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  1. In the queue now, it’s pretty big already so if anyone is planning on coming down I’d advise doing now.
  2. On another note, did anyone else wonder why we watered the pitch so much with the sprinklers? Our own players must’ve slipped about 4/5 times.
  3. Also hope Oldham stay up, they’re a proper club who reminds me of us under Smurf
  4. We were poor today, especially defensively. Job done though and move onto next game. Thought their diving was a disgrace, that number 10 in front of the railway was maybe the worst acting I’ve ever seen.
  5. Going to be a tough game. Need to get a big gate and support the team. It was around this point in the promotion season we had the huge gate for burton (albeit tickets were cheap).
  6. Martin’s been immense since Xmas imo
  7. <ovf censored> me we are living dangerously
  8. Remember when Pope said that he was no better than Joyce? Looks a right knob now.
  9. Every time we’ve scored a late goal this season, we’ve conceded one the next game. Let’s hope we break that tonight.
  10. What’s Bowyer moaning at - clearly both bookings.
  11. Come on Vale these look awful defensively
  12. How many yards did the ref let him take on that throw - disgrace.
  13. What a dive. How on Earth has the ref bought that.
  14. Also we are battering these. Let’s not have a repeat of the reverse fixture.
  15. Why in Christ’s name have we gone back to this <ovf censored> again.
  16. I think they should refund everyone and let vale sort the tickets, and I say that as someone who managed to get one. Absolutely shambles from Exeter.
  17. Completely agree, it’s a joke. Especially for the older generation. If I wasn’t on social media I’d have had no idea.
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