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  1. Doesn't look promising for Tom Tbh think this article explains the injury Achilles Tendon Rupture: Symptoms and Treatments | Bupa UK WWW.BUPA.CO.UK
  2. What a rubbish 3 days tbh Dennis one his way and maybe Gibbo. Lucas has lost his marbles and Wilson is not fit, Conlon and Pett are out of form oh to be a vale fan
  3. We didn’t set up with 5 at the back we got pressed into by Swindon, there wing backs kept a high line and we had no answers . I agree they made us play deep. Only plus point is Harrett .
  4. I for one would not have a problem if up top we play Harrett and Wilson v Swindon. Harrett looks if he has good distribution, in the are he seems strong in the air, he has pace to burn and he knows where the net is. For me he's a better option than Amooo as a striker. Hope he kicks on and shows us his full potential.
  5. It be fair I thought Ben G was a <ovf censored> signing...wrong and George L was a good bit business....wrong. I know nothing that proves, but the new lad has ability, he gets my support and I trust the process .
  6. The nuts salaries in National league is a one season hit , hence the Wrexham Stockport etc gambling big this season . National League clubs vote to introduce salary caps | Mansfield and Ashfield Chad WWW.CHAD.CO.UK
  7. Think Ryan Burge has come out of drug rehabilitation again, Valepopey is sounding like him
  8. Your a clown mate need banning. Go support stoke
  9. The brit is near the incinerator where comments like this belong .
  10. Ooh would be a statement of intent but would he fit in with our dressing culture ? Apparently he was the catalyst for their captain (can’t spell his name ) to decant to Stockport
  11. The thought of seeing Whitehead in Vale shirt again fills me with foreboding.He is worst player I have seen a vale shirt in God knows how long, think I rather have Zack Mills back lol
  12. We're driving in the Ben Garrity hour (Ooh, you send me) You take me to the Ben Garrity hour (Ooh, you send me) You got me in the Ben Garrity hour
  13. I can testify that radio talk programs call people and put them in the front of the que for comments . I had that done to me on LBC as I had served In Afghanistan and Iraq and during the Afghan withdrawal and given my unit was at the airport they asked me for comments. Think this happens with Bryn
  14. We were appalling didn’t look after the ball, got bullied by a appalling smallsall side . I’m amazed by the poor performance of Conlon it’s got be he worst performance in Vale shirt.
  15. Clarke and Crosby what can I say they are fecking geniuses.
  16. I can’t help feeling uneasy about that result as it was so last season and I thought this squad is better than this.For me we need a big reaction on Saturday v Barrow and put them away . To be balanced we still 4th with similar points to last season but I am hoping DC won’t let us fade away same as Askey did.
  17. Just hope this isn’t a Tranmere moment and we go 3 wins from 25 games
  18. Great start but last season we were doing this well and the wheels fell off . One game at a time and trust the process.
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