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  1. Anyone seen Legge’s tweets? Absolutely disgusting. Claiming that Russia is indeed liberating Ukraine as they so claim.
  2. Completely changes the dynamics and relationships between himself and the players, and goes completely against the way we set out our DoF which was that they wouldn’t have any say in managerial tactics.
  3. No, Flitcroft needs to stay as DOF. Changing his position even temporarily could ruin the structure long term.
  4. I can’t remember the last time I’ve been this angry after a game. Everyone could see from the start the team selection and formation was wrong YET AGAIN. And lo and behold, just as everyone predicted. We were <ovf censored> <ovf censored>. Utter disgrace. The players and coaches should be ashamed.
  5. Draws aren’t enough at this point, so the unbeaten run is irrelevant. If we go unbeaten till the end of the season but draw every game that would be a horrendous points return.
  6. If I see we’re playing 343 next home game I’m not going. Can’t bear to watch this <ovf censored> anymore.
  7. Very interested to hear your marks on Crosby today. How he’s decided to continue with this 343 is a joke, been awful for several games yet we persist. And it’s frustrating because we can play so much better. Playing in this system is like we’re voluntarily playing with one leg.
  8. That means nothing. Have you seen the last few games. We’ve been playing dreadful. And still do the same every single game. No way we’ll win enough playing like this.
  9. But why can’t they see it? It’s absolutely abysmal but we play it game after game.
  10. We deserve this. This is what we get for playing such garbage football.
  11. Also, calling players out for being terrible on here is different to social media. Not like players are here reading this, and if they are they’re an idiot. I’d never call them <ovf censored> on social media because as you say all it does is make them worse.
  12. Could’ve used mine. I stand by it. He’s <ovf censored> and my nan could’ve saved it.
  13. I honestly don’t know if I can bear watching another game of this 343. It’s a pile of turgid bilge.
  14. Why are all the changes just like for like again. Not going to change anything is it.
  15. Seasons over imo. Regardless of result today, we’re clearly insistent on playing this dreadful formation, and we won’t get in the playoffs playing like this.
  16. If we were playing 352 we could be tearing these apart. This is unwatchable.
  17. We are pissing our season away with this abysmal 343. So frustrating.
  18. Why in christs name are we still playing this formation. It’s absolutely <ovf censored> <ovf censored>.
  19. The 3 CBs isn’t the problem for me. We are fine in a 352 if we don’t play hoofball. Problem with this 343 is we are defensively weak in midfield, but also Pett and Garrity don’t create. And then we just hoof it over them. For me we have to have Martin back at centre half, Walker back sitting in midfield and two proper forwards playing in a front 2.
  20. Rubbish. We’re 6 off automatics with 2 games in hand. However, we will have to seriously improve.
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