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  1. The 3 CBs isn’t the problem for me. We are fine in a 352 if we don’t play hoofball. Problem with this 343 is we are defensively weak in midfield, but also Pett and Garrity don’t create. And then we just hoof it over them. For me we have to have Martin back at centre half, Walker back sitting in midfield and two proper forwards playing in a front 2.
  2. Rubbish. We’re 6 off automatics with 2 games in hand. However, we will have to seriously improve.
  3. Didn’t look a foul at all did it? I assume commentators were wrong and offside.
  4. Holy is <ovf censored>. Get <ovf censored> rid.
  5. Why was that disallowed? Offside? Commentators said foul but couldn’t see anything.
  6. It’s terrible. We’re really open defensively, but also lose creativity. It’s a lose lose.
  7. Play <ovf censored> 352 for the love of god
  8. Our midfield 2 is <ovf censored>. Desperately need 3 in midfield. There’s just no creativity at all from Garrity/Pett.
  9. Better decision to play an actual defender. But why still 2 in midfield?? Christ alive.
  10. If we don’t change it at half time, I might join you on them!
  11. Really poor. Midfield two of Garrity and Pett does not work, simple as. No creativity whatsoever. Walker great at passing out as a centre half, <ovf censored> at actually defending. I don’t understand why we abandoned the 352. It’s far better than this pile of bilge. It would also be nice if we could have a goalkeeper who could make a save, though maybe that is asking for too much. Having said that. They’ve done naf all and don’t deserve to be winning.
  12. Agreed. Doesn’t help him with Walker playing in the middle!
  13. Our defense is abysmal. Get 3 back in midfield with Walker sitting and get a proper defender in. <ovf censored>.
  14. Oh it’s fully the outfields fault. However, it would be nice to have a goalkeeper who could make a basic save.
  15. Walker is <ovf censored> at centre half. Why are we doing this.
  16. Oh don’t get me wrong the defending was trash. However, that’s an easy save. Get rid.
  17. Walker looks dodgy at the back again. Get him back in the bloody midfield.
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