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  1. As a former first aider, if I saw someone looking like that I'd be performing the Heimlich Maneuver. Clarke looks like he's in the throes of a choking episode.
  2. We're facing players of this size every week nowadays. That said, 6 goals in 7 games is not to be sniffed at.
  3. We all want exciting football but we’re watching tier 4. Are there no players in the first 11 that you recognise? Smith? Gibbo? Wozz? TC? Etc etc
  4. So only promotion will change your view? I’m all for setting the bar high but would a top 7 finish be be unacceptable to you then?
  5. Assuming things were to continue as they are, and we maintain, or better exceed, our current league position, at what point would you change your view? Or is your opinion so entrenched that you will never actually change your viewpoint?
  6. It’s still called The Mickey Mouse Cup in our house, and if we were to win it again that wouldn’t change.
  7. Garrity said in a recent interview that he just concentrated on hitting the target. Proctor would do well to think the same rather than trying to smash the net, as he appears to have done with a couple of his better recent chances. In fairness his work in creating his chance yesterday was terrific, great work to take out a couple of defenders, but the finish was poor.
  8. Mal Benning is a good player, we know that, but the question is whether he can rediscover that form in his time with us. With the competition for places we have right now it’ll be hard for him to get enough game time to force his way into the starting 11 every week, when really he would probably benefit from an extended run in the side to build confidence. It’s a vicious circle.
  9. With regards to Gibbo, let’s not forget that the lad is playing out of position on the left. He’s very much a right footed player. What I saw was a good performance from him until he started to flag, after which a couple of errors crept in and he was justifiably subbed.
  10. There were a couple of short spells where we were under a bit of pressure but over the 90 (95) we were comfortable. The second half felt a bit like the Harrogate game where we took our foot off the gas and got a bit sloppy. Missing decent chances doesn't help. As it was, Covolan had to make one smart save and we cleared an effort off the line.
  11. Hard working rather than spectacular. Nothing at all wrong with that. Apart from a 10 minute spell I thought Scunny we’re terrible. The only negative was the sitters we missed. Nice to break two hoodoos, Glanford Park and Scrimshaw. Off now, back to staring at the league table for an hour or two. 😳
  12. And the third is legendary because.....er.....
  13. How you know what the coach and Amoo were talking about though? Did you overhear the conversation? Anyhow, no such problem in the Bycars, before, during or after the game. Wozz came over to a pack of kids as he made his way around the pitch after being subbed. Covolan came over after the game and spent quite some time posing for selfies. This it how it should be.
  14. On Saturday, at the Bycars turnstiles, you'd be told that "you can't bring your can of pop into the ground". Then, when you've drunk the contents and ask what to do with the empty can, you'd be told to "just throw it". True story.
  15. Have to say the stewards round us in the Bycars were very chatty to be fair.
  16. I think the bigger conundrum is getting the best out of Wozz at RWB, but he seemed to have sorted that out for himself on Saturday. At least Wilson isn’t being played out of position. I still maintain put those sitters away and we wouldn’t be debating. I do agree with some other posters that he could maybe be fitter, but I also think it’s likely he’s getting subbed to keep him fresh, given he’s had injuries, and to give other members of the squad minutes, rather than purely because he’s blowing out of his arse at 70 mins.
  17. Quite simply I think you’re over thinking this. From memory, Wilson has missed a couple of absolute sitters. If he’d have taken these, added to his goal on Saturday, the subject wouldn’t be up for discussion.
  18. Without wishing to curse the guy, his handling has been impeccable. What I would say though is that he’s going to have to be very careful with the ball at his feet on our pitch once the weather turns, although I’ll admit that I’ve no idea of the general condition of pitches in the league below, so it may not be an issue. Not long before we find out.
  19. He wasn’t figuring at Mansfield under Clough, who I think had bought another player in as a LB/LWB. I’m pretty sure I heard somewhere Clough said they’d sat down and had a chat about things so perhaps decided a parting of the ways was the order of the day. Probably just form/confidence is the issue, who knows. Certainly at this level most players are a bit up and down and Benning is going to be no exception. Obviously, the more consistent performers are picked up by clubs in higher divisions so the fact that he’s still plying his trade in the basement perhaps speaks volumes. I like him and think he’ll improve, but whether he’ll be first choice in that position remains to be seen given that Gibbo can play there. Both players get forward well but Gibbo by far the better defender in my view.
  20. People have been “far too harsh” so far on several of our players. That said, if a player gets sent off in two consecutive games then it’s bound to set alarm bells ringing.
  21. The Brazilian flag has now replaced the Columbian flag in the Bycars.
  22. Spot on. It takes time to build a fanbase so it’s unfair to expect clubs to magic up hundreds of new fans overnight. On the game itself, I thought Harrogate were a tough team, OK a bit too tough at times, but judging from the game they had one or two really decent players and worked extremely hard with and without the ball. Teams will find them a real handful, so it was a great result given the added pressure we had of not having won at home. I’d have loved Proctors early chance to have been on target. Sitting where we do it would’ve been great to that that one smash the net. Also Smiths header that went narrowly wide deserved a goal if only because he was an absolute warrior yesterday. If anyone kept an eye on him just at set pieces alone you’ll know what I mean. Maybe we should’ve taken the game to the ten men a bit more second half but hey ho.
  23. Almost certainly not, however let’s not forget that the Boothen End is still full of 5h1t, so there’s still a place in our repertoire for some of the old classics.
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