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  1. Spot on. It takes time to build a fanbase so it’s unfair to expect clubs to magic up hundreds of new fans overnight. On the game itself, I thought Harrogate were a tough team, OK a bit too tough at times, but judging from the game they had one or two really decent players and worked extremely hard with and without the ball. Teams will find them a real handful, so it was a great result given the added pressure we had of not having won at home. I’d have loved Proctors early chance to have been on target. Sitting where we do it would’ve been great to that that one smash the net. Also Smiths header that went narrowly wide deserved a goal if only because he was an absolute warrior yesterday. If anyone kept an eye on him just at set pieces alone you’ll know what I mean. Maybe we should’ve taken the game to the ten men a bit more second half but hey ho.
  2. Almost certainly not, however let’s not forget that the Boothen End is still full of 5h1t, so there’s still a place in our repertoire for some of the old classics.
  3. Only the second time I've seen us win down there in numerous visits. Garrity is a machine. Both Rod and Wilson desperate for goals. Great to see Gibbo back
  4. Incredibly candid and powerful videos. Full credit to both men in pushing the message.
  5. There is no point in me knocking as clearly nobody is home.
  6. Really? One of our players get's bumped off the ball and you find that shocking? Personally I'd be more inclined to be shocked by fans over-reacting when one of our own players takes bad first touch.
  7. How is it possible to judge his attitude from his first touch about 30 seconds in? Did he jog onto the pitch a bit too slowly for you? 😂😂
  8. It may or may not have been only “a few”, and if it was just a few it was very obvious from where I sat, but it was the lads first touch and only snowballed from there. As a pro footballer I would expect “fans” to understand that when a player comes off the bench it may take at least a few touches/minutes to get up to speed. Anyone who’s played the game at any level would understand that, and for those that haven’t it’s actually quite a simple theory to grasp.
  9. So you’ll be abusing the guy straight away rather than politely pointing out your concerns? Say no more.
  10. Less than a minute into his substitute appearance on Saturday, Rodders first touch of the ball is a bad one. Fans are exasperated, some apoplectic with rage. It was all downhill from there. What do people expect when they’re on his case straight away to such a degree? Morons.
  11. Spot on. I think you see this sometimes with the newly relegated teams, initially still playing a bit above the level. I felt after 20 mins Rochdale performed as a league 1 team would for pretty much all of the remainder. They were a cut above us for most of that time. Whether they can continue to perform like that who knows. Probably consistency will be their nemesis, as it is ours.
  12. They were searching bags at the Bycars turnstile but it appeared to be no more than a cursory glance from what I saw. Friendly staff, mainly female for what it’s worth, being abused by the odd obnoxious OAP who didn’t want anyone looking at his sandwiches. Two sides to every coin.
  13. What happened to signing cover for Leon Legge? Hindsight is a wonderful thing.
  14. Maybe that's why he's not starting then. 👍
  15. I sit in the Bycars. I couldn't believe the abuse from the word go. Utter clowns. We had families around us, clearly "new" fans, and dread to think what they made of it.
  16. We've pressed high as a team, when appropriate to do so, in all the games. Not today. I think the point's already been made by others, when the ball was in the air their no.9 was winning headers that Legge would've gobbled up. Legge really attacks the ball, often powering straight through the man. He gets massive distance on his headed clearances, plus often tends to physically dominate a player to the point where they don't "fancy it". Today their no.9 didn't face that sort of challenge and pretty much had his own way for the full 90. You're right about the service. They had far too much time to pick a pass.
  17. "All season"? Just remind me what month it is. I don't care if it's April, he's had one touch (bad) and "fans" were on him. Complete knobheads, who're too dense to comprehend that getting straight on the guys back won't actually have the desired effect.
  18. I think Rod is the new scapegoat. Fans were on him like a rash after only his first touch. Sadly it didn't let up.
  19. She has. They both talk a great game. Do you think they both talk a great game?
  20. It's no good playing well for 15 minutes when a game lasts 90+ though is it. Irrespective of our defending, their first 2 goals were great moves. Slick, sharp passing. The biggest difference was in workrate, after we scored they worked far harder than us, with and without the ball. Our high press was virtually non-existant, and when we did press too often it was just with one player. We gave them the freedom of Vale Park way too often, which in the end allowed them to pick the pass which won the game. You're right about their No. 9, who illustrated just why you need a powerhouse CH in your team. Unfortunately we failed to recruit a replacement so I guess we'll see the same thing happen again in some other games. That said, Leon Legge could've played today but if you allow half decent players too much time on the ball they'll just bypass him, so I don't see his abscence as the real reason for defeat.
  21. To truly enjoy the highs you have to experience the lows. That was about the only thing I could tell the kids at the end of the game. Absolutely gutted at the final whistle, we were footballed off the park. Say what you want about stats, missed chances, possession, corners etc. I’ve no idea what they say but what I do know is that I watched was an intense, energetic, incisive, clinical performance from today’s opponents, the exact opposite of what we were able to produce. Talk about after the Lord Mayors show.
  22. You can’t come onto this forum and make sweeping statements like that. FFS man, what sort of sliced bread? You haven’t even specified thick or thin you buffoon. 🤦‍♂️
  23. …which is 100% the same as the rest of us. 👍🏻
  24. Has Otis Khan rocked up anywhere yet? Played at fullback quite a few games for Tranmere last season.
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