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  1. Oh my. A true legend in Leeds, as well as in England and in Ireland. RIP
  2. I've just come across this: https://www.theguardian.com/football/2003/jun/10/newsstory.sport8 "Sacking the manager Joe Kinnear and his assistant Mick Harford via a third party called Peter Miller" Did anyone know Miller was involved in the John Gurney fiasco at Luton Town in 2003?
  3. Banning away support makes a lot of sense for me. Theoretically at least it means the vast majority if the crowd are from the same general area. If there's an outbreak in Manchester then it doesn't affect anyone in Crewe following their team playing at Salford, and vice versa.
  4. Wrex

    Shortened season

    1. It was the right thing to do for the game as a whole. 2. We had one vote against 21 who would never vote for it and 3 who would vote with us. So it was a choice of either accept it and put the club in good standing or kick up a fuss and will, but end up losing the vote ala Peterborough
  5. Is that bad? I barely remember he ever existed let alone what height he was
  6. I wonder if letting him play in the play-offs for Halifax would be good experience for him? Though not worth it I guess if it means he has to miss part of our pre-season.
  7. To be fair he could well be six two judging from that, though of course we have no idea how tall his friends are! Let's hope we're able to have him stood next to Nathan Smith next season for a comparison.
  8. Doyle scored 25 goals in 36 games for Swindon last season. But if I was a club owner I'd sooner have 22-year old Devante Rodney on maybe £50,000 a year for three years than 32-year old Eoin Doyle on £200,000 a year for three years. But Bolton are a massive club for this level and they're free to set whatever budget they feel they can afford. You can't guarantee promotion but signing players like Doyle make it a lot more likely.
  9. Must have been thinking of Rodney Trotter!
  10. Where you getting 6" 2 from? wiki says 5"10 Welcome to the club Devante!
  11. Wrex


    I've stopped reading this thread since Cummingsgate. What have I missed?
  12. ah, literally who opened the door. I thought he was asking who had scouted him or who his agent was!
  13. On the Ale podcast, Carol said they decided that with strikers it was best to sign them up as soon as possible so they don't go elsewhere.
  14. Think Browne will be signed up in the next few days then we'll just have to accept Smith has gone. If he does sign then great, he'll be like a new signing. But clubs probably won't be signing up new players when money is tight and the current season hasn't even ended yet for the leagues above us. Therefore Smith will need a couple of months to be given offers by other clubs and make his mind up.
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