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  1. It is getting a bit like groundhog day at the moment. Match preview, can we stop losing? Match review, err we lost again. Feel like giving up at the moment. God only knows how Askey will turn this run around.
  2. Interesting that Harry McKirdy is responsible for us losing five in a row. Is he also to blame for Covid-19 I wonder?
  3. Wrex


    https://www.theguardian.com/world/2020/sep/19/scientists-criticise-uks-hands-face-space-campaign-to-control-covid-19-coronavirus You not heard "hands, face, space" phrase repeated as nauseoum from all the government adverts?
  4. Wrex


    Baffling that we're still peddling the "Hands. Face. Space." mantra when hand washing will do literally nothing to stop the spread. Should be 'Ventilate. Face. Leave Early.' Only a more catchy phrase
  5. Wrex


    The original Spanish Flu killed 288,000 in this country so we're not doing too bad compared to 100 years ago when you consider than coronavirus is a lot more infectious
  6. I don't think Starmer will be silly enough to get himself or the party tarred with this brush now Corbyn's crew are yesterday's news
  7. I don't think the club or Sentinel ever reported he'd gone but good to see he picked up a few games experience
  8. At least we can use the time to train/rest rather than like Crewe who twice were expecting to play a game only for a last minute postponement
  9. Wrex


    The cut off is 28 days after a positive coronavirus test not 28 days after they catch coronavirus
  10. Wrex


    You can criticize the whole "died within 28 days of a positive Covid test" concept. Yes a lot of people dying with coronavirus might not have had that long left to live anyway. You can argue that mass testing only came in after the first lockdown, so comparing the case figures now with what they were back in March isn't comparing like to like. There have always been false positives and false negatives. As far as I'm aware testing is only getting more reliable, not less so. The fact is that cases are rising and the virus is spreading. With schools and universities back and the co
  11. Is Andy still able to go to non-league games with Burslem in tier 2 now?
  12. No. I think he is more like a bathroom installation expert who does an excellent job for a premium price and is used to explaining to people why he's more expensive than the bloke down the road.
  13. I don't think any country is in a particularly good place right now.
  14. Wrex


    Some non-league clubs are doing record business as suddenly they are the highest tier football spectator can see. 200 people gather round a stadium just as socially distanced as 50 can, but it's still a 400% increase in attendance figures. The phrase 'make hay while the sun shines' springs to mind. Does anyone know how the different tiers affect going to non-league games btw?
  15. Wrex


    Yes the whole lockdown idea is ridiculous but coronavirus is the only news story in town. People are scared and therefore lockdown is a popular suggestion... until lockdown actually happens and then people resent being under house arrest, losing jobs and businesses and going doolally from lack of social contact. The government seemed to be acutely aware of this from the start with the whole nudge theory business. Unfortunately they can't seem to get a handle on the track and trace side of things despite throwing billions at it.
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