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  1. With most clubs they love a local player. It's the opposite at Vale!
  2. I'd like to recast my vote to 'as expected'!
  3. No. He's under contract until the end of next season.
  4. Having played a lot of the top teams and faced an injury crisis I think the start has been excellent. Delighted to have a manager with a plan who is down to earth and doesn't <ovf censored> anyone, is able to build a decent squad and leave himself room to deal with different opponents and loss of form. Certainly Askey is doing a lot of good work, unlike that <ovf censored> artist at the 365.
  5. So he's in the same boat as he would have been had he stayed here. Well, nothing ventured, nothing gained.
  6. Don't understand how he is expected to work for free just because he's got a few quid. He's done the work and done it well, so should be paid the going rate for a League Two manager.
  7. Fair play to Jones. We all said try and sneak a few wins here and there to keep it going, but it seems "the family" are happy to lose every week. A long way back to the safety zone now even with a new manager!
  8. He's doing a great job. The likes of Hughton won't want the job now, having seen Chris Coleman's career suicide a couple years ago. Keep losing Nath, no decent manager will want to take over a side getting close to double digits from safety, no matter how much money is on offer. Not worth risking a good reputation on such a downward spiral.
  9. Anyone else notice the "agent Jones" text that was read out before the game on Radio Stoke (clearly unaware that it was a Vale fan taking the piss)?
  10. Askey doesn't seem to like using his subs really, though with all the injuries recently he's had no option but to use them. Usually though he's happy to use 1 or 2 at most if the first eleven remain fit.
  11. Will be Pope's 500th Football League game if he gets on. Wonder if they will make as big a deal as they did for Joyce's.
  12. It's just ValefaninAlsager who says it every time!
  13. Write one about Vale
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