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  1. I’m also very concerned about Gibbons defensively at centre half.
  2. Well that’s that then. No Proctor. We are buggered.
  3. Seems we’ve lost a fair few fans since our last promotion. Sad really.
  4. Which fan do you know that would be so bitter about his own team getting promotion? And when those pundits criticise Man U, they do so on actual legitimate grounds. Pope’s was because he was spitting his dummy out.
  5. Embarrassing really. Where are the 12k from Northampton? Where are the 8k from Man City away? There’s no way you’re telling me our entire home attendance went to Man City. 8k home fans for a home play off tie is tinpot.
  6. Certainly a more worthy captain than Pope. Best thing Askey did was take away the captaincy from him.
  7. It’s pretty clear to me that the Swindon manager, players and fans all think they’re through. If our players can’t get themselves up for this there’s something wrong with them.
  8. I never really liked Pope when he was a player at the Vale - obviously liked what he did for the team, but always thought he was a knob. Everything he’s done since his retirement has furthered that view. Quite funny really thinking back to his interview when he was slagging off Flitcroft and Clarke, saying Joyce was better than Walker etc. Look where we are now. He looks a right mug. He’s just a bitter man who I do not have the time of day for. No chance I’m going his testimonial and giving him money for beer and fags, I’d sooner flush 20 quid down the toilet.
  9. Also think it’s laughable saying Taylor changed the game. He did nothing after coming on. The subs that changed the game were proctor and Benning.
  10. I thought that showed him for the knob he is. He didn’t deserve to be on the pitch at vale. Every time he played he was god awful.
  11. I also think Swindon are a vile, vile team. Their players are diving cheating bastards, Williams and McKirdy both scum. But their fans are awful. I almost want to win just to knock them down a peg or two more than I do to get in the play off final.
  12. Agree regarding the sky coverage. Was an absolute disgrace really. Absolute Swindon love in, which is odd since we finished above them and we both won one in the head to head.
  13. Got to disagree. He was totally anonymous when on. Only things I can remember him doing is having a pea roller shot that went miles wide, and getting hugely outmuscled in the run up to their second.
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