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  1. Of course we want to win but there is still plenty of games left if we don't. Don't need to panic. I feel we need to get up and running again, abit like at the start of any season. Hopefully, this will start on Tuesday.
  2. I would like to play that side Joe. Just cant see Clarkey playing that formation. If he does, it'll be in the second half if required.
  3. Can't see Clarke deviating from 352. So: Stone Cass. Smith. Hall Woz. Garrity. Pett. Conlon. Gibbo Harratt. Wilson
  4. Yesterday we looked like a team who simply haven't played much competitive football recently. I'm only judging the first half and we lacked cohesion as a team, lacked match sharpness and maybe match fitness. Against a decent team, who were well drilled, who had match sharpness and were fit. They also had a forward who was very much in form and loving his football. He was very busy and looked a class above at times. This reminds me of the start of the season as it seems to me that we need to get back the qualities I mentioned above. Plenty of time left. Level heads required.
  5. What a side that looks! I'd love if we played that side!! Love it!! I bet the bench wouldn't look too shabby either! We should definitely try and take the game to Swindon on Saturday.
  6. 'Pleasantly surprised if we get promotion' What? 'Pleasant?' Pleasant is something I use to describe the weather. If we got promotion, I won't be using the word 'pleasant' to describe my emotions or feelings. I must admit that I did believe that you were a Vale fan but with a different outlook to many others (which of course you are entitled to) but after this I have my doubts???? Maybe you've made the wrong word choices. I don't know???? But 'Pleasantly surprised' Spiders!
  7. I imagine no signing today as we were scheduled to be in Harrogate so arrangements for signing Would probably have been made for next week????
  8. As frustrating as it was today, we've got to remain level headed. We've got a depleted squad - all forward thinking players. Our pattern of play reflects the lack of forwards. As people have said the league is not won or lost in December. I firmly believe that we have a squad that is good enough for promotion. However, we are going to find the next few games difficult without a full squad. We'll have a full squad to pick from in readiness for the promotion/play off push. As well as this we'll have added an additional forward in January IMO. Newport were decent but when the opposition haven't got any forward players and can't get up the pitch and give the Newport defenders anything to think about then it becomes easy for them! Just keep pressing us! We'll bounce back. Our squad is too good not to. UTV
  9. Thought defence looked decent against Rotherham. Today’s defence looks more comfortable on the ball but IMO not as good in the air as Tuesday night’s defence. However, I’m not sure if Burton lump it up or try and play on the deck?
  10. Played well tonight. Enjoyed it. Lads put a lot of effort in all over the pitch. We certainly looked like we could have won it in the second half.
  11. Gets a bit of match fitness into some legs. Reduces the risk of injuries in others. Think that this is an extremely difficult match. Would be focusing on try to get to 3rd round of F A Cup and a potentially big money game than risking 1st team players. Bare in mind we have a league fixture next Tuesday as well. Also, I didn’t think that it looked a bad side!
  12. With having no strikers, I might be tempted to play 541, at least at the start. Try and shut up shop. Grab a goal from a dead ball situation or win on penoes. Something like: Stone Cass. Martin. Legge. Johnson. Amos Walker Garrity. Burgess Taylor Amoo Or something like that?
  13. With all due respect he was playing as a striker. I think that says it all that you are talking about his defensive contribution to the game not him being a goal threat. Maybe he should play as a winger??
  14. I think that we can all be in agreement that Rodders needs the support from the fans (like all our players) but it doesn’t change the situation that at the moment, regardless of the fans booing or backing him, he isn’t playing well enough. Especially if we want a promotion push and with our 2 main strikers out. He’s one of the more frustrating players we have. Seems to have a lot of the tools to be a good footballer but he just seems to have lost the tool box.
  15. Without strikers, it’s going to be a difficult December and looking at the January fixtures, it could be a difficult 2 months. Am certain we’ll be bringing in some attacking cover in January.
  16. I think someone else has already mentioned it but I’d start with 451 (defending) 433 (attacking). Try and scrape a 1-0 win. Seem to have a few injuries at the moment.
  17. Must admit, I didn’t hear any booing at Rodney either. Not saying it didn’t happen. Maybe it was because I had my hood on all game. IMO if we have aspirations of promotion, I’m afraid at the moment Rodders isn’t the answer. As I said previously, how long do we wait for him to find form? Especially with Wilson and Proctor out?
  18. Ahhhh. He was. Not about having a ‘boo boy’. Just simply not good enough. There could be a player in there but how long are we going to wait?
  19. Rodders was awful again! I appreciate that he may not be a striker but ‘spiders’’ . Should be looking to get him some National League experience come January. Bring some new players in.
  20. Just back from the game/pub. Not a great performance by any stretch but will take 3 points. Hartlepool = awful. Second worst side I’ve seen all season. As an aside: Great to see the almighty Walsall doing so well. Well done to Walsall players for playing so well against Vale (not really you were terrible) and then putting promotion pushing Carlisle to the sword. Clarke’s at the wheel!
  21. If Taylor’s out and Conlon, are we going to see Walker, Pett and Garrity in midfield OR are we going 343 or 442? Even then, who’s the middle two?
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