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  1. I must say, I wasn’t one of the people moaning when we signed him but quietly to myself I was quite unimpressed. How wrong I was. Been a great signing, and as others are saying his overall play is brilliant.
  2. What a shame a tremendous win is ruined by some absolute piece of scum. Hopefully the police will be paying him a visit and he’s banned for life. I don’t want people like that at my club. To all those who booed the players taking the knee at kick off, (and thank you to everyone who applauded), this is why they’re doing it. No place for this in life.
  3. Shout out to the attendance too. Over 5000 home fans after no wins at home so far and playing Harrogate who are hardly an attractive fixture. Great to see.
  4. I’d only ever boo a player due to lack of effort, so even when we’ve been dreadful the last few seasons but the players have been putting a shift in, I’ve backed them. As others said, it doesn’t help. Especially not when we’re not even 10 games into the season and have been playing well.
  5. Impressed by Walker, Garrity, Jones, Pett and Proctor. I think Wilson has done ok and is certainly an upgrade on Robinson/Guthrie. Cass is good for a back up, as is Stone. Need to see more of Martin before I can form an opinion. Not convinced on Covolan yet, but will give him chance to change my mind. Benning been poor but he’s got a good track record at this level so hopefully he can turn it round. Johnson doesn’t look good enough for this level (but will again give him a chance before I write him off). Any clowns who say this team isn’t better than last season are incredibly deluded. Just a matter of whether the players can put it together and I believe they can.
  6. Honestly seems like some of our so called fans can’t wait for us to lose and seem desperate for Clarke to fail so they can say they were right. Turning on the players this quickly will only aid us in failure, and I for one have had enough of that. Back the boys.
  7. I don’t know what some people expected. We already have 3 decent strikers at this level, the 4th was needed just as another option and as cover. Whoever we got in was gonna be a young chancer. And I don’t see why someone who’s played league games for Cheltenham at our level already is automatically worse than someone out of the Man U academy. Just because a player is in a premier league’s youth system doesn’t mean they’re any good - we’ve seen some right crap on loan from them before.
  8. There’s no way I’m going his testimonial now, especially after all his tweets. Why should I spend my hard earned money for him to spend on fags and beer?
  9. I’m really sick of Sproson now, with his incredible bias because of his position as an agent, and clearly not being prepared like the Martin incident today. Ray Williams got some stick but he’s miles clear of Sproson.
  10. I agree he talks rubbish, but I don’t particularly care what he’s like in interviews tbh, I imagine he’s not saying the same thing to the players.
  11. It certainly has caused some upset. It’s turning people against Clarke as some people treat Pope as a God and lap up everything he does. And yes Pope was better than Bennett, but we played worse with Pope. Bennett didn’t need to hold the ball up, we played 433 and pressed. When Pope came into the team it turned into hoofball.
  12. Not their fault that Pope’s an arse.
  13. No, I think Flitcroft does talk rubbish and Clarke comes across as an arse. However, they’re not two nobodies saying all this. Both have won promotions from this league. So clearly they know what they’re doing at this level. It may or may not work out with us, but I’m willing to give them more of a chance than 4 bloody games.
  14. It’s not been abject though. We played well against Tranmere and Sunderland. Carlisle a draw was a fair result. And by all accounts today we played well second half after he changed it.
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