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  1. Could bring Worrall back in midfield and Browne out wide as another option.
  2. Yeah but didnt they pay over a million quid for him.
  3. Travelled back home to crewe with loads of city fans. All were complementary, some even said they might come and see a game. They all applauded the support we gave to our beloved Vale.
  4. There is no 25% rule. Its 15% and then that only applies if there is suitable segregation.
  5. Seems lots of Vale fans have already done this.
  6. That might depend on how many times Rose throws himself to the floor in our penalty area lol
  7. Hopefully we can kick start our league campaign and give us a good platform for Xmas and the new year.
  8. There is a salt mine in Winsford. Think they mine salt 800 feet underground. I once went down there in a tiny bumpy cage which took a few minutes to reach the bottom. There are many miles of tunnels leading up to the working salt face which can be blasted or cut.
  9. They go down one in Winsford which is only 18 miles from Boslem.
  10. I couldn't believe how the blatant two handed push on Pope to the ground in the build up to their goal was not pulled up for a foul. The ref was shocking.
  11. I think he has been better than Mitch Clark. He has filled a key area with Oyeleke out for so long. His progress has been remarkable and i can't think of 1 game where he has been poor or struggled. H e definitely has a good future in the game.
  12. For once i believe this will happen. Not like our last owners empty promises. Go arrrn Carol you are really a godsend to our club and its fans.
  13. You must be dreading us ever making it to the championship or god forbid the premiership then.
  14. The cockerels can be a bit noisy in Cheshire though. Also cows farting is another environmental and noise issue lol
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