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  1. Its a miraculous turn around from just over 12 months ago. Our reputation has rocketed since Carol and Kevin took over. I have been a fan for 57 years but listening to you and Eddie and your dedication to PVFC just blows me away
  2. mbycars

    Port Vale Street

    Who won lol
  3. The change in the club is reflected in Worralls comments. We are going in the right direction in every aspect of the club. Dave Worrall is an example of how a badly run club can affect players and how a well run club can change those same players into a team that wants to play to the best of their ability for the club and its fans.
  4. Think he came out with this several days ago. Its a really dangerous time for many lower league clubs. I certainly won't be surprised if a few go under.
  5. He's such a good leader that he has to hide in the presidential bunker. If thats the kind of leader America wants then god help them.
  6. I don't think Askey would touch him with a barge pole tbh. Team harmony and unity is the way he builds his sides and he would be a disruptive influence in the dressing room. Popey would probably floor him in his 1st week here.
  7. Just anounced the retained list. About what i expected. Amoo, Browne, Conlon, Brisley, Smith, Cullen and Montano offered new contracts the rest have been released with Clarke and Taylor going back to their clubs.
  8. It would seem if we carried on then several league clubs would have gone bust. That is what changed our decision. Even some of the clubs who are in the play offs are worried that playing these games could end disastrously for them. As it stood, if we had voted to play on we would have been out voted so we haven't given anything away.
  9. RIP Mike you will be sadly missed. You were Vale through and through and at least you can rest knowing the club is in good hands.
  10. Didnt do us much good when we played Macc and Morecambe.
  11. Has to be Gannon for me. I don't remember feeling as low under the likes of Smith, Butler, Brown and Bruno as i did when Gannon was in charge.
  12. Well they let Australia into the Eurovision song contest, so anything is possible lol
  13. If players are on furlough then it is the government who will be paying their wages although Carol said they were topping up the other 20% of the salary. It all depends on when the new season can start with crowds in attendance. The furlough scheme will not run forever so it maybe only worth offering short contracts, either 3 months or 6 months with a proviso of an extended contract if the situation improves to allow crowds back in.
  14. There is plenty of room in the away end to socially distance fans. Many clubs bring less than 500 so the seating in there accomodate them.
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