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  1. Not well organised if the needed a suitcase.
  2. We've had enough of state funded parties 555..... sorry.
  3. Demanding is difficult if you neither know or understand the rules. Exemptions....... you do not have to carry/show/display anything to prove you are exempt. It is illegal to demand personal medical information, even the police can't do it even though they regularly do..
  4. We are never going to be "alright", we may get by no matter who gets in but the lies and corruption will continue.
  5. People have been wearing masks here for a few years to combat polution, you were viewed as a little odd if you didn't. The pandemic changed that for people in the west considerably when people who didn't wear a mask were demonized by government advice, medical staff following "The science" and people in the know everything understand nothing category. Even if exempt they had to be worn or penalties were imposed.
  6. When they run out of booze?
  7. You will be telling me she makes her own toast next. 555 She may well select people from a presented list compiled by someone else but I doubt she does the research herself. Even if she does she isn't infallible.
  8. If she made the decision mate, which is questionable, she isn't above scrutiny or criticism.
  9. We're you at the table? Mo mowlam had more to do with it than Blair or Clinton.
  10. So he is just thick, incompetent and stupid then?....... the right stuff for a sirhood.
  11. He may have taken the credit but he didn't do the talking. Wasn't that about the time Clinton was doing free checks on gag reflex and acid reflux ? Seems odd the yanks taking any credit for peace talks when they were funding one side.
  12. To trust the process you have to trust the people in the process........ I don't...... do you?
  13. The idiot was handed a huge majority golden ticket and he is screwing it up.
  14. Boris the arse thinks it's ok to bring your own alcohol to a work meeting....... at least that's his excuse..... he has come out with some cack previously but Christ on a bike how bloody stupid does he think the public are?...... they ain't politicians Boris.... they won't swallow it. I hope.
  15. A major problem with slavery in the USA is that it was all avoidable. If they had followed the English example of enslaving it's own people with debt, poverty and class there would have been no need to import. Although it would have taken some time and Americans are impatient.
  16. Stan Mathews would have to go from Hanley. The steel worker would have to go from the museum given the environmental impact the blast furnaces had. Fire on the front of the Lewis's building would go given the cladding controversy. Any shop selling goods that were red and white stripes would have to go so as not to trigger my ptsd
  17. There is no supporting such actions. I don't care if actual laws were broken, there should be serious punishment for such stupidity and insensitivity from politicians/leaders/government employees, people who should lead by example. I think flogging would be a little excessive but a public birching could work.
  18. The defence offered what appeared to be mitigation of why they did it, which should be the judges decision at sentencing.
  19. No they can't mate. Prosecutors offer the case the way the facts look to them, defence disputes using whatever it can. Somewhere in the muddle is what really happened, which may never be known. The jury's job is to decide if the prosecution has proved it's case beyond a reasonable doubt on the evidence presented.
  20. It seems Labour are questioning boris's <ovf censored>...... sorry integrity. That's like asking a rat why it has a tail.
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