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  1. Condescending pair of prats Been wondering what those two goons really looked like and you'd never have guessed....
  2. Connaughton had played really well at Fellows Park to get us a draw in the first game too. That was my first away game at Walsall and we took a really large following, special train the lot. As a young lad I also remember the police throwing so many Vale fans out during the game for being bladdered. The replay still haunts, we were the better side till that goal then Buckley (spit) and his troops were all over us.
  3. There was also a testimonial game for Chris Maskery the Stoke player around 87 at the Vic and we also drew 1-1 I think. It might have been that game where the fans played? It was a bit lower key and I don't think there was much of a turnout but it was another night game like the one where Jones scored. The one in the 90's was George Berry's testimonial which we lost 1-0. Around 10,000 there for that, 2 or 3 thou from Vale.
  4. Could we have Joe Anyon please?
  5. I have the video of the 1989 3rd round game away at Derby.
  6. I came across a couple of old Wrexham clips from Match of the Day and the Big Match featuring Steve Fox. I don't think we have any videos of him in a Vale shirt but I enjoyed watching these, he scores too!. Also look out for Wayne Cigielski and Barry Siddall. v Wolves the season before we signed him v Sunderland in 79 (the day stoke went up unfortunately)
  7. Got 7. Pretty sure Albert Leake was truant officer when I was at Thistley Hough high school late 70's.
  8. Fair point on the 85/86 campaign but I always thought he was a shadow compared to the player that was so exciting and pacy for Stockport. I have to accept he still had enough to offer otherwise Rudgie wouldn't have kept him in the team. Perhaps the injury took its toll on his pace. I have to be honest, since someone mentioned Peter Griffiths I think I'll change my vote anyway!
  9. Oshur Williams please. He was another of those "good against us but crap for us" players from the 70's. Also agree with Peter Giffiths who was useless and Kevin Tully the original carthorse winger.
  10. Surprised you didn't think much of Sutcliffe and he only cost 3k, Roy Sproson bought him and he was right wing rather than mid. Wheras Dennis Butler was responsible for the expensive flops such as Farrell and Ken Todd who were Delgado's midfield buddies at the time. I'm sure you're thinking of one of those two.
  11. We had to pay Chester 15k as well. I'm looking forward to voting for him (Delgado). He was quite rightly voted Vale's worst player of all time a few years ago in the "Derek" and put Ville Villjanon into 2nd place which tells you something. Delgado confused me as a young supporter because he was clearly an organiser in the defence, but I couldn't understand how someone could be pointing and telling his colleagues what to do when he couldn't pass or control the ball himself. I seem to recall him falling over a lot and frequently setting up opposition attacks. He played in a poor Vale side to be
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