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  1. Its a news story based on what? The inability of some to accept? If someone here "came out" as a lady boy it wouldn't get further than the local gossip because it's accepted, without fuss and/or fanfare. To me that's how it should be, that's how it's been for me for a long time. Some people are gay, why does anyone care? Some are black, why does anyone care? Some support jezza or boris, why does anyone care?...... ok so I threw the last one in for effect.
  2. It's not about me at all. It should never be about me so why am I being informed? He certainly isn't the first gay/homosexual footballer, not by a long way. Will he get abuse? Almost certainly, whether he came out or not the chances are the opposition fans would probably slate him if he is good and his own fans if he isn't, that's been the accepted nature of football for a long time. I'm not suggesting it's right just commenting on the way it is.
  3. You are making an assumption I've never been affected by homophobia. Empathy isn't one of my strong suits.
  4. There is no cure for stupid....... just don't mix with the idiots
  5. I don't give a damn about skin colour, sexuality, gender or a lot of other things. I have enough problems being me, I don't need to be force fed other people's perceptions.
  6. What you get shoved in your face is your business, nothing to do with me. The lads sexuality has nowt to do with owt as far as i'm concerned. Unless he plays for the vale I don't care if he plays football or not.
  7. Why should I care he is gay? Why should anyone care? What makes people who dont know him want to know? When Schofield came out did Gordon know? Did Gordon care? If he didn't why should anyone else?
  8. It's always a little confusing when people 'come out' as though its a big deal when effectively saying its no big deal. Why anyone gives a damn about someone else's sexuality, unless they are looking for dome sort of relationship, is beyond me. In fact if you went around asking people their sexual preferences you would probably be arrested for some hate crime or other. So why do the news outlets insist on informing everyone who will listen that a footballer or news presenter or politician is gay...... I suspect no one really gives a rat's ass, I know I don't. The only consideration should be can the lad play football as well as he thinks he can.
  9. Boris isn't really original, he may or may not have said let the bodies pile high but it actually happened in the 70s. The crap just keeps going around and around. I hope someone reconnects Labour with the people they were supposed to represent soon.
  10. Diane Abbott thinks Mao did more good than harm. Wasn't it Abbott who jezza bedded and called his mates around to see? The house of commons is like an old type pub, it doesn't matter where you stand your feet sink into the rotting carpet.
  11. There is more than one international agreement regarding refugees. We have to consider the effectiveness of a law, especially an international one, that can not be enforced. Even if sanctions are imposed as penalty the law is still not enforced or enforceable unless cessation of the breach is achieved. My answer was in reply to a specific question.
  12. You are differentiating between migrants and refugees. I don't know of any requirements to let migrants into a country but it's different rules for refugees.
  13. In your lifetime will you be able to walk to France from Dover? Southern Spain or Portugal from Portsmouth? Borders are never obsolete when someone is willing to defend them.
  14. Rumour has it we ran out of pies and he ate them
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