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  1. Covolan Smith Martin Johnson Wozza Benning Conlon Walker Pett Wilson Rodney think this how we will go picked with little knowledge of football management .
  2. 1 Bristol Rovers 2 Salford 3 Mansfield 4 Port Vale 5 Northampton 6 FGR 7 Walsall Bottom 2 Swindon Town Hartlepool Quote
  3. Trouble is Mckirdy there’s a player in there for sure but I think he lacks the mental capacity reach his full potential . I look at Ricky Miller and McKirdy and see the same player with the same issues .
  4. Saw him last night like a very raw Griff is good enough ? Time will tell
  5. I love the Pope to death but he wasn’t fit after his ban and the got injured and never looked fit afterwards. His tenure at Vale had to end some time for me it’s was right .
  6. Stone D have been left with the Meir KA facility at spot arcre near Meir Heath it’s decent facility tbh with plenty of room .
  7. I’m not a football manager or coach but I trust DF and DC these 2 players can be improved by coaching and that’s the trick with league 2 recruiting I think. In the age before social media we would of said good one and waited to judge them on performances not on some comments from fans who know as much about professional football as I do .
  8. If Wilson Benning Sweeny and Jones come on board that for me is a good day at the office. Will it happen god knows ?
  9. The season is not at its end yet until Mondays play off final is done and not all retained lists has been revealed. I not got any clue when the club will announce anything but I expect post play off final day Tuesday will be the favourite.
  10. That is nearly the most stupid comment I have read . Are you having a laugh ?
  11. Only 78 pts off the playoffs .....and 12 players
  12. Visser good god! he was on years contract and he a pro so why would his representatives be pi$$ed off? He got injured , kept him on payroll while he recovered what the heck did we do wrong ? Anything to add controversies to a normal discharge process
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