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  1. You’ve answered your own question. It’s an open forum.
  2. Most points have already been highlighted so I’d just reiterate the basics of toilets, catering facilities and Bycars PA system. No doubt some of the families in the Bycars on Saturday, many no doubt visiting for the first time, would’ve said the same.
  3. Take it from me the view from the old Family Stand is excellent, from the seated area at least, probably one of the best anywhere around VP.
  4. I don’t think anyone was signed as a direct replacement for Legge. Martin was probably signed for his height but also as more of a ball player than Legge. Of the 4 defenders you mention, Johnson and Amos were chancers, most likely to be squad players who we can, with a bit of luck, develop. Martin and Benning are the experienced pros and more likely pressing for a first team spot, but, as has been said, the excellent form of others has kept them out more than simply their own poor form. I think the surprising thing this season is that many fans thought we’d signed all these 6 footers in preseason, so we’d be a team of giants. In actual fact a surprising number of teams have dwarfed us and this is possibly why the absence of Big Leon has been so noticeable.
  5. Just noticed that Askey has taken over at York. Good luck to the guy.
  6. Garrity breaks play up and gives us some added height in midfield but Clarke has gambled on Taylor providing a bit more quality. Amoo was providing a physical presence but might have been knackered.
  7. They’re different players, Politic is more of a wide player. Burgess central. 2016-17 Burgess played 16 games in League 1 so, even if off the bench, he must have something.
  8. Some great suggestions on here but we need something that’ll take off. The singing is 5h1te. We’re second and we should be far more vocal at home.
  9. Full credit to Burgess, he’s obviously impressed the staff so his attitude to the situation he found himself in must have been exemplary. For me he was good enough but lacked the goal threat of Jake Taylor.
  10. That’s a real shock. Best wishes to him. 👍🏻
  11. With regards to the Politic v Rodney debate, Politic seemed the obvious choice to come on but if we’re to see the best of Rodney he needs game time. DC tries to give every player some minutes and Rod had some today. Politic has been very effective when he’s come on, Rodney less so, but that doesn’t make Rod a bad player.
  12. Wilson going off wasn’t ideal but I think the real problem was our lack of quality with the ball, too many soft turnovers. It’s ifs and ands but if Smithy clears that ball into touch there’s no cross coming in to defend. I’ll repeat what I said earlier that most of their attacks came from a sloppy pass from one of our players.
  13. There’s some mention of Cass on here who, in my view, is the best ball playing CH in this division, the compromise is he’s not the best defender. Where else do you see a central defender overlapping your wingback on a regular basis. Where else do you see your central defender going on surging runs on a regular basis. It’s fantastic to watch. The flip side is that he needs to be a bit tougher when defending balls in the air and I’m sure as he matures this side of his game will improve. He should’ve been much tighter to Angol today. No need to win the ball but just compete to stop the free header.
  14. Whilst we were miles off being at our best I’d say we had the better chances overall. Their better chances came from our bad play, frequently giving the ball away, rather than good play on their part. Our passing today was as bad as I’ve seen it this season. 1-1 was probably just about fair.
  15. Just noticed local lad Theo Vassell has signed for Salford.
  16. The beauty of football is that you can be gash and still somehow win a game, we’ve all seen it. Equally, certainly at this level, a team can play great and lose. If you take your chances and we don’t then you’ll win and vice versa. In this particular game our worry seems to be that a perfect storm of circumstances will conspire against us, DC Manager of the Month, TV cameras, former player returning to haunt his old club etc. rather than factors within our control out on the pitch. So if we do lose, which will be a setback rather than a disaster, it’ll obviously be down to one of the above rather than any great play on the part of the Bantams. 😉 Let’s hope both teams put on a great display, a showcase for League 2 football. UTV.
  17. More likely on current form we’ll be looking at trying to recruit direct replacements for TC and Gibbo 😳
  18. Lots of tickets behind the goal in the Bycars being given away free to schools. Impossible to guess how this will impact the attendance although I guess anyone taking up the free offer won’t be counted as they’re non paying??
  19. Which true Vale fan could honestly say deep down they wouldn’t want a Port Vale beer mat. 👍🏻
  20. Given all the current fully deserved positive press and DC justifiably being awarded the manager of the month, an emphatic win in front of the TV cameras would put the top hat on it nicely. Karma.
  21. Fully deserved. Fingers crossed we can all celebrate this with a resounding victory tomorrow. UTV.
  22. Just read it again to fully digest, what a fantastic insight.
  23. Fair to say we’re on the map, and for all the right reasons. Need a good win in front of the TV cameras now.
  24. This team is nowhere near as free flowing as the team we had back then. I don’t think you could play that way today, flat out, and because of how the game has changed in the interim it’s virtually impossible to make a comparison, as it is with any era, however certain players from that squad would without doubt easily walk into our current squad, and probably first team, and vice versa.
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