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  1. Have you seen the price of cheese?..... how can we afford that on our budget... why aren't we making our own? We want home made..... not that instant store bought processed rubbish.
  2. First they came for the manager. We didn't speak up because we weren't the manager and we still got paid. Then they came for the owner. We didn't speak up because we weren't the owner and we still got paid. Then they came for the CEO. We didn't speak up because we weren't the CEO and we still got paid. They won't come for us, we are the heroes who underperform, underachieve, fail etc etc etc...... we still get paid
  3. If you asked them which hand they scratch their ass with it would take 10 minutes to get an answer.
  4. Happy birthday you young whippersnapper.
  5. It's a pity we can't offer them furlough or cancel their contract options..... with a proviso that if they return from furlough unfit they get sacked.
  6. If there was no rift/dressing room dramas etc the players should be ashamed of themselves. If they play one half decent game their necks will be out of the noose and askey will take the blame in absentia. It's a pitty we can't get rid of all of them.
  7. Is he taking any of the crap players with him?
  8. As professions go the difficulty level to play football is low..... about the level of a refuse collector. Ability has to be higher. If the job was difficult every time the goal keeper lumped it up the field the players wold need to whip out their scientific calculator to assess speed, wind resistance and deviation, drag factors, gravity coefficients, velocity etc etc. If you can't find a player wearing the same coloured shirt, if you can't find a position in front of the ball, if you can't kick it hard enough to reach its destination..... bugger off and empty the bins.
  9. If the snow to which you refer is nose candy......,,,, you could be right.
  10. Be fair..... we had 2 shots and a corner..... we only played 48 minutes. God help us..,,,, no bugger else will.
  11. The upside would be 1,000 more paying on the day when we spread our wings again.
  12. What would you like the statement to say...... that would at least be helpful?
  13. Personally I don't really want to know the backroom stuff. It's not my decision to make, I didn't throw millions into buying the business. If the results are good im happy, if they are bad im disappointed, if the results are bad but the performance is good im satisfied. Let's be practical..... which fans should she listen to? The ones who thought bill Brett saved the club or the ones who thought Smurf was the best thing since sliced bread? The owners should deal with it as they see fit, they have done a good job with the club so far, all positive from what I can see..... th
  14. Goal..... a double decker bus. Defence.... a 3 legged dog..... a one legged man..... 2 guys in wheelchairs. Midfield..... 3 helium balloons Attack...... 2 spaniels...... 1 pikengese..... 1 chihuahua
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