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  1. Agree with this. I feel Pugh will go 442 at home as above.
  2. Nice couple of moustaches but whoever plays up front they need someone playing alongside them. Especially at home. Beautiful!
  3. 2 up front for the next game please. Good point today
  4. Even though I understand the 433 / 451 system and the reasons of why might set up like that tomorrow, I have a horrible feeling that we are going to get more of the same as we did under Askey, at times. I.E. having one up - we don’t score enough or create enough chances. Some lovely football played at times but no end product. I understand the players weren’t playing for Askey, injuries etc. but even last season we never seemed to score that many. But last season we were quite solid at the back. I know formations are swings and roundabouts but I want us to go take the game to the opp
  5. Difficult to know how Pughy may go against FGR. We played well playing 442 on Saturday. But we were at home v lowly Grimsby. Clearly, a tougher test this Saturday. For me, if going for 442, who do we play as the middle two in CM? Not really sure? I feel that we will be playing 433 again particularly as FGR are a decent side. However, after Saturday, I would like to see us play 442 with the same direct play. Crosses from the wing, balls into the box, having 2 upfront. So: Brown Mills. Smith. Bris. Monty/Fitz Joyce. Conlon Tay
  6. I think someone mentioned it yesterday but a midfield 3 (if that’s how we go for part of the remainder of the season) of Manni, Conlon and Taylor should be pretty decent. Even if we went with a 2 in the middle of midfield, I go with a fully fit Manni and A N Other. Hope he’s back soon.
  7. As others have stated, there are no guarantees with any manager. I’m certainly not anti Pugh.
  8. I have a feeling that we will go with Pugh/Sinclair at least until the end of the season.
  9. They had more possession but they didn’t really make any in-roads through our defence. We were less of a threat but as I’ve said, we didn’t need to be. We were 2-0 up.
  10. I think we’ve seen already that Pugh/Sinclair are willing to make tactical/formation changes already.Like in the second half yesterday. One consideration I feel though is that the players need to know their own role and what is expected of them on the pitch. Too many changes may, for some, players, be confusing. Therefore, I feel that we should try to settle on a ‘style’ but change things (like yesterday) when/if necessary.
  11. Work rate of players - clearly better. Especially when we didn’t have the ball. Formation/Tactics: Playing 442 - We didn’t play the intricate football we played under Askey (at times) but we were much more direct. I.e. getting the ball down the wing, crosses into the box from the wing, long/high balls into their box. It’s more simple tactics but was effective. Especially with 2 up front. Much more of a threat. More for the opposition centre half’s to think about. However, playing 442 - bossing the midfield is a bit of a worry. If we go for Pugh I think fans may need to (at first) adj
  12. I think some of our players should watch some Roy Keane videos, both as a player and pundit, and take on board his idea of playing for the the fans, the club, their families and themselves. Really poor!
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