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  1. On a side note today, can I just mention the ref. He was actually good, it was refreshing. I thought there were a few fouls he let go, but compared to the usual clowns we have week in week out it was great. I only noticed after the game when I thought, hang on, I barely noticed the referee all game for once.
  2. Very happy with a point considering their league position. Fairly poor performance again which is concerning, bailed out by a moment of Rodney magic. Thought Guthrie did alright when he came on, won a few headers and put himself about a bit.
  3. I’d snap your hand off for a draw here, please hold out lads
  4. Amoo has been absolutely garbage. How anyone can single out Hurst when Amoo’s been this bad is unreal.
  5. Why are you singling him out so much. He’s a young lad who’s barely played any league games. And everyone else has been as crap.
  6. We have to shoot if we want to score. We’ve had one shot on target which was Brisley’s header off the corner that went straight at the keeper. Improvement on Tuesday mind. No point us having more possession if we’re doing naff all with it.
  7. Why are we obsessed with doing long balls when every time they go either out of play or to their keeper
  8. Sorry you’re right, fantastic performance. PUGH IN!!
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