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  1. I asked a while ago who were the "experts" who scrutinised the documents so diligently, the ones especially trained, selected and paid to know and understand the possible pitfalls contained within the documents. MPs depend on others to do the donkey work, some of them don't have the brain cells to operate a stapler.
  2. Imagine the postage for a mug from Thailand to Disneyland...... 10,000 miles?
  3. Odd thing..... my brother took his kids to Disneyland Florida, brought back a Mikey Mouse mug for his mum, made in Thailand .
  4. geosname


    When you invest in chiefs not Indians you get a lot of smoke but little fire
  5. geosname


    Or in this case less/no results.
  6. Did the germans stick to the treaty? When the other parties to the treaty realised Germany had broken the treaty what did they do?..... apart from appeasement. But we digress.
  7. geosname


    Even if they are why give the job to someone with even less competance?
  8. geosname


    What's the rule of 6? It seems to be no more than 6 people may gather..... with exceptions. I can understand it not applying to hospitals, a large number of staff would be laid off if it did. It doesn't seem to apply to weddings, funerals or churches. Children under a certain age don't count in some places. It doesn't seem to apply to businesses in some circumstances..... Drafted and enacted within 24 hours? Presented to parliament 10 hours after enactment? Confused? There is nothing quite like a statutory instrument to clarify the confusion. The public are now su
  9. A moment has a start and an end with an undetermined amount of time inbetween 555
  10. Good video, showing the club in a good light. Don't like green...... but if we keep winning wearing it it could become my favourite colour 555
  11. geosname


    You could be right, although i'm not 100% convinced. My perspective is slightly twisted by circumstance, I live in a country that locked down early, airports closed, temperature checks done early, quarantine early, curfew intŕoduced, social premises closed, social distancing introduced, face masks worn before covid. With a similar population the death rate here amounted to 58? Total. International travel is still restricted although internal flights have resumed with protective measures. There are businesses still closed and you still have to register your address and phone number wh
  12. geosname


    I can never forget seeing the results. I remember the shock of it.
  13. geosname


    We didn't lock down. Maybe we should have. When did airports shutdown? When were all international flights cancelled? International travel cancelled? Underreaction followed by overreaction followed by confused mess.
  14. geosname


    I read yesterday that the government will introduce measures to allow the use of unlicensed drugs (not untested) to combat covid 19. That in itself is a concern, more concerning is the fact that they will also introduce the inability to take legal action if the drug damages people. So if you are given the drug and it causes some side effect that causes harm or death....... tough crap. Remember the wonder drug thalidomide?
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