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  1. I doubt Monty will be involved after getting taken off injured on Saturday. Taylor wasn't involved Saturday because of an injury so maybe a doubt too. I would like to see Pope and Rodney up front. I wouldn't play Cullen again unless injuries dictate we have to.
  2. These clubs are all owned with foreign investors who have no notion of the english game and how it is formed. These clubs are filled with foreign players, managers and coaches and there is very little that is english about any of them. These clubs if they form this league MUST be banned from all competions in this country and I hope the majority of their supporters boycott their games be it by attending the matches or watching it on TV.
  3. Decent gesture as far as I'm concerned. Will be renewing mine in the next few weeks.
  4. Players don't down tools especially a whole squad of them. Players lose form, lose confidence ( a big factor when a team is playing poorly ), they sometimes have to play when not fit and sometimes its the management of those players. Its childish and shows complete ignorance of the game to say players downed tools.
  5. I think getting 10k for an injury prone footballer who is 29 this year is good business. As much as i like him as a player if you only average 15 games a season then you are never going to get value for money. 6 game spells here and there are no good to PVFC especially as some of those games he is having to build up to match fitness. All our over 21 players next season need to be available for selection for at least 3/4 of the fixtures. We have 50+ games in a season we can't risk having players who cannot play only a fraction of those games.
  6. I think every Vale fan would want a fit Manny in the side. The facts are though is that he cannot keep fit long enough to be worth another contract. A superb midfielder for L2 but not worth the risk of being unavailable for 30+ games
  7. I agree with everything that has been said about the Crewe board and how the local media have all swept it under the carpet. Of course as local rivals we will slate each other mercilessly. I was just stating that i know quite a few of their fans who are truly ashamed of how their club has reacted to this and not all of them are in denial.
  8. The club, and people you mentioned are a disgrace, but i live in Crewe and i know plenty of Crewe fans that are ashamed of the goings on at their club. There are other Vale fans that live and work here too. The way you talk about the town, the water supply and internet etc is totally childish and completely detracts from your argument, something Rob F was referring to at the start of this thread.
  9. Crewe knew exactly what was going on and still refuse to acknowledge or apologise. One of the directors, father of ex Crewe MP Laura Hamilton, brought it up in a meeting but it was swept under the carpet with no investigation. A previous neighbor of mine who's son came through their youth system , told me of his worries as his son was staying weekend nights at the managers home.
  10. Rudgie doesn't have a job at the club.
  11. It seems Clarke is doing what Micky Adams did when he 1st came to the club by making us defensively secure and ensuring we gain at least a point. I like how he doesn't sugarcoat our performances like some of our previous managers. He seems to be assessing the squad and trying new formations whilst still keeping us more defensively sound. Its up to the players now to show the quality he/we desires if they want contracts for the next season.
  12. Thanks for that Jean. I unashamedly shed a few tears over that. Well done to the club and our marvelous supporters for turning out in the bitter cold.
  13. Thats not his remit. The players and management have that responsibility.
  14. Wasn't the Kidderminster relegation due to financial issues.
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