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    Isn’t it amazing how many people moaned about the squad In the summer and yet here we are having only lost 1 in 11 discussing which of our 4 strikers we want to play! Brilliant!
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    You'll still be saying that when he is 45 lol. Can't really fault Askey's team selections really, with only 1 defeat in 11 games. I would say though he must be pondering either Tom or Cullen to start this week . Good choice to have though.
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    We’ve had rain but only in patches not really had a constant down pour. I’m fairly certain the game will be on.
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    No chance will we be messing about with formation and personnel too much, why put a player out of position who’s coming back from injury too? For me it’ll either be the same team or Pope for a Bennet. Pressing may start from the front but it’s about that lone striker holding the ball for us to allow us to get out as well. IMO Bennet is no good at holding it up and buying us that time. His performance in the last 2 away games highlighted that yet again.
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    Sad to hear of the passing of Jean Ferguson. One of the great characters of tv , with her roles in Coronation St. and particularly Last of the Summer Wine.
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    This business of league games being called off due players international call ups really gets on my napper. To some small degree I can just about accept the Greed Is Good League being postponed due to the sheer number of players absent. But even then they surely have large enough squads to cope. The Championship also go AWOL just to seem important. But looking at tomorrow’s league 1&2 programme and seeing EIGHT games postponed is not on. 5 League 1 games are off plus 3 in League 2. Including Stevenage v Oldham for God’s sake ! The time has now come for fixtures in all leagues to be completed irrespective of how many call ups these teams have. Newport for example now have to travel mid week to Grimsby for the re-arranged game ! The arrogance of these clubs to simply call these games off for such a trivial reason is quite astounding ! What do others think ?
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    Nothing radical about funding the NHS and social services
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    The latest issue of the mag, number 99, is now out and will be on sale at the Carlisle game and all games home and away over the next few weeks. This month's issue includes Derek's Christmas catalogue and the usual features. High Lane News and the Bulls Head will have their usual stock. Another packed issue for only £1!
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    Just heard about the sad loss of yet another Valiant, David Birchall. Only young but a lad that was very friendly and Vale mad. He sat by us each match in Lorne Street and made light of his awful illness. Always had a smile and asked about everyone elses problems. Saw him at many away games and he was fanatical not only about the the Vale but regularly checked his phone for updates on his days betting punts. A minutes applause on Saturday for him. All wishes to his family and friends. RIP fellow Valiant.
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    I’ll ask you again. How would you work the election? Last time we had a majority was the referendum but half the country and more than half the politicians don’t accept the result.
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    I was simply pointing out your inaccurate use of the word "majority". And rules can be changed.
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    The majority of the electorate don't want them. It's our crazy electoral system that allows governments to be elected by a minority not a majority. We haven't had a government elected by a majority of the electorate since 1950.
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    Lots of fake news based on estimates of other peoples day dreams, until manifestos are produced with costings a waste of time, just scare tactics. Time is of the essence, is all the money being spent in January, within 5 years, 10 years or never as the project is quietly forgotten as unrealistic or just an election scam.
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    I'd prefer some sort of centre-left government if I had the choice but the one thing I'm sure about is that I don't want Johnson and his band of liars, law breakers, charlatans and shysters anywhere near government. They must be the thickest Cabinet in history. Certainly the most unprincipled one. Anyone voting for them needs to give their heads a wobble. It isn't an either/or binary choice anyway. Plenty of alternatives, from the Greens, to the Liberals, from the nationalists to Change UK. I've been in favour of PR for very many years and that would have stopped all this dead in its tracks and forced politicians to work together and find common ground.
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    Very easy decision for me if is one up front then it is Tom Popw by a country mile!
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    Bennett is a reasonable League 2 player. Good at some things and bad at others. Good for double figures. I do think Cullen deserves a chance; 4 in 4 starts and proven at this level. Issue is, is that Bennett is excellent at pressing which is obviously the cornerstone of Askey's tactics. Even when Bennett is poor in front of goal (as he has been for 5ish games), he has been excellent at harrying defenders and leading the press from the front. Can Cullen provide the same as a lone striker? Maybe get Amoo to drift inside and almost play centrally, as he has for Cambridge? There's no question of deviating from 433 as that system has made our team look a lot better than its constituent parts in recent weeks. Big decisions. We've got nothing on how Carlisle will set up on Saturday and the cliched new manager bounce will be out for us. Take a scrappy win. 1-0 Vale.
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    I would rather stay were we are instead of benefiting from another clubs misfortune, if it happens it happens.
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    This graphic shows the decline in attendances in the late 70s and early 80s. Hooliganism, as RR says, drove people away. Man Utd's average that season was 42,000. Liverpool had won the league three times in a row up to that season and their average was 34,000. Football grounds in those days were total pigholes. Crumbling terraces, toilets worse than the Bycars and the risk of getting your head kicked in. In the circumstances, it's suprising so many people did turn up!

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