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  1. It seems Poland isn't happy with the EU either.
  2. That's not quite correct, we think we know which way they seem to want to go. There are no certainties in life except one.....
  3. I don't disagree but they have a right to do it. That's the important bit.... that's the bit I would defend.... not what they say.
  4. Free speech is a wonderful thing, it means you get to air views even if people don't like them.... or some find offensive Consider what the UK would be like if the state controled what you could/couldnt/must stay..... consider the next step.... the police ringing you up to tell you to control your thought?
  5. I can't be certain but I think it was in something about removing national flags and the EU sabotaging brexit..... pro brexit obviously.... totaly biased but ironically amusing.... but as I say polls are about as reliable as my digestive system after a Thai curry laden with chillies.... which is why I don't eat them.
  6. You could search for it if you are interested..... I don't keep track of the stuff I read/watch/listen to.
  7. I wish I could say the same mate.
  8. I cant remember, some poll or other..... never reliable but always used to prove the point you want to make.
  9. Are they respectful where you are mate?
  10. I was referring to their delusional view of what they seem to want to become but I think they still believe they control all the strings and everyone will just fall in line..... apparently only 40% of Germans are happy with the EU other countries less so.... it will be interesting to see what happens. Again I think the wrong decision was made but that's democracy.
  11. There were 3 parties who said they would get brexit done, one was get it done our way, (renegotiate, another referendum and campaign against it,) which didn't make much sense to anyone.... brexit party and the tories..... so a big majority voted to get it done.... just not the jezza way.
  12. As a ps...... there are no independent nations/countries, they all have some dependency on others..... we won't be independent just less dependent. We may be able to make our own decisions about what we want but we still rely on others to agree to give it to us.... that's not the case for EU member nations/countries.
  13. You keep deluding yourself pal.... if you need someone to blame try the party who reneged on their previous manifesto promise and offered everything for free in a futile attempt to win.... the only thing the Tories offered was to get brexit done and they got a landslide... Perhaps the young voters just didn't care enough? Perhaps Labour voters simply rejected jezza? Perhaps the remain parties overestimated their support? It matters little, the electorate made the decision and here we are.
  14. Nige hasn't done anything, Boris hasn't done anything.... the voters have done it.... it was their choice and they decided overwhelmingly to do it... that's democracy in action. It seems the only people who don't seem to realise what's happening are Labour and the people who kept shouting that if the people got to choose again they would choose remain...... and the EU who seem to be in some confused state and delusional.... they still haven't grasped the notion that the UK leaving isn't dependant on a deal, that will be a fixed point in time.
  15. £500000 To ring big Ben?..... that's about £800 from each MP with change... that's about £4.40p per week for the 3.5 years they drew salary for talking about it and screwing it up.... sounds reasonable to me
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