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  1. Interesting point. Would solve the problem of people feeling like they’re not loyal and missing out on it simply because of finances. But then on the other hand it’s designed as a reward for people and getting a limited edition scarf is a bigger reward.
  2. Again the problem with things like the hot drink is that’s losing them £50 per season ticket holder per season if everyone was to take full advantage of it. That’s 200k. I understand what you’re saying but realistically we just can’t afford to do anything more than we have. You can use your club shop voucher on your season ticket next year if you don’t want to buy anything from the shop, which is what I’ll be doing.
  3. As I pointed out to another poster, a club of our size simply can’t afford to offer a bigger discount. Say we offered 10% off next years season ticket. That would mean the club loses over 100k in potential revenue if everyone was to renew their season ticket. That is a huge loss of potential earnings that we cannot afford.
  4. Problem with that is you’d be looking at a loss of earnings of around 500k with that discount which a club of our size simply can’t afford.
  5. I can’t 100% remember, but it was along the lines of this. If you live in the UK, Saturdays are blocked out and you can’t buy a match pass, only a pass for the radio coverage. You used to be able to watch Tuesday night away games prior to the pandemic even if you lived in the UK. That may have also been expanded to any Tuesday night game including home, but I can’t remember so don’t quote me on that. Definitely though you could not watch Saturdays and could watch Tuesday night away games.
  6. I would imagine it would go back to the system prior to the pandemic due to the reasons you outlined.
  7. I thought you were able to get a refund on your season ticket, at least of the total that you payed extra over the price of all the match passes? I knew what I signed up for this season when I bought my ticket. There was nothing from the government to suggest when exactly fans would be allowed in. I think we all assumed fans would be back at some point, but I was very aware of the fact that it was possible we’d only see a few games. As it happens we’ve seen none. I knew what the risks were when I bought my ticket. I don’t then expect the club to be giving us loads of money’s worth of good
  8. Why though? There was no promise of anything if you left your money in. I don’t understand why people expect something when they can get their money back if they want and the club is a million quid down.
  9. How’s it arrogant? Small reward for people who kept their money in the club with a scarf. Postcard signed by the owner which is the owner giving a personal touch to show their appreciation. And a chance to have a VIP match experience. Really don’t understand your problem tbh.
  10. Don’t get why some are complaining on twitter and the like. Can get your money back if you want. I for one decided to leave my money in the club because I’m fortunate enough to afford to be able to and don’t want my club going bust. I didn’t expect anything from the club in return. As others have noted, the club is over a million down as Carol has stated. What do people expect to be given? I’ll happily take a tenner off my season ticket and an exclusive scarf.
  11. I’m happy with Hurst re-signing. He’s only played 19 league games let’s not forget so it’s unfair to write him off. Sure he went off the boil his last few games, but in some of his earlier appearances he was one of our best players, and that was the first time he was playing in the league! I think you’ve also got to consider the circumstances he’s been playing under. He was playing in a team dreadfully low on confidence, on a run of 3 wins in 25. Most young players in that scenario aren’t going to set the world on fire, I’m sure it would help him more playing in a team that’s playing bet
  12. Let’s hope Whitehead follows him next then!
  13. Because he was a top player and top bloke too. Can understand why we’ve let him go but doesn’t mean I’m not gutted about it. I’ll miss watching him in a Vale shirt.
  14. I’ll be incredibly disappointed if this is true. He’s our best midfielder imo and definitely one of the better ones in the league.
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