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  1. Pretty much sums up what i thoughtregarding our players. When i saw the size of Smith, i thought he would cause us all kinds of problems but we coped with him really well.
  2. Just block him like many have already done, then you won't have to read his pathetic whining.
  3. Probably, but i am still expecting it to be around 6,000. Really looking forward to this. A win and and a good atmosphere would be the perfect start.
  4. mbycars


    If Smurthwaite had carried out his threat of Admin or even just refused to cover the running costs of the club then we could have been in exactly the same position. I can't help thinking how close we came to precipice and how fortunate we are that Carol and Kevin stepped in so quickly. They won't always get things right but i am sure they will strive bring our club to becoming a true community asset to the fans and to the people of Burslem and North Staffs.
  5. How much losses are incurred through counterfeit cash though? there are ways of getting your money back through credit or debit card fraud. Not so easy when you have counterfeit cash.
  6. i think having a contactless payment on the turnstyles would be a great idea. Saves queuing for a ticket then joinng another queue to present your ticket. Contactless is so quick, quicker than cash especially if you are wanting change.
  7. Artell sounded like he was about to commit suicide. Again though he ,said there was nothing between the two sides. As he not worked out yet that its goals that count to win games not just performances.
  8. If Whitfield had performed in the other games he played in then the goal against Chesterfield would have been irrelevant. Sadly that the gist of it. If he had scored anywhere near the goals his potential promised then we would not have struggled the last two seasons.
  9. Thought we completely bossed them 1st half and should have been 2 or 3 goals to the good. Once we took off our key players like Pope, Worrall, Conlon, Brown, Gibbo and Smith then they not surprisingly took over.
  10. Saw both shirts in the club shop on Saturday and they both look even better than they do in the photo's. Problem is, which one do i purchase?
  11. I will be happy for steady progress with no debt being accumalated. What i don't ever want to hear again is our owners stating they will be opening the sweetie jar.
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