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  1. From what I heard on the radio, another decent performance by Vale. Especially the first half. Sounded, at times, a bit scary when crosses were coming in second half and they seemed to improve slightly. However, even then it sounded like we had plenty of chances to see them off. I’ll watch the match in full tomorrow and comment then. I still feel, and even more so now, that we have enough quality and strength in depth to be around the top 7 at the business end of the season. As an overview we’ve played 5 of the current top 8, or something like that and we haven’t done too badly.
  2. You may not but it’s just as much as an option as Worrall. He can dribble past defenders, can find the net and can pick a pass. He may be a bit lightweight but Conlon and Joyce are there for cover. Burgess is similar in the way that he is a lightweight player. Just making the point that it’s an option, especially at the moment when we are struggling in the final third. I’m not sure, in current form that Burgess offers any more going forward. He’ll arguably work harder when having to defend but it seems to be going forward where we need something different. More than
  3. Not sure Burgess is the answer based on the games he’s played this season. As Conlon doesn’t seem to want to get into the box, I’m sure Burgess’s job will be to do just that. More than happy to be proved wrong about Burgess. Would also expect Monty and Clarke to get down the wing. As Amoo is unlikely to play a full game, either Rodney on as a straight swap or push Monty on and bring Fitz on.
  4. With having a busy week at work, I’ve only just watched the full game against Cambridge. Generally, thought we looked comfortable in possession and on the odd occasion managed to get the ball out wide to make a decent cross into the box. Maybe on another day Monty would have scored the header and Theo’s shot not blocked on the line and Whitehead would have scored his volley to score the goal of the season. All if and buts - I know. However, I feel at times we are a bit pedestrian around the opposition box. Defenders and defences thrive when the forward play is slow and predictable. N
  5. I wouldn’t tinker with the formation. Keep 433. I would only make the odd change. Maybe Amoo? Two reasons- I feel like the side need a chance to get used to how each other plays AND those who could come into the side are not fit or they are injured. Am looking forward to tomorrow. UTV
  6. Others may have already said this but I’d consider trying Monty playing behind the central striker. I don’t have any problems with Whitehead generally. I agree - I would try Amoo from the start if ready.
  7. I apologise if I’m making points that others have made but it’s been a busy week. I feel that we need to take an overview of the situation. Yes, we haven’t hit form yet but surely there’s no way that with the quality of players that we have that they won’t gel together and hit some decent form. At the moment I’m remaining optimistic about the season and feel once everyone is back we’ll push on. Even before then. I understand the concerns (creating/scoring etc.) but I still have faith in Askey.
  8. Also, I wasn’t sure if any of the other forwards/wingers who have been injured recently are up to match fitness/sharpness. We’ve been unlucky with injuries (including Smudger isolating) so far and I do understand that fixture demands dictate that we will rotate. However, I also feel we need to try and get a settled team so that they understand each other better and understand the manager’s instructions etc. Maybe with a settled team and system, we’ll start to create more chances. I would take a point tomorrow but you never know - we are certainly capable (as long as Whitehead an
  9. Has to be the same as yesterday. I would start with the same front 3. I also think Askey will do the same. I understand the situation with Rodney - being ‘raw’ etc. but I would aim to use his power and speed initially. I do agree though that Robinson looked decent yesterday. Keep things nice and tight and try to pick them off.
  10. I’ve just watched the extended highlights (I appreciate that they are highlights) and Whitehead is involved in a lot of the forward play. The commentator even says something like ‘Whitehead has a bright second half’ or words to that effect. Not sure why he’s had so much criticism. If fit and not fatigued, I would play him Tuesday.
  11. When talking about being solid, I’m talking about the team (especially the defence) were solid. From reading the comments during the match I feel that Whitehead has been unfairly scrutinised because one or two people have made a negative comment about him. Then, what follows is others analyse his performance more than other players. I’m not saying he played brilliantly but he wasn’t awful. We’ve lacked the ability to create chance and he got himself into a position to get a few shots away. Maybe (like Monty) if he had scored, there may not be as much criticism. Also, when we cr
  12. I think that he needs to practise his shooting but was he ‘poor?’ He’s getting himself into shooting positions, hopefully he’ll start to find the net! I thought we did ok, overall. As I said, solid and created a few chances.
  13. Thought we did reasonably well today. Solid and made 1 or 2 chances. Think we need to appreciate that Salford are a decent side. Would have been happy with a point - delighted with 3. I have to say that some of the comments by some folk during the game are ridiculous, especially about Whitehead. It was never a red - even the first time I saw it. I understand that emotions can run high but have a word! We know that the way we set up doesn’t produce a load of chances but it does make us hard to beat. Another point is thatI don’t think Askey will make another tactical blunder aga
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