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  1. Its not Vale's fault Wembley has an exclusive deal with ticketmaster for selling tickets i believe.
  2. I've never queued or got tickets for an away supporters section at Vale Park have you Pinky?
  3. Got tickets for me and my daughter really easy. Really excited for next week 😃
  4. How do you think you will get tickets for the away end!!!
  5. I like Ellison he likes to wind the fans up but he takes it back with good humour.
  6. They aren't obligatory. You don't have to make any. Maybe the penalty shootout possibility was a factor. i.e. keeping players on who would be taking a penalty.
  7. Fantastic atmosphere last night and definitely a match to remember. Can't believe the amount of drama. The early miss, then the goal and other chances went begging all roared on by the 3 Vale ends. Extra time then the penalty shootout. That was 15 minutes of torture followed by immense jubilation. With grown men in tears around me.
  8. They would be holding an oatcake with a bacon and egg filling 😂
  9. That's 5 at the back unless your playing one of them in goal lol
  10. The key moments fell for them in my opinion. I think initially we started ok but Smiths mistake and the lack of tracking McKirdy gave them the impetus. 2nd half we were the better side but again their goal came at a key moment and for 10 minutes after that we were a bit shell shocked. I thought we then made changes and we again got back on top and after Wilsons goal we could have actually won it. Great header by Wilson and Proctors shot from the edge of the box would have beaten the keeper hands down if he could have kept it down. Plenty of hope for Thursday if we can get in front i think they could fold.
  11. McKirdy was quoted as saying he would never play for the Vale and while he was on the field for us he never did.
  12. Up there an hour ago. There were 8 people in the queue, hardly massive.
  13. Maybe those staff at Synectics were Vale fans?
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