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  1. Back then I wasn’t really much of a Vale fan. (I know, totally unacceptable). Anyway, don’t know much about the 2-2 draw. However, I do remember the home tie. Me and 4 friends happened to be walking past the Bycars Stand at halftime. The gates to the stand were wide open. We stood and considered our options. Do we go in? Will we get our collars felt? Whilst standing pondering what to do, an old chap walked past us and muttered “Get your sen in lads.” This was all the encouragement we needed. In we went. A couple of us bought a tea and hovered for a bit. Eventually, the gates clo
  2. Walsall and Colchester are also right in the relegation melting pot. Both dropping like a stone, obviously a massive game next weekend. Come on Vale
  3. Overall, Legge was really good tonight. For me, back to last seasons form. Everything else has probably been said. Played well tonight. Smells like the Notts County a couple of seasons ago. Surely one goal and everything changes. Releases the pressure. Come on! UTV
  4. Great news about key players being back. Got to keep them fit. I appreciate it is early on on these players returning but I suddenly feel much more hopeful about survival.
  5. I totally agree. I think Clarke wishes he had Mills on the bench tonight. With Gibbo going off and to bring Mills on, it’s a straight ‘almost’ like for like. But what else it does, is keep Smith, Legge and Crookes in the middle of defence, which has been solid. Brisley came on off the pace. I reckon with Mills on we would have got a point. (Also, thought Mills played ok against Cambridge, so surprised he wasn’t on the bench) Don’t want to comment on the the other aspects of the game as I don’t really know where to start. Need a bit of time.
  6. It wasn’t an easy decision. I could hear: ”ShallI I go Quigley? Oh no! I’ll go Pope” ”I like Amoo but I think Whitfield try’s hard” etc. Even started discussing managers. Do I go Aspin? You get the idea!
  7. The wife’s being going to watch Vale regularly over the last couple of seasons. Here is her ‘best 11’ in her ‘lifetime as a Vale fan’. She’s going 442. Brace yourselves: Brown Gibbo Legge Smith Monty Taylor Conlon Wozza Amoo Pope Cullen
  8. Just watched elephants playing football on Himalaya with Michael Palin on BBC 4. The striker looked pretty useful. Might be worth getting him signed up. He/she certainly knew where the goal was.
  9. Not really sure why you’ve quoted me? But anyway. So according to you, two poor teams then?
  10. With the adrenaline still flowing, IMO very little between the two teams today. Would have being ‘reasonably’ satisfied with a point AND a solid performance. Much better than Tuesday. Radio Stoke commentary was absolutely painful today.
  11. Grand day for a game of nogger! Standing outside in Bull’s Head beer garden. Pint of Captain Smith’s. Sun on your back (maybe? In the beer garden). Cheeky Vale win. Marvellous! Almost same team: Manni or Burgess for Joyce if not fit Guthrie and either Rodders or Swann
  12. That’s why as an owner Carol takes a step back and sees the whole of the club and macro manages the situation.
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