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  1. Far too early to be looking at bookies odds unless you want some value. Very little player movement and squads nowhere near complete make it impossible to call. Theoretically we could add 6-7 nailed on starters before the season starts. (Fingers crossed on that one). If someone offered me 16th right now I’d be happy, but in reality we’d all like to finish higher than that.
  2. “Instead of drinking your days away perhaps you should get a bit of teak oil on that table, and while you’re at it that wall looks like it could do with a lick of paint and the grass wants cutting.” ⓒMrs.Guitar Ray.
  3. Obviously you’ve never drunk 6 cans of Polish lager and a bottle of Night Nurse, otherwise you would know the answer to that one. 🤤
  4. It’s a bit harsh. I’d say it was more than just a couple of games, he was vastly improved in every game he featured in at the tail end compared to earlier in the season. If that’s down to his new fitness regime, as has been suggested, then you’d expect him to pick up where he left off.
  5. I’m sensing stress, bordering rage Rory. Which in the aftermath of a promotion season is very worrying. May I suggest you adopt the Downward Facing Dog pose, Adho Mukha Savanasana. Hold this for a minimum 10 rounds of breath, whilst focusing your mind on the view from the Hamil end. This will increase blood flow to the brain whilst decompressing the spine and will energise you. Failing this 6 cans of Polish lager and a bottle of Night Nurse will take the edge off things in the short term.
  6. The thing with Proc is his injury record may put some clubs off. Apparently we trusted him to train as he saw fit. That’s got to be worth something. Having said that, nobody could begrudge any older player chasing one last big payday. Maybe this is what Flitcroft was referring to when talking about the club being fair and players and their agents also needing to be fair, but he did also say that negotiations were going well with the out of contract players.
  7. I agree that the council need to be on board for wider regeneration. As I said earlier individuals can, and do, start things on their own, the recent example being the work of the trust in Fegg Hayes. In our own case, Carol and Kevin moved their business to Burslem with a vision.
  8. Who said anything about liking them? To quote DC, “Sometimes we have to take our medicine”.
  9. This year has been a bad one for deaths, and to put that into context there’s only been 1 year when they’ve raced that there have been no fatalities, but all the competitors know the risks. Modern day bikes are so damn fast. The TV doesn’t get anywhere near to capturing the speed of any motorsport let alone motorcycle racing. The TT is unforgiving, if a rider crashes the outcome really is a matter of luck, as it is if a pigeon flies into your head at nearly 200mph, as happened the other day.
  10. Is it actually possible to remember the last forgettable Vale shirt? I’ve just spent the last 55 minutes thinking about this question and it’s doing my nut in.
  11. I used to get very stressed Rory, the slightest thing used to set me off. Two things cured me. I discovered tantric sex and prescription drugs. The tantric sex cured the stress and the prescription drugs cured the backache.
  12. It’s a great interview. Good questions and positive answers. The only question missing was the one on everyone’s lips, the Hamil.
  13. Slim fitting I think is the term. Small and medium are pretty true to size it’s when you get to large and above things start to get interesting. One of the lads with us is normally XL and went up a couple of sizes for a more relaxed fit.
  14. Taken down for the Robbie gig. Metal portable barrier type fencing there when I called in the shop on Wednesday.
  15. Can’t be heard outside the stand? Explain to me then how, when the singing starts, as we know usually from Hamil end of the Bycars, the rest of the stands manage to join in if the singers can’t be heard outside the stand? Furthermore, my hearing isn’t great but not only can I hear them from my seat in the Bycars but the odd time I arrive after kickoff I can hear them from Dolly’s Lane or Dimensions. I agree that there is an opportunity to generate a bit more atmosphere by opening the Hamil to home fans. No question. Where I disagree with some is that it won’t necessarily create an atmosphere akin to the playoff semi every game, as seems to be the suggestion from some. Any atmosphere is predominantly influenced by goings on on the pitch.
  16. Yes, a chant rather than a saying.
  17. Chin up. If it helps I don’t think you’re misguided. 👍🏻 Also, you don’t have to meekly listen to 200 away fans. I think the norm is to try and respond in greater volume. At least that’s how it always was. If not, console yourself that we may be winning and those 200 fans will barely whimper. As one of the 250 (you’ve no doubt counted) ST holders I can assure you I’ll be smiling whichever stand I sit in if the team is doing well.
  18. Yes, there are wide ranging social issues, and like many town centres in the Potteries, and urban areas beyond, a small number of individuals act to deter the general public from visiting. Tunstall, Burslem and to a degree Hanley all suffering the same. All town centres are struggling these days. I’ve not long since finished watching the Big Build and the Sylvester Community Trust development in Fegg Hayes. Obviously some good people with drive and vision behind that. Wherever the money has come from, the whole thing wouldn’t have come cheap. You need people and investment to come together. In my view there are more good people out there than bad. The more people living in a town the more likely a few of those will be a force for good. It could, as you say, take a monumental shift, but that may come as a series of smaller changes, just as we’ve seen in our club. Who could’ve predicted Carol and Kevin? It may take time for Burslem to bounce back but it will happen. Maybe it needs the football club to lead and shine the spotlight, as seems to be happening.
  19. Corrected that for you. 👍🏻
  20. You obviously have more insight than I do. I still believe that the more people you have living within walking distance of any town centre can only help the local economy.
  21. Very raw, very passionate. We know he’s a good fit in terms of attitude. I’d happily see him back at Vale as one to develop.
  22. Sounds very genteel in the Hamil. 🧐
  23. Fans do get attached to their seats. Small communities develop. If forced to move, I wouldn’t choose the Hamil. I moved from the Railway to Bycars when it was redeveloped and sat there ever since. Got to know a lot of people just from sitting together. If forced to choose, I’d move back to the Railway as I’ve many friends in there who would also stay put.
  24. Not sure about this, what are you comparing it too? We had some great games, what about Orient? Lose a few on the bounce and on a cold Tuesday in Jan it won’t matter what end we use.
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