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  1. Faking head injuries can become a serious problem. I think clubs should be warned and if teams are found to be regularly having "head injuries" they should be investigated. Those found guilty give heavy fines to players and point deductions to clubs.
  2. https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/50707809 Pep is definitely worries about us...
  3. A left-back is a requirement and hopefully Taylor can be signed on a longer term basis. Other than that need to have a shuffle about and move out those that aren't performing and replace them with someone in the same position who hopefully will do better, full-back cover, central midfield.
  4. To be fair on O'Neill he can't really be blamed for relegation. Jones is more responsible on the managerial front as he was getting the same results and also signed 12 or so players. No manager with any kind of reputation were willing to risk it on such a basket case and O'Neill probably figured if he failed he'd be gone at the end of the season and could simply carry on with Northern Ireland. On the one hand credit to Stoke for their policy of ensuring their manager is British but then you have to say when your number one, two and three choice turn you down then why not get a foreigner in? It's like they looked at what has gone wrong for them and said "well Tony was British and had mostly British players, our mistake was letting Hughes sign a load of foreigners!" I don't know, why bother trying to understand the thinking process behind idiots like Coates Jnr? Seems irresponsible of Saint Peter to allow his son to run the club when he can barely tie his own shoelaces.
  5. Maybe not under this account (I didn't see the original post here), but your old account was banned for racism.
  6. Is there another forum we can post on where racist trolls aren't given free reign to ruin every thread?
  7. Three consecutive defeats and things looks grim for them lot down the road
  8. https://www.thelocal.it/20191205/italian-newspaper-defends-black-friday-headline-on-footballers-lukaku-and-smalling This was a racist headline, even if they didn't mean it that way. Look! These two men are black and they are playing a game on Friday - Black Friday! Advertising a Black Friday sale with a black who happens to be black isn't racist. Just like putting a headline for two white players and saying "White Christmas" would be racist, but if Martin O'Neill started singing White Christmas then that wouldn't be racist. Well Kevin Campbell might think it would be actually but he's an idiot
  9. As Taylor's agent the priority should be Taylor. Who of course still has the ultimate say himself. But he's much better off having Sproson than the bloke who represented Mitch Clark. Taylor has a future in the game now.
  10. Good to see we've broke with the tradition of signing five or six useless players on loan and have instead signed one key player on loan.
  11. We should make Lloyd Player of the Year just to annoy him
  12. I believe Crookes said he is under contract for next season anyway.
  13. Can't imagine he'd do any worse than Jones but here's hoping
  14. Well he's already scored more goals than Bennett regardless!
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