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  1. Despite the absence of crowds a new issue (no 102) has been produced. It is a smaller edition than usual but includes a free copy of issue 101 from March that never got sold. Apart from the regular outlets, High Lane News and the Bulls Head, it will only be available from Andy the Editor at 29 Wade Street Burslem, ST6 1HR Still only £1 but please add either a stamp or £1 to cover postage. You can collect a copy personally from the above address but ring Andy first on 07910 224642 to make sure he isn't in the pub or if you have any other queries. Sorry it isn't the usual size but we are
  2. As long as it stays within 1.5 mill in total.......
  3. And you know that because?.........
  4. The only club in all four divisions who could get all our average gate in with only 25% seating capacity allowed bar Coventry at Birmingham.
  5. As there is little prospect of any of us attending a game at Vale Park any time soon, some of you will have been unable to obtain a copy of the latest issue (March/April no 101) which was published just before the world ended, sorry I mean football was cancelled. If anybody would like a copy then phone or text Andy (Editor) on 07910 224642 with your name and address and one will be sent out in the post, No need to send any payment, just settle up with Andy the next time you see him at a game - whenever that might be. Stay safe and wash your hands whilst singing 'Steino is a tosser'
  6. Update - The Derek has been printed despite the postponements. Anyone wanting one can still get one from the Bulls Head, High Lane News and Johnys Bar. Alternatively you can get one from Andy at 29 Wade Street Burslem ST6 1HR but check by phone or text first on 07910 224642 rather than just turning up. There are a couple of options by post; either send £1 and a stamp (2nd class would do), or send £2 and that covers everything. Or wait until the next match (good luck with that!)
  7. Why would West Ham be relegated if the season stopped now?
  8. The latest edition of Derek I'm Gutted!!! (number 101) is now out and will be on sale at this weekend's game against Crawley and (virus permitting!) at all home and away games over the next few weeks. As usual there is a stock at High Lane News and also in the Bulls Head. A packed 36 pages and still only £1! Don't miss it!
  9. And he's scored 100 more goals than Bennett ever will!
  10. These early bird prices haven't been the same for five years, matchday prices maybe.
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