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  1. He will have no chance against the likes of Dicko and Doddsy 😁
  2. I will be surprised if he doesn't get a chance sometime this season. We have 2 or more less forwards on the books than we had last season, so if and when injuries and suspensions occur he will be drafted in. He is training with the 1st team squad so looks like he is on Clarke's radar. I know we have time to bring in another forward but for me we would be still short in that department if injuries happen.
  3. I think if they finish the Lorne street and open it up as a family stand it gives them a good platform to nuture the fans of the future. The previous family stand was awful and more likely to put youngsters off. We need to look at the long term as well as the present.
  4. But they won't be registered players so they won't be playing for us. We must have budgeted with them still on the payroll. They will hopefully get a new club or at least go out on loan with the club at least getting part of their salary back.
  5. It says in the article about Eden that he is Terry Baileys son, should that not be grandson?
  6. Is that because of Covid restrictions 😂😜
  7. Probably, local authorities seem to be keeping covid restrictions as much as possible instead of easing them.
  8. Usually with a loan deal the club he moves to will pay some or most of is salary especially one from the same division. Probably better to get some money to offset his contracted salary than none.
  9. If someone's going to kick you they will kick you. Being a full time pro has no bearing on it.
  10. The only thing odd is your comment, We have a number of players who are trying to get used to each other and you want to put players in who will never play for the club again.... now that is odd.
  11. We were paying all of Guthrie's salary. He was a free agent and we had him on a 6 month contract.
  12. Yes its something we are all capable of, i think 😜
  13. Good management and good teams win promotion not the strip they wear, FACT.
  14. No they won't, its an 8pm kick off. They'll be rat arsed come kick off time if they're in the pub at that time. Well i would be anyway 🤦‍♂️
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