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  1. Not sure what's up with a lot on here. It was an attritional away performance. Similar to that that got us 3 points against Exeter. We're still in the game! Need to be on the front foot from the off but certainly no need to start flapping.
  2. My comment might be a little bit influenced by yesterday's performance but I would like us to sign Ryan Edmondson as a player who has a lot of potential. Has some experience, works hard, tall - maybe a bit of a target man eventually and has a bit of pace, also his touch isn't too bad. probably needs to work on his decision making in the final third but who doesn't. Upfront next season I would like to see 5 strikers on the books: Wilson, Proctor & another in the same calibre as these two but more a 'goal poacher' with pace. Edmondson (young with potential) and maybe a decent loanee.
  3. As usual on my two hour Saturday morning walk, I took the role of Port Vale manager. These are my conclusions: A must not lose game. Simple. Team A: A team whose only aim is to get a point. Plenty of sh*thousery: time wasting, breaking up play, feigning injury, winding their players, getting in the refs ear etc. etc. Stone Smith. Martin. Hall. Hussey Gibbo. Pett. Benning Garrity. Charsley Proctor Team B: A more ambitious side. Capable of beating any side in the division on its day. Will need majority of the players to be better than their opposite number to win and relies on the majority to have a 'good game'. This team could also expect to get that all important point. If fit: Stone Smith. Martin. Hall Gibbo. Pett. Benning Garrity. Charsley Proctor. Wilson Finally, Team C. A totally different animal altogether. A team set up to take the game to the opposition and go for an all out victory from the start. Again, relies on each man being better than their opposite number and 'having a good game'. Please note though, this team won't be going totally 'gung ho' as it knows it can't afford to leak too many goals. With the players we have available and if fitness allows, it could look like this: 4141 Stone Gibbo. Smith. Hall. Benning Pett Amoo. Garrity. Taylor. Worrall Proctor Already looking forward to next Saturday's two hour walk where I'll either be considering a team for the play offs or who to retain, release or who to bring in. Great stuff! UTV
  4. Strongest side we can put out. Looking forward to this. Come on Vale!
  5. 343 with the 3 strikers has not worked. They seem be each separate entities to each other. If we persist with 343 then use Worrall and Amoo as wingers to both get shots away and crosses into the box to Proctor. Would also need Garrity and the other winger getting involved. HOWEVER, do see anything like that happening. We'll play 343 and play 3 strikers who do not really link up with each other BUT I hope I'm wrong. I would go: Holy Smith. Martin. Hall Worrall. Pett. Walker. Hussey Garrity Proctor. Wilson
  6. 352 for me as stated on Stevenage forum: Holy Smudge Walker Hall Hussey Pett Charsley Garrity Gibbo Proctor Wilson
  7. The concession would be not to expand NATO. Surely, that's just keeping the status quo. We would not be giving Russia anything other than that. No war, no loss of life, no refugees etc. As above for my other thoughts.
  8. Regarding your thoughts on the outcome for Ukraine, I'm not sure that that outcome is more favourable for Ukrainians than a temporary concession??? It will be interesting to see how Russian public opinion plays out but I fear any anti Putin/ anti-war sentiments will be crushed. But we will see. I believe that Russian forces are invading Ukraine more slowly as to try to avoid as many 'unnecessary' Russian deaths as possible and therefore keep the Russian public 'on-side' as far as the Kremlin is concerned.
  9. A lot of what we are saying is clearly speculation. On my side: Russia not invading Ukraine if the west had given them a concession, on your side: Ukraine been forced to form an alliance with Russia. Others have also said that Russia would found another reason to invade Ukraine. My main argument is that I don't want to see the loss of life, terror, devastation, refugees etc. just for giving Russia this temporary concession. However we are clearly poles apart in our opinions and I simply agree to disagree. Again, respectfully, how do you see the situation in Ukraine concluding in the short and medium term?
  10. My opinion is based on the fact that if we made a concession to Russia, Russia would not invade Ukraine. Now we'll obviously never know how that 'way forward' would have panned out. Yes the relationship with Russia would not be fantastic but surely it would be better than the current situation. Also, there would be none of devastation that is now starting to play out, at least in the short to medium term: no loss of life, no refugees etc. Respectfully, 'How do you see the current situation playing out in the short and medium term?' For: The Ukrainian people, where it leaves the relationship between NATO and Russia, the world economy and the stability of Europe?
  11. My opinion is that Russia's actions could have been avoided if 'the west' had given a concession to Russia about Ukraine not joining NATO. Why do you think Russia have invaded the Ukraine? How do you expect to solve any conflict without understanding the opposing rhetoric?
  12. I feel that the west should have said that we won't consider allowing the Ukraine into NATO for say 25 years, to be reviewed after that. Don't like the phrase 'our fault' but when trying to empathise or understand the Russian perspective on Ukraine joining NATO, would we or the USA like Russian missiles in Mexico or similar for the UK? For what could be potentially lost, including hundreds (even thousands) of lives, Ukraine losing its sovereignty, instability in Europe/World, economic hardship, I feel that a diplomatic solution should have been found. Disclaimer: I have no political alignment with Farage. This (above) was genuinely my opinion before reading Farage's notes.
  13. I understand Ukraine isn't part of NATO but it's 'What are NATO going to do?' In response to 'For Us All' as oppose to what are the UN going to do? All this is to do with having the Ukraine in NATO which Putin doesn't like the idea of.
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