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  1. I expected him to have some game time on Tuesday night if he was anywhere near ready. Doubt he will be available for selection this week.
  2. I think Rodney will be ok. Taken off as a precaution according to Pugh. DP seems more willing to use the subs to protect players and to change systems.
  3. He played on though? Unless he has had some concussion he should be ok.
  4. Would have thought as there was only 6 months left on his contract that there would be no fee. Some % sell on fee probably arranged. Welcome back Jake, lets hope you can recapture the form you showed last season and bring success to the club and to yourself.
  5. Not scoring as many goals as you would like doesn't hide the fact that he is one of the best players in this league.
  6. Didn't Holloway resign? if so they wouldn't have payed up his contract.
  7. Sorry hadn't seen that. In that case as long as he is well he should be back this Saturday.
  8. who are these wonderful players you are talking about.
  9. It all depends on the date he started his isolation. I don't think he has Covid just that he was in contact with someone who has.
  10. Not sure what you mean there. All L2 clubs are limited to 22 squad players above the age of 21. Last night we had 6 or 7 players out injured or isolating. We have 3 more who won't play again for the club. He had to bring those youngsters in as there was no one else.
  11. SO if we have the maximum allowed budget of 1.5 million, you are saying Morecombe have a budget of £375,00 you are talking complete b*ll*cks
  12. He did very little when he played at Vale Park for Carlisle in fact he was taken off. Can't speak for the game at Brunton Park.
  13. Its not typical its common sense. He hasn't been anywhere as good as last year. Gibbo is back training and we have cover in the full back positions. We can only have a limited number of players in the squad due to the new rules. If we are to bring anyone else in we have to reduce numbers and wages.
  14. How many can afford not to take it. I can only think of Exeter who have banked a large amount of transfer money and probably Salford who could be bankrolled by their owners. Carol has said the money offered wasnt enough to cover losses. That would indicate to me that we need it.
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