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  1. Good luck John, Mark and Kinglsey
  2. I'm confused. Pope's interview was a year ago now, why has a thread been started on it today? Are we blaming Pope for yesterday's defeat? I had a feeling that Clarke might have kept on McKirdy last summer but it turned out not to be the case. Maybe it wouldn't have worked and McKirdy needed a fresh start in order to kick on. If he had stayed here then it's quite possible he would be blamed for any dips in form and people would slate the management team for offering him a contract. As for Pope on Twitter, hadn't he deleted his account? He is entitled to his opinions anyway, his views on the current Vale set-up are tainted by his own bitterness but at least he actually knows what he's talking about with football. His world views and conspiracies are extremely stupid.
  3. We really do. It'd be a long shot overturning a two goal deficit on Thursday.
  4. Character building day for that young man
  5. 80 minutes to go, Christ lol. But yes if we keep a clean sheet then it's playoffs for us. Come on Stoney!
  6. Just don't lose and we can <ovf censored> this thread off
  7. With the budget and backing from the owners we would have underachieved to miss out on the play-offs. But then we have had a huge injury problem and of course Darrell himself has been on extended bereavement leave. So taking that into account we probably wouldn't have underachieved to miss out on the play-offs, perhaps eighth would be a fair effort in the circumstances (taking the season as a whole rather than from four games ago).
  8. We should be in League One playing the likes of Sunderland and Derby rather than the likes of Barrow and Newport in League Two.
  9. If Forest Green are losing, as they tend to do a lot recently, then perhaps this will filter through to our game and both teams will shake hands on a draw.
  10. Not either, but both. If three different results (including our own) go against us then we drop out. If just one result goes our way then we're in the play-offs. Each result is not unlikely but combined together then the chances are something will go our way.
  11. Hussey is becoming an old man in front of our eyes. What happened to the dynamic young (at heart) left back we signed only a few months ago?
  12. Play-offs still seem to be our destination but it is staggering that we're more likely to drop to eighth than rise to third on the final day.
  13. Radio Stoke's coverage is pretty poor but tbf I'm pretty sure he was just calling him "Col". Dunno why a two syllable name needs shortening though
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