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  1. Never forget that game. We were 3 nil down after 60 minutes and 10 minutes later we were 4 - 3 up. We had loads of chances after that too. Grimsby just folded and were never in the game after that.
  2. Disagree about Garrity, thought he was the one player who did try and get into them and battled well. I agree about Pett for some reason he seemed off his game. He is usually helping his defenders by being available to recieve the ball off them. One reason why Jones was having to hurriedly play long balls which were'nt finding a Vale player was becuase Pett was no where near.
  3. Not sure about all the hype about Politic. He made the headlines when he 1st got into the side as a sub and scored 2 cracking goals. Other than that he has done very little and has looked anonymous in the games i have seen. Proctor shouldn't start he is no where near fit enough or fully recovered from his op. He needs at least a couple more weeks otherwise he could end up being out long term.
  4. I actually thought we played better once he got sent off. We at least still tried to get forward, even though we rarely threatened as they just sat back and soaked up everything .
  5. He hasn't made the bench in league football since his injury. 20 minutes against 16 and 17 year olds isn't preparation for proper football.
  6. Massive blow as Wilson had taken up the mantle after Proctors injury. Wilsons touch and link play will be sadly missed. Just hope Proctor isn't too far away.
  7. When i bought a ticket online for my daughter yesterday, there were very few seats left in Lorne ST
  8. If he wins it every month. We will win the league
  9. Imagine if we had the old system and Norm was still in charge. We could have finished 4th from bottom and been voted out because he was disliked at many other clubs because of his odious behaviour to other owners/directors. Fortunately those days are behind us and we now have a club to be proud of again.
  10. No its not appealing but even with the system you suggest it doesn;t mean that the team finishing 23rd is still not replaced with a small club from non league.
  11. I don't think its negative to give an opinion on a player as long as its fair. Benning hasn't lived up to the hype. Maybe its the system we play or maybe he is just out of form or he has not settled as quickly as he would of hoped. The thing is he just hasn't looked as good as others in his position.
  12. You cannot control who gets promoted from the National league. Whether that be Sutton or Harrogate they did it on merit while clubs like Wrexham, Notts County and Chesterfield didn't. It has to be done with fair promotion and relegation. Usually over time the smaller clubs find themselves back down again like Dagenham. Yeovil and Barnet for instance. The only way to secure promotion is on the pitch not by size of club or crowds. Would you prefer the old system of promotion/relegation where the bottom four clubs had to apply for their league status alongside the non league candidates. You could finish 4th from bottom and be voted out, would that be fair? Although we do get some relatively small clubs being promoted i don't see any other fair way of progression from non league.
  13. Incredibly, Taylors goal meant that we now have 16 different players who have scored so far with a 3rd of the season gone. Have we ever had so many different scorers in 1 season? Other than the keepers there can't be many who haven't. Legge nearly made it 17 with his 1st touch/ header been well saved and Martin finished it off.
  14. The way he was looking sideways from the camera and interviewer says everything. He knows he was wrong and can't look the interviewer in the eye.
  15. Will Robinson be allowed to play next week, isn't he technically still our player?
  16. What i will say is that Clarke is a master tactician. He can see if things aren't right and always makes the right changes. The fact that he and Flitters have recruited well also means the quality we have on the bench is such that they are able to come on and make a difference. I don't think any team in round 2 will want to draw us, home or away.
  17. I feel sorry for RZ, Jones keeps changing his hair colour so he will have no chance of recognising him lol.
  18. Pretty good revenue that. Although the formula is flawed it can bring much needed money into the club. At least we know it won't be going in Normans back pocket if we progress.
  19. If only that were true. Unfortunately, you can still see posts from ignored posters whenever they're quoted. Been like that for years so it mustn't be an easy fix for Rob! If everyone put him on the ignore list then there wouldn't be any quotes to see.
  20. I agree you shouldn't be banned. If everyone put you on their ignore list then you could happily post whatever rubbish you want, at least no one would see it.
  21. Hurst was out of contract but was offered a new contract before the season ended, by Clarke / Flitcoft. Sorry to squash your conspiracy theories about Clarke. There is not a cat in hells chance that Gibbo would have been released. He stated at the end of last season that he wanted to build a team around players like Gibbo, Smith and Conlon. Of the players released that are still playing. McKirdy had talent but his temperament and disruptive influence is plain to see. He has already had one spat at Swindon where he was left out of the squad for a few games. He will play up again as he has done at every club he has been at and he would never fit in to our vision of players being united as a squad. Cullen again could never stay fit long enough to have a run of games and you cannot keep players like that on good money in the squad. Again he has only played a handful of games and how long before he breaks down again.
  22. Yeah I missed it too on holiday in Malta. Had to rely on the BBC text commentary. Even on that it sounded exciting.
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