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  1. Every time he opened his mouth was a farcial situation.
  2. I hope any cash flow problems don't result in defaulting any payments to the fat controller. I would hate it if he reappears on the scene.
  3. Its not just about the players, its about the many fans that congregate together and the possibility of mass cross infection.
  4. Give away? we paid nothing for him and he is our 3rd choice striker. To get any fee for him is a big plus for us.
  5. All this means nothing if matches are going to be played behind closed doors.
  6. He would demand a fee because he is under 24, plus he is still under contract at Leicester. So would definitely require a fee.
  7. Oldham are also in dire straits. Talk of going into administration this week plus a winding up petition from two different creditors.
  8. He will probably take out more than he put in if past habits are to go by
  9. I'll never forget Fatty's last rant on Radio Stoke. He was clearly deranged and really showed his true colours. If we can help C & K in any way then we all should. If you cannot help financially then maybe help with collection buckets etc. If we can get this part of Lorne St fully functioning and family orientated it would be brilliant.
  10. I've just donated and I am happy to do so, just to show my appreciation to Carol and Kevin. What they have done in such a short tenure is amazing. If we can raise this money it would be something I would be proud of as someone who helped to get our stadium completed.
  11. Superb contribution to this forum over the years. Well done Barry.
  12. Its also costing him a lot of money in fines. I would think his missus isn't to pleased about the money disappearing from their bank account.
  13. The lad has done really well and is one that has the potential to progress into a very good professional.
  14. Imagine what those ratings would have been under our previous owner/ owners.
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