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  1. Yeah I missed it too on holiday in Malta. Had to rely on the BBC text commentary. Even on that it sounded exciting.
  2. Yes Norman is building a hotel thereπŸ™€πŸ˜πŸ˜πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜πŸ˜
  3. It's probably due to covid . No point in risking players picking up the virus.
  4. I think we now have 11 different players that have scored for us now. That's a good sign and a mark of our strength in depth. If we can win at Crawley it sets up a great live sky game against Bradford.
  5. Wonder who will replace Proctor who was feeling his groin throughout the 1st half. Rodney injured, Hurst injured too. Would you play Politic or play Amoo and bring Dennis on as an impact sub? We have options all over the pitch. Would be nice to go there and get something a win would really keep us on the boil and put the fear into the rest of L2.
  6. mbycars

    the 3

    Politic isn't our player to sell on
  7. As long as we go with the same mindset as we have recently then we should come back with something. Hopefully the injuries to Garrity and Wilson aren't too serious. I wonder if the reason Rodney wasn't risked last night was because Wilson is doubtful or ruled out. Garrity could be replaced by Taylor or Walker without too much disruption and same with Rodney for Wilson, but i am beginning to like the Proctor / Wilson partnership.
  8. Didn't know you could still buy snuff lol. Always remember my gran, used to sniff loads of the stuff.
  9. I personally think the graphics on the score board are much improved. Why they don't put up the half time scores i don't know. Maybe bring it up at a supporters club meeting.
  10. As well as your other issues, it now seems like you can't tell left from right.
  11. How did you remember the full back had changed his hair colour with your short term memory issuesπŸ™ˆ
  12. I didn't recognise any of the scorers lol. What a great advert for L2 football though. We oozed class 1st half. 2nd half we showed the grit and fight to come back in a way we haven't seen for a while. By the end i had lost my voice with the shouting and emotion of it all. Harry Smith, that ending was for you. 🀣
  13. After 10 league games what are peoples views on the squad, the backroom staff and the club in general. I actually think we are much improved in all areas. Still a long way to go but we have set a standard to work to and given all us fans hope for the future.
  14. I think you might find you've got yourself in a pit you can't get out of.
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