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  1. Shout out to the attendance too. Over 5000 home fans after no wins at home so far and playing Harrogate who are hardly an attractive fixture. Great to see.
  2. I’d only ever boo a player due to lack of effort, so even when we’ve been dreadful the last few seasons but the players have been putting a shift in, I’ve backed them. As others said, it doesn’t help. Especially not when we’re not even 10 games into the season and have been playing well.
  3. Impressed by Walker, Garrity, Jones, Pett and Proctor. I think Wilson has done ok and is certainly an upgrade on Robinson/Guthrie. Cass is good for a back up, as is Stone. Need to see more of Martin before I can form an opinion. Not convinced on Covolan yet, but will give him chance to change my mind. Benning been poor but he’s got a good track record at this level so hopefully he can turn it round. Johnson doesn’t look good enough for this level (but will again give him a chance before I write him off). Any clowns who say this team isn’t better than last season are incredibly deluded. Just a matter of whether the players can put it together and I believe they can.
  4. Honestly seems like some of our so called fans can’t wait for us to lose and seem desperate for Clarke to fail so they can say they were right. Turning on the players this quickly will only aid us in failure, and I for one have had enough of that. Back the boys.
  5. I don’t know what some people expected. We already have 3 decent strikers at this level, the 4th was needed just as another option and as cover. Whoever we got in was gonna be a young chancer. And I don’t see why someone who’s played league games for Cheltenham at our level already is automatically worse than someone out of the Man U academy. Just because a player is in a premier league’s youth system doesn’t mean they’re any good - we’ve seen some right crap on loan from them before.
  6. There’s no way I’m going his testimonial now, especially after all his tweets. Why should I spend my hard earned money for him to spend on fags and beer?
  7. I’m really sick of Sproson now, with his incredible bias because of his position as an agent, and clearly not being prepared like the Martin incident today. Ray Williams got some stick but he’s miles clear of Sproson.
  8. I agree he talks rubbish, but I don’t particularly care what he’s like in interviews tbh, I imagine he’s not saying the same thing to the players.
  9. It certainly has caused some upset. It’s turning people against Clarke as some people treat Pope as a God and lap up everything he does. And yes Pope was better than Bennett, but we played worse with Pope. Bennett didn’t need to hold the ball up, we played 433 and pressed. When Pope came into the team it turned into hoofball.
  10. Not their fault that Pope’s an arse.
  11. No, I think Flitcroft does talk rubbish and Clarke comes across as an arse. However, they’re not two nobodies saying all this. Both have won promotions from this league. So clearly they know what they’re doing at this level. It may or may not work out with us, but I’m willing to give them more of a chance than 4 bloody games.
  12. It’s not been abject though. We played well against Tranmere and Sunderland. Carlisle a draw was a fair result. And by all accounts today we played well second half after he changed it.
  13. Legge wasn’t putting that stuff out at the time though.
  14. Yes, that irks me. But at the time he was a far better choice as captain. Since then Conlon has emerged as a leader and so has taken the job. Not quite sure what point you’re making?
  15. There has been a process. We hired a recruitment manager, and didn’t just recruit players from either Macclesfield or Sproson’s list. It’s been 4 games. We’ve looked decent for most of the season. And how are we being talked to like idiots? Clarke’s been pretty spot on with his assessments so far. And are these the same two idiots who have both won promotions out of this league? Sure, they may not work out with us, but clearly they know what they’re doing at this level. Take your Pope blinkers off.
  16. I’ve noticed several people on twitter starting the ‘trust the process’ comments already. Christ can we give it a chance?
  17. I don’t know why Pope was so shocked to lose the captaincy either. He wasn’t playing enough and he’d disgraced the club on Twitter. His position was untenable imo. Legge was a far better option to be leader of the club.
  18. Don’t know why some people are hitting the panic button already. We’ve basically rebuilt our entire squad, it’s going to take time. There’s promising signs with our good defensive record, and we’ve played quite well and just been unlucky. And as others have said, it doesn’t help players to be abusing them in the ground.
  19. Finally got the chance to listen to it. Entertaining listen, was nice listening to him talk about his career. Onto more recent matters, he says he’s not bitter but that’s exactly how it seems to me. He hates Clarke because Clarke didn’t play him above Robinson after saying he’d give him some game time, but who can blame Clarke after our winning run (and Pope’s poor goal scoring record the last couple of seasons). Then saying he was refusing to come on as a sub until Pugh made him, talk about throwing your toys out the pram. I struggled not to laugh when he complained about Flitcroft not asking him his opinions on players. That’s the sort of old boys club mentality I’m glad we’ve moved away from. Also, going back to the Askey days, he seems incredibly unprofessional. Slating Bennett complaining how he got benched for him, what a great teammate. And to be honest, although I agree Pope was a better player than Bennett, we played far better as a team in the 433 with Bennett than we did Pope so I was also in favour of Bennett starting. If what he said about Askey is true then that is poor on Askey’s part, but it doesn’t excuse his behaviour initially from being dropped. It basically all seems to me as though he couldn’t deal with being left out and not being the main man anymore, which is summarised by his sudden dislike of Flitcroft just due to him not asking his opinion on things. I’ll be forever grateful for what Pope did for Vale and look back fondly on it. But I have lost all respect for the man, especially after his twitter escapades. I fear that this could have undermined the club, as many fans think Pope can do no wrong and may now turn quicker against Clarke than they otherwise would. P.S. Who refers to themselves in the third person??
  20. ‘This’ being Covolan, or the general team? I’m unable to go today as I’m at work.
  21. I agree with your sentiments regarding Pope, however I wouldn’t blame Stu, Jonny or Bezza. It’s Pope who is at fault.
  22. If he called Monty unstable then that is truly disgusting. Hopefully I’ll be able to give it a listen by the end of the weekend.
  23. Who’s told you that then? There’s also many others who loved him as a manager, Chris Lines as an example. Clarke could turn out to be rubbish, but he’s an experienced manager who’s won promotions.
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