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  1. geosname


    Interesting...... and it gives some indication on how long the virus can survive on surfaces.
  2. Did you pick your toes in Poughkeepsie? Dimi..... why you do this to me?
  3. geosname


    Hindsight is a deceptive tool.... if I knew then what I know now I wouldn't have married. We didn't lockdown when Ebola or dengue fever was on the loose..... we could have done things differently. Was there anyway of knowing we would need thousands of extra ventilators in January? If the Chinese knew so much about it in January why did they allow flights out? It could have been contained in one place.... to be honest I don't think they knew that much about it, maybe in denial they didn't want to. I'm not defending any governments actions. If it was my choice I would have shut down the UK tighter than a gnats ass weeks ago.
  4. geosname


    How do you prepare for the unknown? This virus was an unknown a few weeks ago. Flue comes around every year and it can be prepared for and partially controlled and to some extent preempted with vaccinations. A steady increase in diseases can be factored into capability to deal with such increases. I suppose the only real way to deal with the unknown, like this virus, is to be prepared for any and every possibility......which is impractical and probably impossible.... because it wouldn't be an unknown it would be an improbable. As much as I would like to think this virus will be dealt with quickly and it's just a one off I don't..... I think it will take longer to "get back to normal" than predicted and when it does it's a matter of waiting for the next "unknown" to jump out and shout "BOO".
  5. I offered a reason why some might. Personally..... if he did devise Labour's brexit policy it suggests a lack of understanding.
  6. More to do with his involvement with the cps perhaps.....?
  7. It seems kier starmer gets the job by a big majority. Didn't he devise Labour's brexit policy?..... sit on the fence and hope for the best?
  8. geosname

    Joke thread

    They are most making golabki on the table.... the bed.... the floor..... on top of the wardrobe
  9. geosname

    Joke thread

    Irish coffee at half time?
  10. geosname


    I think every life is equal although I do agree with a choice in certain cases. A cancer sufferer/survivor for 8 years, controlled by medication, is not a likely participant. From what I understand the recipients were not at deaths door but simply have long term problems. We all have a long term illness..... it's called life. We deteriorate from the day we are born.
  11. geosname


    Just read a report a doctor's surgery sent out letters to patients asking them to sign "do not resuscitate" forms.... Wales I think.... shocked me a bit.
  12. geosname


    Hospital appointment today, blood check etc. Very few people there compared to normal, at a guess 60% to 70% down. Called in at Tesco on the way back, market type stalls in the building closed, cafes etc only take away, food hall closed. No shortage of products except imported items but it's difficult to tell because Tesco has agreed to sell all of its Asian stores so they may be running the stock down. The oddity being some shop roped off, some items you can't buy.... which seems odd..... if the shop is open what difference does it make what you put in the trolley.... not many people in store. Difficult to get accurate numbers by region here. The air pollution in Chiang Mai has been the worst in the world for the last few days apparently...... dangerous by some accounts..... partly due to fires.
  13. Nothing at all really. Sport in general I find rather boring I miss vale when they dont play but I miss them when they do.. The difference being I care about vale
  14. What's up doc. Beep beep.
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