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  1. We’ll have to agree to disagree then. Neal rarely came off his line and often flapped at it if he did. I remember people on here giving him the same criticisms about being rooted to his line as Brown is receiving now. Alnwick was the same although he’d flap a lot more. Neal was a great keeper don’t get me wrong, but personally I think Brown was better. Obviously this season he’s been terrible but the previous two he was better for me. I voted Alnwick in that vote anyway, for me he was the best despite his shortcomings at commanding his area. At the end of the day if these keepers were so
  2. Alnwick and Neal were both terrible at it as well. Don’t think I ever saw Neal come off his line. And Alnwick used to sometimes but he’d never catch it, always punch it away and he’d end up flapping at it half the time.
  3. Just watched it back too. I really don’t understand his hesitation. He easily got there first, wasn’t even close, wouldn’t have been difficult for him to volley out of play for a throw. I doubt their player would have even really challenged him cus he’d get booked for leaving one in on him. And Mills never goes for it, so he can’t have got confused over that. Mills is stood there with his arms out trying to block off the forward. Totally totally bizarre from Brown.
  4. I don’t think he’s been crap all season, I just think he’s been overrated. Partly due to his good free kicks and also the dross around him making him look better. He’s bang average at best. Last few games he’s been awful. Obviously we’d have been much worse off without him. I think maybe he’s the sort of player who would do better in a better footballing team.
  5. Diabolical performance until the 83rd minute. We are heading out the league. Praying that the goals can give us some confidence and get us a win against Oldham. Nice for Hurst to get that monkey off his back off a league goal or assist.
  6. Conlon is absolutely <ovf censored> as well as all the others. I’ve thought all season he’s been overrated
  7. What an absolute waste by Conlon. He’s so overrated
  8. WE’VE SCORED A <ovf censored> GOAL HOLY <ovf censored>
  9. No one attempted whatsoever to block that ball in. Disgrace
  10. Guthrie is a <ovf censored> donkey please get him off
  11. We haven’t won a game in what feels like years regardless of who starts
  12. It’s the manner of defeat that’s the problem. Textbook example of relegation performance.
  13. I don’t understand how anyone can still say they think we’ll stay up. We won’t get another win all season.
  14. May as well go home now and forfeit, there is literally no chance whatsoever of us getting anything from this game. Wouldn’t be surprised if we had no shots on target by the end of the game still. At least we’d get no injuries if we did.
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