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  1. That was funnest thing I have ever seen on a football pitch
  2. For me not starting Walker with Conlon and Pet was an error as Walker is the defensive rock that enables conlon and Pett to cause havoc. Today conlon got marked out of the game for 60 minutes. Terrible defending.
  3. Clarke said we were being done over run and needed another body .
  4. 442 doesn’t work as the 2 in midfield get over run, just like then first half Saturday. 433 seems the best fit for our current squad .
  5. We just got over run with 2 central midfielders 442 doesn’t work for us , only for 20 minutes against Sunderland 2nd team
  6. Well Derby just looked are on a Transfer embargo
  7. He’s not going who’s going to compensate us for a 3 year contact plus player valuation ? Certainly not Derby ?
  8. Radio lard is embarrassing, Bryn is a walking Tampax
  9. Well the calls for 343 have been shown to be erroneous…much better when we went 433 , maybe it confirms to Clarke we have a plan A 433 and a plan B 532 and can only play 442 for short periods .
  10. On second thoughts it’s like starmer having a go at Boris tbh
  11. Great pod , but The last hour was hard work as you can tell Pope is hurting. .
  12. So we are judging Wilson , Proctor and Rodney on 3 games hmmmm. I think with better service some of the half chances would be converted . It looks horrible at the moment as the midfield is unbalanced we’re playing 2 holding midfielders and Pett .So there’s no dynamism or creatively from the No8 role Conlon or Taylor would sort this . But I agree it’s crying out for 433 .
  13. It’s frustrating but football is a funny game Rodney will shank one then off we go , it’s not like we are not making chances is it? When you think we hit the woodwork twice 5 shots blocked all going in . Tbh it could of been 4 tonight but it will change .
  14. We looked average when we went 442 on Saturday, Amoo was as effective ashtray on a motorbike. Think 352 will remain until gibbo is fit then it’s 343 for me
  15. Were you watching the same game as me ? Odd the comment about Rodney .
  16. As bad as that is that’s football today
  17. Bit light on midfielders and ball winners tbh
  18. Covolan Smith Martin Johnson Wozza Benning Conlon Walker Pett Wilson Rodney think this how we will go picked with little knowledge of football management .
  19. 1 Bristol Rovers 2 Salford 3 Mansfield 4 Port Vale 5 Northampton 6 FGR 7 Walsall Bottom 2 Swindon Town Hartlepool Quote
  20. Trouble is Mckirdy there’s a player in there for sure but I think he lacks the mental capacity reach his full potential . I look at Ricky Miller and McKirdy and see the same player with the same issues .
  21. Saw him last night like a very raw Griff is good enough ? Time will tell
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