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  1. Surely that's only possible if all white people are equal, which they obviously aren't, or you would have to identify which group/class/whatever of white people you wanted to be equal to. Equality isn't malleable.
  2. geosname


    They were doing it long before covid mate... usually because of air pollution. I think masks should have been introduced a lot earlier, I don't think it would stop people catching it directly but would slow down the spread. If it is or becomes airborn it could change things drastically.
  3. geosname


    WHO recognise it could be airborne...... that could be a serious game changer
  4. Does that mean he won't wear a red tie again?
  5. I find it interesting that the reader of the word defines what the writers intent was. Isn't Boris, or Cummings depending on your angle of vision, the puppet master? He pulls all the strings and people jump around like a marionette .... but I can't say that if he is Jewish.. I can if he is Catholic, Protestant, Buddhist, etc etc. Does that mean that if enough football supporters banded together and said stoke city and football club in the same sentence was offensive it would get banned?........
  6. If your shouting the message to the people I would suggest most know. If you are shouting at the state I doubt it cares. In an ideal world the people are the state but it's far from an ideal world. Discrimination based on colour, sexuality, religion etc is wrong, positive discrimination is also wrong There are many groups of people not treated equally in many different ways... are the poor treated the same as the rich? The famous the same as the unknown? The politician the same as the commoner? The police the same as the public?... the list goes on. The common fault line is people, they dont want to be equal they seem to want to be equal plus. The problem with equality is you can't adjust or tinker with it.... you have it or you don't.. there is no middle ground, no compromise.
  7. It's confusing, I don't see how a virus can be racist. From the little I read South Asians have a higher percentage of diabetes and other conditions that make them more susceptible to the virus.... but again that may be in the UK... I wouldn't consider South Asians as black.
  8. I thought I read it was South Asians who were hardest hit by the virus.... or is that just the UK?
  9. It might help if the message was clear instead of being fogged by crap. If the message is simply black lives matter then it's clear. If it's black lives matter and white lives matter and brown lives matter etc then it's not clear, add the political crap and baggage that comes with it and it's as clear as mud.
  10. geosname


    They only remember "us" at election time when "they" remind "us" how well "they" have taken care of "us" and we should vote for "them"...... instead of the other "them" whoever "they" may be.
  11. geosname


    As far as I know neither will Thailand yet, even then they have to agree to it by individual countries and the UK isn't on the list as far as can be seen here.... to high a risk
  12. geosname


    Probably undecided mate..... although Greece say they won't take part..... it's yet another screw up.
  13. geosname


    Possible Green Barbados, Croatia, Germany, New Zealand, Greece, Thailand & Vietnam. Possible Amber Australia, Belgium, Canada, Denmark, France, Italy, Japan, Netherlands, Portugal, Singapore, South Korea, Switzerland & Spain. Possible Red Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Egypt, India, Israel, Mexico, Morocco, South Africa & The United States of America. Had the above list from skyclub the other day 're flying to other countries for holidays...not confirmed.... BBC have said there could be 75 countries on the list of possible destinations without quarantine on return....that doesn't mean there won't be quarantine when you arrive. It's not so much a u turn after a couple of weeks...... more a collapse into confusion.
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