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    First time since Page that I've gone to games expecting us to at least challenge for a win. Admittedly sometimes we don't show up but giving fans that belief is an absolute godsend. I used to wonder why I was even listening on the radio, let alone travelling down for matches, and would never have wanted to put my little boy through a lifetime of supporting such a moribund club but it really feels like we're on an upwards trajectory now. We have a club worth supporting, at last.
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    We are a far better side and Askey is doing a cracking job of setting the foundations for the team to continue to improve. Its both evident and obvious from our performances, the league table, strength of the squad and feeling of the vast vast vast majority of the fans. Are we perfect... no. Are we heading in the right direction after years of being made a laughing stock out of... yes. Do the new owners, manager, backroom staff and Players deserve lots of credit, patience and support for that... absolutely! Some people love a moan and that’s what makes them happy... picking up on any small blip in the slow and steady improvement of Port Vale, focusing on the shortest possible term view, having a dig and singling out individual players for vitriolic relentless abuse. It’s boring, basic and shows a lack of understanding in the turnaround that was both desperately needed and the effort it will take to complete the job. As the old saying goes, there is nowt as queer as folk!
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    half way to 50 points by Nov 2nd (we haven't even achieved 50 points in the last three seasons) Rattle up as many points and see where we are by 5pm Boxing Day at the half way point but why not have a pressure free aim of the top 7? Beat 3 of the top 4 and yet to play the other, won away at the sides 1st and 2nd at the time... surely no one can be critical of us currently? Joyce was excellent Saturday especially first half switching play and finding Amoo, Taylor is a real find and need to keep him, joint top scorer from midfield... taking of midfield we have goals from the middle this season which is a positive from last season, add in a couple from Legge and three from Smith and we seem to have a source of goals from all over the pitch now. Feeling very proud, been a long time since having a feeling like Saturday and the Bradford win... we've got our club back and can enjoy it without the fear of it going Pete Tongue with the owner killing it. Good times!
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    Stoke really are the gift that keeps on giving ! Reports suggest that our charming neighbours are interested in appointing German Markus Weinzierl as their new manager ! The 44 year old sowed the seeds of Stuggart’s Bundesliga relegation before being shown the door after a fine Stokesque record of 4 wins in 23 games ! They couldn’t pull another agent out of the hat could they ?
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    In response to Ernie Moss (I ballsed up the quote feature): 1 loss in 9, missing our two first choice midfielders. No goals conceded from open play in our last 4. Won our last away two games against teams who were top at kick off. Unbeaten at home. 2 points off 7th, 6 off 1st. Fantastic performance and memories today. All on a reduced budget from last season and signings deemed 'not good enough'. Vast improvement in Smith, Gibbons, Worrall, Joyce since he arrived. Taylor, Burgess doing good jobs on a relative pittance. Much better brand of football. Askey isn't perfect but he's doing a good job. I know you're looking for attention but just thought I'd leave the above stats with you before I go and celebrate another good day for the Vale under John Askey. We have finished at the lower reaches of this table twice in succession, and when he took over there were some genuine concerns about non-league football this year. Try and lighten up mate. You seem so negative at a time when the club's on a upwards trajectory for the first time in 4 years, and for the first time with solid foundations in about 20.
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    I think that economic degree you obviously paid for is letting you down somewhat! If you don't understand economics--as you clearly don't--please keep away from spurious and ill-informed posts or check your understanding and facts first, rather than be shown to be a complete economic illiterate.
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    I love stats and all, but take a look at the Super Vale Away video from Saturday and tell me Askey hasn't done a good job with his squad in terms of creating a bit of unity and spirit in the club for the first time in nearly a decade. Remember where this club was around February, then go to the back end of this vid.
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    We are all entitled to our opinion but i can't believe resorting to comparison of stats is being used. Anyone who can't see the difference is deluded, we are completely the opposite to what we were 12 months ago. We have a bench now of first team possibles, we are playing way better football. There is a general positivity from ( most ) of our fan base. Yes we all get frustrated at the Oldham and Stevenage games. Is it a coincidence that four of our best wins are FGR, Plymouth, Bradford and Crewe ? All teams who wanted to play the game. I'm sure JA himself knows we have to find a way against the spoilers and as of yet we haven't found the key. But this season is a breathe of fresh air to the last couple of years. Knowing Vale we will struggle against a Carlisle team who are in the bottom few and then the haters will be out in force again. If you can't accept that this team and squad is light years ahead of what has gone before then i give up.
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    I'd remind you of John Rudge's opinion that, if you get it right with 6 out of 10 signings you've done well. So if a couple of JA's have not come off, yet, he's not done too badly, has he? Are you seriously suggesting that Sir John knows more than Ernie?
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    The patriotic Nigel Farage who loves Britain so much doesn't want to stand for the UK parliament but would rather stay on the EU gravy train and claim a salary in the parliament he wants to abolish. He obviously doesn't want to lose for an 8th time....against a dolphin. What a chicken and conman he is.
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    I wish the guy who sits in front of me in the Railway Stand bad mouthing Joyce would get himself to some away games so he could see how important Luke Joyce is to our midfield. Another immense performance from him today.
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    Apparently West Brom have won as many games in Stoke in the last 288 days as Stoke have.
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    When I start a new save on football manager I always go into the database editor and give their entire squad snapped cruciates. If you really fcūking hate them clap your hands.
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    Tongue in cheek mate. No one hates the sh-it more than I do. Except maybe Doha.
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    No. It was a leg pull. Get them DOWN.
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    Have you gone mental? Perhaps you'll find your answer on the multiple 400 page Vale relegation threads.
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    Though this was about an away day in Cheshire............
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    Good article on Askey from ‘The sack race’ Before the moaners get accepted by their title, they are praising him and saying what a good job he is doing. https://www.thesackrace.com/news/4th-november-2019/three-ways-port-vale-have-found-an-identity-under-john-askey The three things they point out are: 1. Clear tactical style playing 433 2. Excellent depth and balance in the squad 3. Fan backing
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    West Brom fans were just singing "you're just a sh*t Port Vale" - rude.
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    Turned down now by both Hughton and Neil.
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    What's absolutely delicious is its clear that Stoke is being run in a shambolic fashion these days; considering the mess the Shanahan's inherited, and the money getting lobbed at Stoke in the form of parachute payments, we're probably (relatively) a better run club at the present. Even Vale fans could see that Jones was on the ropes over a month ago; the fact it's taken so long to sack him, and its done on a Friday after he took training all week (because Coates Jnr was on holiday), and they had no replacement lined up, and they've been done for illegally tapping up Neil, and Pulis won't even go back, and they're sniffing around certified frauds like Jose Gomes and Weinzierl (who Vale fans would probably turn their noses up at), suggest that no one has a clue how to run that football club, and haven't done since Peter took a back seat and incompetent John took the reins. Every week you've got an ex-player spouting off about the club on the airwaves; Lawrence, Johnson, Adam, Crouch off the top of my head. They've got big, big FFP issues coming up, which manifested themselves in a bargain basement summer, picking up QPR's freebies, League 1 players, and lads who were struggling for a game for Wigan. They had a manager on a pittance and are looking to do the same again, because they know come the end of 20/21 season they are £30m in trouble. Their transfer policy is uncoordinated, changes with every manager, and seems to be, in Stoke on Trent tradition, quantity of quality. They've got frauds like Allen, Butland, and Martins Indi on mammoth contracts for Championship level; Wimmer is still on the books, on loan in the Belgian league; Imbulla is still on the books, on loan at Lecce. Both of these lads cost a lot and will be on massive wages. Thankfully, the Stoke fans are too thick to realise that the manager is merely a sympton of a club that hasn't been run right for a few seasons now. They keep turning against their manager; Pulis wasn't sexy enough, Hughes lost the dressing room, Lambert is a League 1 manager, Rowett's football was 'sh**', Jones was in a job 'too big for him' (a reminder the club too big for Nathan Jones has won one more trophy than us in their history, the 1972 Ronseal Invitiational, in the days when players would have a pre-match pint and ciggie). One day, they'll realise the problems run deeper and they'll probably then turn on the directors. Until then, I look forward to welcoming the next poor sod who will be lambasted 4 games in as the club simply being too gargantuan, too historic for a mere mortal to be able to handle, with its sublime record in the Leasing.Com Vase and its previous iterations. Its stunning how many Stoke fans I know have made excuses this season and 'don't go anymore'; literally two seasons out of the big time and the stadium is half empty.
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    I can only go off what you have written on here. I can't be bothered to dredge back through your tedious posts but I clearly remember at the time how you consistently backed Smurthwaite, even stating that if he spitefully closed the club, the supporters would be to blame. There was even a thread about that.
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    Much more reliable using Transfrmarkt or Soccerbase for stats rather than that. Wikipedia is nearly always completely out of date at the worst, or slightly incorrect at best. Until recently it showed Amoo as having played 0 games last season for Cambridge. Aspin correct stats P78 W24 D23 L31 as per Soccerbase, your 31% was correct. Those games figures (draws?) must have been messed up in your previous post if copied from WP maybe. However, stats only show half the story IMO. Surely it's clear for anyone who has been to the majority of games these season that we're a lot better than last season. Few garbage performances/results aside (Stevenage/Macc/Oldham/Grimsby), we look a decent side. Wobbles are to be expected, & given the last few years under NS, people would have to be insane to expect everything to go all smooth straight away & automatic promotion.
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    He actually supported neither,just to keep you up to speed.I would have to put myself in reverse to let you catch up.
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    Maths wasn't my greatest strength but I did check the statistics and 24+31+31 = 86, if Aspin had 78 games what happened in the other 8 games ?
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    It looked like he’d not taken it off in 24 years the dirty scutter. I was trying to work out who played in grey and red stripes
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    The party of resentment. Sports people now saying that Jezza is deluded and is trying to stop people becoming successful. It will become a race to the bottom.
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    Howjy supported Smurthwaite, all you need to know.
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    ....and looked like it hadn't been washed since new!
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    Yes, but apart from that what have the Romans e=er done for us?
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    If he isn't standing as a candidate he can't be voted for. I take it you mean he can't be voted out as leader by the public? Neither can Boris or jezza. "wants to have all the influence and power with minimal responsibility"..... isn't that what all politicians seek? The brexit party only has one objective, if that's ever completed they are done. It's a single instrument orchestra..... the others have a couple of fiddles and a banjo in the band and lots of percussion to make a noise.
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    Nigel Farage says he's all about democracy, yet cannot be voted for as an MP by the british public in this election and cannot be removed as party leader, yet wants to have all the influence and power with minimal responsibility. He's a coward.
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    It doesn’t matter who you vote for, the government will still get in
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    The Tories have borrowed more money, than every other Labour government combined, under Blair the debt was in the billions, now it`s in the trillions, despite all that austerity. working class people who vote tory, are like turkeys voting for christmas.
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    Bill Asprey, Dave Regis and his puddle
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    They never learn do they.Last time we had 13 years of debt.and then they have the audacity to blame the Tories for the austerity it caused. Couldn't run a tap.
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    It's going to be milk and honey under a Corbyn administration, money they won't have being spent left right and centre, the top 1% of income earners contribute 27% of the total income tax that will be dramatically cut, probably in half, and tax payers will be squeezed hard for more to lure voters into voting for them. Abbott as home secretary and Momentum pulling Corbyns strings .. What could possibly go wrong [emoji16]
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    Everything spot on. Tactics, performance, subs, support, result. We've beaten two teams who were top of the table when we played them, away from home; and arguably deserved both results. We're 2 points off the playoffs, 5 points behind Crewe (who you'd think were peak Barcelona by the way people go on about them), and 6 points off the top. We've beaten 3 of the top 4 in FGR, Crewe, and Bradford. We've lost 1 in 9, missing our first choice central midfielders. We haven't conceded a goal in open play in 4 games. This is a very decent Vale side, full of likeable, hardworking players. Every single player put a shift in today. We outworked, outbattled, and were far more clinical when it came to creating high quality chances. Their keeper made a worldie from Pope's header; Worrall put one just wide; Amoo should have buried a free header late on. Brown had one save to make, and whilst it was decent, it was basically straight at him from close range. Crewe played some lovely football but didn't cause Brown any issues all day. Superb from Legge. He is an absolutely brilliant centre half. Proper captain's performance. Should be the permanent captain; not a knock on Pope (who I'll come to) but Legge just has that confidence and aura, and the communication, that make him a brilliant captain. MOTM by a long way today. Imperious, and lovely to see him at the end. Proper in love with him. Luke Joyce was again spot on. Great distribution and keeping a hold of the midfield where he was partnered by two young lads. Credit to Burgess and Taylor; did their jobs and covered the ground. Joycey is fundamental to us. Final mention for Tom Pope. This was the Tom Pope of old, of 12/13 season. Best performance I've seen from him in a long, long time. His hold up play was superb, his willigness to chase balls and lay it off left their defenders in disarray. He had their centre halves panicking every time he touched the ball, and we looked genuinely dangerous with him on the pitch. Turned the game on its head and had Crewe on toast. Great save from their keeper aside, he's scored. Excellent stuff, and delightful to see. We'll have some rough patches this season. I hope that when they occur, we have the common sense as a fanbase to see how far we've come. 6 months ago we had genuine fears of non-league at best, and administration/liquidation at worst. The fanbase was disengaged, the players weren't happy, and the club felt rotten. What a difference 6 months makes. Cheers Askey, the boys, and especially Kevin and Carol. Genuinely grateful to have a club I can go and support and enjoy days like today with my old man. Apologies to the folk in my immediate vicinity when the goal went in. Superb following as always lads and ladies. Well-behaved and the loudest in the lower leagues. Love the Vale, me.
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    Well said, we are a team and club as a whole that is now transitioning from a club that has been run down to starting to function as a properly run football club. If we can make the play offs at the end of the season, then that is a massive bonus for fans, players and owners.
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    I'll have a look down the garden centre this weekend but I reckon 20 quid could get buy you a nice one with a fishing rod.
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    If this forum was available in 1984, John Rudge would have been hanged drawn and quartered. Thank the lord it wasn't.
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