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  1. Who would you play instead of Worrall? McKirdy’s hardly been banging the door down in any of his appearances and Amoo is injured.
  2. Felt like I was watching Vale under Aspin again 🤮
  3. Need to buck our ideas up quickly. What on Earth has happened to the pressing and attacking football we witnessed last season?
  4. Disagree. If that was the case, we would be winning in spite of the formation, not because of it. Also, Wigan fans said we were playing their youth team on Tuesday so take that result with a pinch of salt.
  5. We should be winning, yes, but we don’t deserve to be winning. There’s a difference.
  6. That’s fair enough, everyone has their own opinion. I just think it’s silly after two bad games to change everything when we will train more and play more in the 433 so the players are more familiar with it. It was good for us last season and it’s the way Askey likes to play. I do agree about the personnel changes made though. Don’t rate Whitehead at all personally so far but it’s still early days.
  7. You can’t honestly say we deserve to be winning on this performance though, so they’re right
  8. Yes we would be winning had the penalty been put away, but we’ve still been awful and they deserve their lead. 433 is the way we play, it’s silly to throw it out the window after two poor games and today has showed it.
  9. I don’t think we should scrap the 433, because it’s worked well for us for a year now and it’s how we primarily play. However, you need a Plan B, which the last two games Askey hasn’t had. Harrogate and Morecambe were both scrappy, gritty games in tough conditions, where it was clear our usual way of playing wasn’t working. Pope for me is 4th choice striker and I wouldn’t start him, but games like today are tailor made for him. Someone to battle with their centre halves. And we kept lumping balls into the box which suits neither Cullen nor Robinson. Why he didn’t come on I don’t kno
  10. This is dire, absolutely no creativity whatsoever. Pope is 4th place striker imo but this is the sort of game he’s needed for.
  11. Ah yeah I thought I’d done that in the past! It’s not there where it usually is on my screen today so guess I’m stuck with it. Thanks anyway!
  12. Does anyone know how to change the commentary for IFollow? I don’t think I can take much more of these two from Morecambe
  13. Some absolute tripe posted in here today. Apparently Worrall doesn’t have the pace to play in this system, even though he was player of the year in it last season. Obviously was a poor game, but give credit to Harrogate they were a very tough team to play against. Was quality that let us down today rather than effort, the effort was still there from everyone. Yes Worrall had a poor game, but I think people are going OTT. He still covered every blade of grass, still involved in a lot of the play, didn’t go hiding. Just didn’t come off for him today with some mis-hit passes,
  14. Does anyone know how the money is split between clubs for a match pass? I’ve seen people say £8 of the 10 goes to the clubs, and I saw that for cup games they pool all the money from both sets of fans and split it 50/50. Do they also split it for league games or will Exeter take all the money tomorrow?
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