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  1. Still don’t regret releasing him. First class <ovf censored> and was <ovf censored> for us last season.
  2. Christ could the commentators love Swindon any more?
  3. That’s one too many. What a ridiculous situation we’re in when there’s tickets left for our end, and the club’s made it so difficult a fan’s had to go the home end. I’m working this Sunday so can’t go, but I don’t live in Stoke so I also wouldn’t have been able to get tickets. It’s a farce.
  4. Joke really. We’ll probably end up not selling out and because they’re so useless we’ve got fans going in the home end. How hard is it to have a couple people answering phones?
  5. Only complaint I would have is over the synetics staff and ticket office staff being naughty and giving them their friends. People have been moaning saying there’s no loyalty scheme, now when the club gives them to people who go every away game they’re moaning again. As for boxes getting 8, they’re spending a fortune and it’s not like just one person sits in there alone.
  6. That’s not true. He’s just had a poor end to it whilst playing through injury.
  7. Doubt anything will happen, but it’s truly disgraceful from Scunthorpe. Imagine if we were in Northampton’s position.
  8. They came from that knob Pope’s interview where he slagged him and multiple others off.
  9. Get u sen down stoke. Don't need Fans like you. What a joker. I’ve spent many many hours this season travelling to vale games, queueing up for tickets, and have spent hundreds of pounds on supporting Vale. Joe and other fans like myself are entitled to be a bit miffed about the crap Vale fans have had to endure over the last two decades.
  10. Don’t see how you can argue with any of that mate. I’ll always go Vale till the day I die, but it hasn’t half been a <ovf censored> life supporting our club so far for people like us.
  11. I’m 23 so basically the exact same. Sick of it.
  12. Good job he was playing centre half today then wasn’t it
  13. I admire your positivity but just can’t see it myself. Wouldn’t be surprised if we drop out the playoffs since Sutton only have Harrogate.
  14. I’m resigned to that being us. Nothing I’ve seen in my life makes me think otherwise. Vale is a life of disappointment. Thanks to my Dad for that.
  15. Never gonna happen. We’d have to rely on 3 other teams and also beat Exeter.
  16. The sad thing is it’s predicable Vale as you say. I’ve a friend who’s a Lincoln fan who I was talking to after Walsall and he couldn’t believe it when I said I’ve only seen one promotion in my life. He said you’ll go up easy. I said it’s Vale it’s never easy. Yet again they let me down.
  17. Thought about the game a bit more and I still feel utterly depressed. In my entire life of watching Vale, which is over 20 years, I’ve seen one promotion. I’m sick of being a laughing stock.
  18. Peoples bias towards Smith is unbelievable. So because he plays as a centre half on the side of a back 3, he’s let off for his atrocious performance. But for Hussey, who was also diabolical, a left back playing at centre half, this argument isn’t applied, and rightly criticised for his performance. Call a spade a spade. Smith and Hussey were <ovf censored> today.
  19. I’ve got a season ticket. I’m extremely negative. That was absolutely <ovf censored>.
  20. Also yes Worrall was poor, but by Christ he doesn’t have half a job playing with Smith next to him.
  21. Well, what can I say. Absolute bottlers. Might not even get play offs. The first half was absolutely disgusting. The only players to come out of that with any credit for me are Martin, Pett and Garrity. Smith was absolutely atrocious. And I never want to see Hussey in a vale shirt again. Was nice to see DC and his family on the pitch at the end, only positive thing about the day.
  22. On the bright side, considering our goal difference we are basically guaranteed play offs. Considering where we were after Colchester that’s quite an achievement. We’ll need to play a lot better than the last couple of games though if we’re going to win them.
  23. Agree re Benning. He was terrible today, Hussey played far better when he came on.
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