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  1. Italy is, not Hungary.
  2. Anyone interested in 2 tickets for the England v Hungary game at Wolves on Tuesday, got 2 spare, 20 quid each.
  3. They separated fans in the 50s? I never saw any evidence of that until the mid 70s
  4. If an owner of a league 1 or 2 club puts hard cash in, not loans, they can spend as much as they want. Otherwise Salford and Forest Green would be nowhere. Its different in the championship as that other lot found out!
  5. If anyone is intending to get a programme tomorrow, they are big heavy 100 page ones costing a tenner. They have some in the club shop if anyone doesn't want to carry them around tomorrow.
  6. Shop opens at 7am, coaches leave at 9 am!
  7. It's down to Ticketmaster, nothing the club can do about it.
  8. Think the late move of a day to sell them is because they didn't arrive in time!
  9. What about at Gillingham, they aren't covered!
  10. Just in case anyone still needs a ticket, no queue now and still a few left, also some Hartlepool ones left.
  11. Except Harrogate only holds 4100.
  12. No there isn't any more. By the way still the best part of 200 Barrow tickets on sale, season ticket holders only until after the Sutton game.
  13. The latest edition of Derek I'm Gutted!!! (no 107) is now out and will be on sale at the Crawley game and at all home and away games over the next few weeks. As usual High Lane News and the Bulls Head in Burslem will have a stock as well. It's another packed issue and still only costs £1. Don't miss it!
  14. The recent spate of postponements have messed things up a bit at Derek Towers so the next full issue will be next month sometime. In the meantime though, the latest issue of "Les Aventures de Ron et Brian" (volume 3 of 4) has now been published and will be on sale at the Northampton game as well as at other games over the next few weeks. Due to a smaller print run these will only be available from Andy the Editor at the games or by mail order from 29 Wade Street, ST6 1HR. Anyone needing info on how to obtain a copy or with any other queries contact Andy by text on 07910 224642. The Ron & Brians cost £1 each or £2 (or £1 plus a stamp) if posted out.
  15. Less than 10 left from the first allocation, more to come.
  16. Robbie Earle was ex Stoke, don't think it mattered!
  17. Apparently we can have some more tickets WHEN we sell out. I can understand Salford doing this for teams a fair way away, but not us, that's plain stupid. Anyone in the Salford ticket office should have known at the start of the season that Vale, Tranmere, Bradford and Oldham would easily sell over 1000 for their game there irrespective of results. Just means queues for the first sale then another one when the rest arrive.
  18. I would say first team football would also swing it unless we offered huge wages which we wouldn't do for a sub. Cremonese are in Serie B
  19. Message from Andy; As it seems like the Brentford game is on, a reminder that the New Year issue of Derek I'm Gutted!!! will be on sale in the usual places, still £1.
  20. Message from Andy- As there is no home game planned until the cup match v Brentford, here is some info on how to obtain the Christmas/New Year issue. High Lanes News and the Bulls Head have copies on sale, or you can get a copy by post from the editor at 29 Wade Street Burslem ST6 1HR with an extra quid to cover postage. You can also collect one personally from there although ring or text 07910 224642 to arrange this beforehand. Use the same number for any other queries, and of course they will be on sale at Rochdale and Harrogate should those games go ahead. Happy Christmas!
  21. Suppose so but will they play with no training for over a week?
  22. Not a lot, but I remember being amazed that he went on to Southampton before it all hit the fan!
  23. The latest issue of Derek I'm Gutted!!! (no 106) is now available and will be on sale at the Exeter game and all other home and away games over the next few weeks. It's another packed issue and includes the annual "Derek's Christmas Catalogue". As usual High Lane News and the Bulls Head will have a stock. Still only £1, don't miss it!
  24. Saw Ali Día play for Vale reserves before he pulled the Southampton scam!
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