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  1. One or two players were not up to their usual standard but we didn't capitulate to a very big strong side. We won't win them all but i still say we won't lose many.
  2. I took some advice and plugged my laptop into my hub with an ethernet cable. Worked perfect and no buffering whatsover. Came on as soon as i clicked on the match.
  3. Imagine what kind of response we would have had from Smurthwaite had he still been in charge. He probably would have slated the fans and said the club was not viable so he was shutting it down. Carol's 1st response was to thank the fans and reassure us the board were doing everything in their power to bring in other revenues. Massive difference now in every aspect of how the club operates. Thankyou Carol and all your staff for how you have changed our club to one that all our fans are rightly proud of.
  4. That final has been postponed with no new date yet decided.
  5. Great win and performance. those players worked extremely hard for 95 minutes. Tom Conlon was man of the match for me. He never stopped, scored a great goal and laid a super ball for Rodney to put him clear and score the 2nd.
  6. Says in one report that John Askey is owed £173,000.
  7. Says in the report on BBC sport page that John Askey was owed £173,000. That would mean he was one of the petitioners in the winding up order. I actually thought it was Sol Campbell who was owed the money.
  8. same for me, keeps sending to that page and no way to procede any further. Its a joke.
  9. Get qualifications in sports journalism and apply for a job on local radio. If you can do all that then you will have the same privilege has P B.
  10. I would bring in Visser, Brisley, Cookes, Montano, Whitehead and Pope.
  11. Worrall man of the match for me. Never stopped as per usual, always a threat and put some great crosses in.
  12. Burton Albion and nearly Stoke 🤣
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