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  1. We voted on the common market entry...... great idea to unite different countries....... that's nothing like the EU as it is today. The point you made for me is you don't know what you are arguing for...... the difference between the common market, which both Labour and Tory members voted against, is vastly different to what emerged after the Maastricht treaty.... and the direction the EU is heading..... I don't like where it's heading but I would still rather be in it than out.
  2. It depends how far you want to take the analogy...hitler wanted every European country subservient to his control... that's what the EU are heading towards.
  3. Did we ever have a referendum to join the EU?
  4. You could draw similarities between Nazi Germany and the EU...... one wanted to control Europe by force the other by coercion and financial pressure..... there are other similarities if you look for them. There are similarities between remainers and Nazis... one demonized people who didn't agree with them the other put them in ghettos.... one used the people they cast out as slave Labour the other wants to continue using them. A strikingly obvious contrast between brexit and Nazis...... one wanted to unite Europe under a single control the other wants to escape that control. We could make almost anything fit what we want to believe..... politicians are quite adept at it....
  5. I think a peculiar thing has happened to British politics over the last 3 years or so. The people have left the old biases behind, socialism doesn't work, capitalism doesn't work, and moved to a parliament and it's members don't work..... no matter which side of the brexit argument you sit it seems obvious that parliament can't deal with the problem..... it has no capacity to put the country in front of the party political self
  6. I think Labour are missing/avoiding a golden opportunity to represent 50% of the voting population on a question they know the answer to. They don't have to make manifesto promises they can't keep, they don't have to buy the votes with vague financial betterment. They could obliterate the libs politically and stand toe to toe with their natural enemy in a head to head that would clearly indicate by the result what Joe public actually wants..... they would get all their grass roots voters back and a huge chunk of the remain voters from the Tories. They would surely have the support of the majority of business people and a large part of the media, who daily report how bad brexit and the Tories are, would endorse them. Even if it was a small majority they could call on the "others" to support a second referendum.
  7. It's going to be expensive hiring a large team of proctologists to remove all those splinters from all those asses. Their "polocy" is to gain power, that's the prime objective, everything else is incidental.
  8. What's a none-mentalist? A secret safe space seeker or just the people who agree with you?
  9. That's the third element, the cost of politicians not knowing what they are doing is expensive. It's not attributable to brexit or remaining but a consequence of both being in the hands of incompetent party politicians.
  10. I agree with your second point but..... his first paragraph defeated itself..... JCB..... because of uncertainty not because of brexit.... forecasts are not facts they are calculated predictions, however correct or incorrect they may be they are not facts..... wow another short answer
  11. Short reply..... Good rant..... absolute rubbish..... a biased opinion challenging a biased opinion.... but if that's what you think.
  12. That dissipated when people were branded illiterate northern racists who were to stupid to know what they were voting for. Simple statements like that disaffected 17 million + voters, throw in the young will soon be leaving their safe spaces to put us on the right track and the media have open season.
  13. I certainly haven't.... it was the wrong decision, it is still the wrong decision but the decision was made..... changing the decision will not get rid of the problem of a divided country..... even if a second referendum returned a larger majority either way. Brexit has become a party political battleground that neither side can walk away from claiming victory.
  14. I'm not sure people have noticed but for several pages the arguments have not been about brexit, the ins or outs of it, but about personalities. In my opinion that's what it's always been about at it's core. The original question was a simple choice but as soon as it was made party politics took over.
  15. If I could do smilies that would get at least 2
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