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  1. Isn’t this the bloke that left Worrall in acres of space to smash in his volley against Harrogate? Reckon he’s our starter or our back up?
  2. A bit concerned to see the reactions from Oldham fans, especially considering we payed a fee for him. Hopefully it works out though and we can get the best out of him.
  3. No chance. I also don’t think it would be good for the players themselves. If they struggled they’d have the fans turning against them much quicker than any other player would.
  4. Great podcast as usual. Must say a big thanks to both Phil and Mike for coming on, thought both spoke really well and were very interesting.
  5. Great podcast as usual, but I must pull you on something Stu ;) . A defensive mid like Joyce is a number 4 and your centre half is a 6, not the other way round!! 😜
  6. I’m not disputing that, fair play to him for going, like I said it’s his job after all. But then after leaving for money reasons people can’t expect the club to pay him when he’s no longer worth the money at age 36 just purely for sentimental reasons.
  7. People on social media do amaze me. Seen some people basically saying we should’ve kept Pope just for sentimental reasons and to give him a chance to say bye to the fans. But then these same people will moan about not getting promotion because we’ve pissed a wage up the wall on a striker who isn’t good enough for the first team. Let’s not forget, Pope left us years ago for the money at Bury. Which is fair enough, it’s his job. But then why do some people expect the club to keep paying him for another year when he’s past it. He can’t have it both ways.
  8. Isn’t he the arse who gave that ludicrous penalty away at Bradford last season? And then decided to play about ten minutes of injury time despite 4 being added on, and then blew the final whistle with all the players starting to leave the pitch before then deciding he wanted play to continue for another two minutes? Good bloody riddance.
  9. I also don’t understand why people are so keen on him becoming a coach with us. Again, Pope is a legend. But we’ve been down this road before of having ex players coach us just because they’re ex players and it’s not worked out. Not all players make good coaches/managers, as Michael Brown has showed us. I’d much rather us hire a proper coach than Pope just because he’s a club legend.
  10. I think people overestimate Pope’s current ability. I’m sad to see him go, but it’s the right decision. He’s scored 3 in 23 games this season, and from watching him play, bar Grimsby at home (or was it Southend? Can’t remember which), he’s been pretty poor all season. Add to that he’s probably on a decent wage then it’s not worth it.
  11. Happy with the list, and I’m not saying we should’ve kept them, but I’m quite sad to see the likes of Brown, Joyce and Monty and obviously Pope go. All been great servants to the club and wish them all the best.
  12. How have Hanley Town managed to afford all these players they’re signing?
  13. If they’re mates with players living a bad pro lifestyle and wouldn’t join because of that then I don’t want them here anyway.
  14. I believe Alnwick won young player of the year at age 22.
  15. http://bit.ly/PVFCAwardsVOTE
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