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  1. The hardest thing for me is to say release Tom Pope , has to be done but doesn’t make me feel sad .
  2. Trouble is we look at this as fans , where as DC and DF see things differently as cold blooded professionals. I would not be surprised to see one or 2 odd retentions from our perspective eg Fitzpatrick gets a contract and Monty doesn’t. .
  3. Football is a hard school and to be honest a lot of this squad is Midland Bank . This season is an opportunity missed to go up . DC is spot on 13th for vale is not good enough. Sack the deadwood and wage stealers and move on .
  4. Sadly I feel Pope time at vale is up , he’s had a poor season though injury etc and he’s 35 years old Would I like Pope next year ? That’s a real question my head says No but my heart says yes . I think DC has a hard decision on Tom
  5. I love the idea of The Pope leading us to promotion next season , but sadly I think manny played more games than him or maybe not . But he’s 35/36 I think he’s time is up in league 2 . DC what ever he does with Tom won’t please everyone.
  6. Crookes was at the open day no where near the squad
  7. Brown I think will Stay , however that Man City keeper needs to play a few games see if he’s got it at this level . Guthrie that should be a simple no but my god his last 2 appearances he played well , but I feel it’s a little to late. Joyce I’m unsure if there is anyone who available who is better , but that’s my lack of knowledge rather than Joyce being brilliant.
  8. Hard one for me as when fit he’s one of our better players .But 16 games a season given the wage he is paid is a poor return for the club investment. So it logical to get rid and move on . Sad top bloke and player
  9. Why would anyone buy him when he could go for free in June
  10. Think the ref on Saturday v Harrogate was excellent best ref we have had all season thus far .
  11. He’s more Clough like for me , I’m half expecting him to say Nathan Smith Phillip
  12. It looks good at moment . What’s impressed me is we start out 433 them morph in 352 then back to 433 then back to 352 . In this respect it’s one of the most fluid vale sides .It’s no wonder teams are having difficulty against . Well done DC and the coaching team .
  13. There only one Lee Collins , there’s only one Lee Collins
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