him less of a legend though.
  3. Wonder what happened to 12,20,22,24,25
  4. Ah that's sad to hear. Let's hope the coverage during the season doesn't suffer too much
  5. Can't make up my mind on it. Probably looks better as a top for wearing around town rather than on the pitch.
  6. Yeah I don't think you singled him out and it was interesting to hear a snippet of how Hartlepool are getting on so it was worth mentioning definitely
  7. It has eight likes now. The people liking it probably appreciated the general sentiment of not slagging off former players rather than looking at it through the prism of "anti/pro Clarke poster says x" which seems to have weirdly taken over the forum and every topic discussed within it.
  8. Yeah if something is difficult to do then just give up
  9. 8 points from 5 games would be play-off form so would be a decent enough return in an average difficulty month
  10. He'd struggle to be fully fit after three injury hit seasons
  11. Reiss Greenidge has joined Barnet on loan from Bolton. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Reiss_Greenidge He seems to be one of those strange cases of a player who barely plays anywhere but keeps moving to new clubs. In fact he never played a single minute during his loan spell with us!
  12. You can have youth loans though right? Not sure up to what level that would cover or if it'd be better playing for Leek Town regularly than on the bench at Vale Park though
  13. Aren't rubbish and crap the same thing? lol Clarke wasn't happy with the performance and I don't think of the fans should be. Of course with friendlies the results don't matter, but you still want to see decent performances. As Clarke said there were a lot of 5 out of 10s. Clarke will have told the players it's not good enough and it's much better for them to let their standards slip in a friendly than in a competitive game. Which is what he meant by the "getting the rubbish out of the way in pre-season" comment.
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