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    Constantly seeing on social media people moaning about Ryan lloyd. Not only arent they giving the lad a chance, I dont reckon they've actually seen him play. Solid performance again on Tuesday, linked play well, neat and tidy. A couple of stray passes and people were on his back. All the players were guilty of that at some point but it seems popular to lambast young Ryan for it. I already prefer him to Hannant, reliable left footed utility player, who is an asset to the squad. People should watch his work rate and form their own opinions on him rather than singling him out for abuse. He is a vale player after all.
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    Of course not, most countries use thresholds when they run referendums on constitutional matters. With a 2/3 majority, 2 people in a group of 3 would be behind the decision, whereas with the system used in a group of 4 their views would be equally split. 52/48 is a majority but a small one hence the time taken to get anywhere.
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    After watching the news all day I'm beginning to think that regardless of any vote to leave the EU it would never have happened, if there had been a majority of 10 million there would have been attempts to over throw the vote and deny the majority.
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    He was awful at Grimsby but was much better on Tuesday, particularly second half. I spend a lot of time abroad and watch a lot of games on iPlayer. It's noticeable that a lot of the negative comments about Crookes and (on Tuesday) Lloyd are posted online just after the radio stoke commentary says they missed a pass or tackle. Lloyd built a reputation post Vale in midfield. Must be honest in a more advanced role I'd go for Hannat. Think Lloyd does deserve a fair crack at the midfield role and I don't think he was less effective on Tuesday than Hannat was the odd time he played in that role. I don't think he's going to become a legend and I'm guessing he's 6th choice for a midfield role but he did look like he was functional at this level. I've had a few ex Vale players work for me. I remember two telling me early on in their careers Roy Sproston warning them Vale had a small number of load mouthed fans with little knowledge about football who went to matches to abuse players. His advice was ignore them and worry about what he said in the changing room. I remember two idiots in the Railway making monkey noises at Mark Chamberlain on his debut when I was young. There always has been a small element at the club who seem to want someone to boo. Fortunately the silent majority are generally a lot more even-minded.
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    That's the party politics of brexit
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    I didn’t see the small print on the voting slip that said ‘If you vote Leave,tough’.
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    This is the whole problem with the referendum in the first place. As I have said all along, the referendum was a crazy idea on an issue that none of us knew enough about. Who mentioned the Irish border during the campaign? Who understood the consequences of it if they did? Who understood WTO rules and their effects on farmers? Who knew that the majority of immigrants to this country come from outside the EU so leaving would make no difference to them? Who knew all sorts of other stuff which has only become evident since the referendum? We voted to leave so that's what we have got to do. The referendum advised the government to leave the EU and, because of what Cameron and Co had said, effectively manadated them to do so. But Parliament has to do it in a way that will damage this country as little as possible. The problem is that the extreme leavers in Parliament like the ERG have prevented the then Prime Minister from achieving a deal. They were helped by the Labour Party and other opposition groups. The ex PM never opened herself to cross party involvement in the deal discussions. The consequences of all of this is that MPs are so set in their opinions that few are prepared to consider alternatives to their fixed and immovable views. And we now have a PM who has always wanted a soft Brexit and promised as much in the campaign but who is now being driven by extremists into quite the opposite outcome. And we also have leavers like Farage, Tice and Co who said we could have something like a Norway deal saying they don't want that but we should just jump instead. In years to come historians will look back on this period in our history and wonder what infection spread across this country and turned us all into idiots.
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    What’s straightforward about getting a good deal then promoting Remain.She is deluded,Fosse. Picture the 4 maIn front benchers if Labour get in. Chicken,McDonell,Abbott and Thornberry. You couldn’t make it up.
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    Supreme Court hearing on Sept 17 re Parliament closure. Conference dates. TUC 8-11 Sept. Lib Dems 14-17 Sept Chicken Party 21-25 Tories 29 Sept- 2 Oct. Green Party 4-6 Oct. Is Gina Miller paying for these court proceedings? More money than sense springs to mind. You couldn’t make it up.
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    Agreed, hopefully without the casualties whatever the outcome.
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    He would probably say to inspire confidence..... I would suggest party politics....
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    Thornberry is doing a great job tonight.
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    Agreed. Which highlights the stupidity of rejecting the only deal which was on the table. Personally I can see no point in a general election prior to Brexit because it will decide nothing. If Johnson stands on a no deal platform it will prove him to be one of the biggest hypocrites on the planet after all he's said in the past. If he promises a deal and doesn't get it, it will show he's incompetent. If I want to vote for Brexit with a deal how do I do it? If I want to vote for an anti-Stalinist party where the cult of leader plays no part and members don't disappear because the disagree with the leader, who do I vote for? Surely there has to be an option on the ballot paper which says "None of these stupid buggers thank you very much."
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    Seeing how West ham kids did on Wednesday I'd say pace will panic that Newport defence start with Worrall and amoo and have archer and browne on the bench for the last 30-35 minutes. Tough game but if we play how we have most of the time we can give anyone in this league a good game
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    I'd say this thread is nearing it's end for now too, given we likely won't be signing anyone for a while, & we've probably got rid of the last player we needed to...
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    Does it dispense Wright's pies?

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