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  1. Taylor on the bench as well, according to Twitter???
  2. Same start as last week. Got to be. But the likes of Cass, Gibbo, Conlon etc., not are these players pushing hard for a starting position in the team but what strength we have on the bench alongside the likes of Amoo, Politic, Rodders etc. The signs are good. UTV.
  3. Dan Jones probably used as a CB (left side) to cover but Amos, I suppose, covering/starting at LWB/LB for Jones’ shift in CB position.
  4. I wonder why he’s only signed ‘til January? To suit our or his purposes? Or both?
  5. Played really well in most part tonight. Thought Gibbo and Cass down the right were fantastic. Midfield 3 worked hard and Amoo as a forward is interesting. Gives DC a real headache in terms of choosing players. Another observation was how comfortable we looked on the ball, especially with Cass, Gibbo and Benning from out of defence. To be fair Johnson didn’t do too badly with his distribution after his mishap. It just made me consider which defenders would be the most comfortable with the ball at their feet and be competent defending. This back 5 would be my choice: Gibbo Cass Martin Jones Benning With this defence and the midfield options we should be able to ‘boss’ most sides in our league. I appreciate it’s a little controversial not to include Smudge/Legge (I love both by the way) but these players seem very comfortable on the ball and get forward. I also think that if we are going to go 532/352 then I would go Gibbo over Worral.
  6. Protect as many ‘key’ players as we can and give game time to those who need it. Apart from the cash - I don’t really care too much about this. Just need to avoid injuries and fatigue. Need to be on it Saturday!
  7. I reckon another 532 formation against these. I’d take a point right now. However, and I know it won’t be against FGR but I really want us to play the new signing ‘Politic’. He looks and comments suggest that he could be quite exciting. I’d love us to really take the game to Rochdale when we play them in a couple of weeks. I think the Rochdale game is where we really should be looking for 3 points. I want to see us play a more attack minded team. Not just against Rochdale but when we play at home generally. Get some wingers on but actually playing as wingers. A bit premature as we aren’t playing Rochdale for 2 weeks but a 433 for me. Take the game to the opposition at home. Give the fans something to get excited about!
  8. Heaven knows what how we’ll set up? Could be anything! However, I reckon same formation (532) with Wozza behind the front 2. No doubt it’ll change though.
  9. Generally speaking! Like Tuesday, for example.
  10. If/when we sign a left winger, how do we see this working? In a 532, will they start? If they do start, will they have enough of an attacking impact on the game? (A bit Worrall’s dilemma at RWB) Will they be an impact player? Like Amoo? Obviously certain formations might see the winger start AND have more of an impact: 442, 433 etc. But will we start with a formation that suits/gets the best out of the new winger (any winger) very often? I appreciate that we need the flexibility within the squad to play different formations (a bit like yesterday) but we’ve got to allow some these more attacking players to play in a system that allows them to flourish. Not saying we won’t BUT just not sure how I see things going?
  11. From an outsider, refereeing seems an odd ‘business’. I certainly think improvements need to be made, however and from whoever is involved. I suppose if he had had a microphone his explanation would have been something along the lines that he saw Stone trip the the forward (for the penalty) and saw one of our players foul their keeper (for the disallowed goal). But he was miles away from play for the penalty and he didn’t/couldn’t have seen it because it didn’t happen. Likewise the foul on their keeper. It didn’t happen. Its almost like they think ‘What’s the easiest way of me getting out of this?’ (‘This’ being an incident that has happened BUT they haven’t actually seen) The answer always seems to be the same: blow for a foul on a keeper, give a foul to a player who clearly dives but the incident is too far away to see etc. If you (or the other officials)haven’t seen it - don’t give it!
  12. I’m sure refereeing is a little more complex than I fully understand with knowing all of the different rules etc. and also having to be extremely fit. However, when I’ve refereed lads football in the past (clearly without any training) one basic principle I went out onto the pitch with was: ‘If I haven’t seen it, I can’t give it’. I appreciate that that simple principle has its flaws but at least everyone knows where they stand. To me, refs give plenty of decisions on incidents that they have not seen! Why? This was evidenced on numerous occasions on Tuesday and every Vale game I watch. This needs to be addressed.
  13. To be fair, ordinarily, if we had converted more chances, I wouldn’t be commenting on the officials. However, as the officials were so poor last night, I would definitely have made comments about the officials if we had won. Also, after watching last night, I didn’t need to look at any stats to tell me that we were as good as they were for the first 60 minutes BUT absolutely battered them for the last half hour. The application of the players in the whole game but especially the last 30 minutes will do for me. Wins will come!
  14. If everyone’s fit, I reckon this is how we’ll start! Let’s just make sure Amoo is on the bench! Just in case???
  15. Am not necessarily advocating a particular way to play on Saturday but when we went to 442 last night, Worrall was like a bird released from a cage! He only needed to think about his attacking play. Which he carried out really well. I personally feel that he’s done ok at RWB but he could have a real/more influence as a genuine ‘winger’. ’Round pegs in round holes?’
  16. Must admit how Garrity played last night changed my perception of him. (Shame on me) However, I would still be tempted by Legge. Flawless last night. Think it’s great though, that we can pretty much, interchange our defensive players and still get a decent performance from them.
  17. I feel that to improve refereeing, people in general should have higher expectations. I don’t put up with certain things (like many others) in my every day life but it seems like for refs, we just have to make do. Even ‘be greatful’ that we even have refs. Not for me. An overall is required otherwise we get the same.
  18. Would that be the same if your child’s education was substandard? If you can’t do it yourself, you shouldn’t be critical???
  19. Totalling agree about refs having support/training etc. from the EFL/FA. I also think refs should have an induction/monitoring process that is rigorous and aims to improves refereeing. I appreciate that refs are humans and will therefore make mistakes on occasions BUT on occasions not the kind of refereeing on display last night last. Am fed up of leaving Vale Park talking about the negative influence of the referee. Again and again.
  20. Incompetent based on last night’s performance! Totally out of his depth. Wouldn’t trust him (or his colleagues) to referee a ladsanddads game! Get him out of the league!
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