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  1. Whoever is buying the pies gets to choose the filling
  2. According to the missus England switched off very early on and didn't really do much up front.
  3. My missus is getting up at 01.30am to watch the match.
  4. I think a family stand with a family atmosphere is a necessity. Creating a statue of Sir John while he can see and appreciate it is a brilliant idea and a fitting tribute to the legend. The only concern I have is asking fans to donate funds to two major projects at the same time, especially after constraints imposed by the pandemic. I hope everything goes well.
  5. I think they were as bad as each other just in different ways. One believed, or tried to convince the fans, they were trying to do the best for the club....... the other knew he wasn't.
  6. Surprised they don't do deliveroo ?
  7. I would prefer an 8oz fillet steak, mushrooms, fried spring onions and a few jersey potatoes. I prefer the taste to the bulk.
  8. The best commentators are those that say as little as possible but as much as is needed..... much like referees.
  9. Hi Geo, I remember it well. 28 Dec 59, Boxing Day. Halifax 7-0 Graham Barnett 4, Brian Jackson 2, Harry Poole 1. There was also another Boxing Day when we beat Gateshead 8-0. Happy days. Thanks Fosse.
  10. I can't remember who we played or the team..... except I think a guy named Jackson..... and vale scored 7
  11. Greed is never satiated, it grows as it's fed.
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