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  1. Last season we had 21 different scorers so you can forgive fans for being sceptical about the 'everybody chipping in' strategy. I can see us getting promoted without a goalscorer troubling the golden boot rankings though
  2. He's proved himself in the National League but has never managed more than 20 a games a season in the Football League. We're trying to get promoted out of League Two and Altrincham are around the play-offs in the National League. What's the mystery?
  3. In fact we've yet to lose by more than one goal so far this season
  4. He's one goal off equalling his record high for one club in a single season
  5. Alright maybe there is something in this curse business
  6. I wouldn't recommend putting money on us to win the league title but I definitely still fancy us for promotion.
  7. Shame to piss away 3/1 point/s after scoring three goals away from home but these things happen.
  8. Clarke has won five Manager of the Month awards, and immediately followed them with 1 win, 2 draws and 1 defeat. I must point out I'm just counting the first result of the following month. The award winners are actually announced a few days into the following month if you are want to say the curse only strikes once the award has actually been given
  9. It was asked how the Manager of the Month curse affected Port Vale managers. Well since 2004 only Micky Adams won it (three times): September 2010 (followed by a 2-1 loss to Oxford United) November 2010 (followed by a 1-0 loss to Morecambe) September 2012 (followed by a 1-1 draw with Dagenham)
  10. No curse will scare Darrell or his players
  11. Wrex

    the 3

    Pretty simple really. Pick your three favourite players lol
  12. If this is the slow start that Clarke foreshadowed then this will be a very special season indeed
  13. We just keep answering the critics. Concerns that Politic was signed and not played... he comes on and scores a late goal. Honestly I'm not sure what else there is to moan about now. Everything is going swimmingly!!
  14. Except Campion just wasn't good enough at EFL level. With Politic he just isn't able to play in our current formation. I'm sure we'll play with wingers at some stage and he'll play his part.
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