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  1. You shouldn't bet what you are not prepared to lose.
  2. All politicians lie.... some lie more than others because they say more than others.
  3. Allies like the americans? 2 years late, and only after being attacked at pearl harbour. Like the French whose impenetrable defences were breached in a day and demanded the British save them.... and condemned us for the withdrawal of troops at Dunkirk The Russians who change sides at the drop of a Poland Why would anyone else put themselves in the firing line. Would jezza pull the trigger if our allies were attacked?.... apparently not.
  4. The Lib Dems and SNP have lost their legal challenge to be included in an ITV head-to-head debate ahead of the general election on 12 December. The channel is due to air a face-off between Tory leader Boris Johnson and Labour's Jeremy Corbyn on Tuesday. The Lib Dems said they wanted their pro-Remain stance to be represented, while the SNP also wanted the issue of Scottish independence to be raised. But judges ruled there was "no arguable breach of the Broadcasting Code". In the High Court in London, Lord Justice Davis and Mr Justice Warby said the case was not suitable for judicial review as ITV was not carrying out a "public function" in law by holding the debate. However, the parties had the right to complain to Ofcom about the programme after it had been broadcast, they said. Lord Justice Davis said: "The clear conclusion of both members of this court is that, viewed overall, these claims are not realistically arguable."
  5. Now that's like saying if we get nuked we can throw up a few barrage balloons as a deterrent.
  6. So our security depends on someone else doing what we are not prepared to do?..... what if they don't want to do it to avoid being attacked themselves? Our deterent can not be reliance on a third party
  7. Jaw jaw is great if you have something to say and someone to listen.... it didn't work to well with Hitler and he at least pretended to negotiate.... and to negotiate you have to be prepared to give something and have something to give the other side want.
  8. It's not about retaliating it's about the deterrent..... if you say you would never use it it's not a deterrent.... if it's not a detterent why spend billions on it.... why keep it....... it's just a pile of very expensive junk gathering dust
  9. geosname

    Prince Andrew

    I doubt anyone did..... I suspect he held his own counsel and probably assumed his position would convince people he was truthful. Just goes to show position isn't worth the vellum it's printed on.
  10. The whole point of the deterrent is not knowing if it will be used.... that's the deterrent..... once people know there is no deterrent, unless they know you will..... for anyone with the trigger to say they never will nullifies the retaliation threat.... that's what jezza did..... if he had kept his mouth shut it wouldn't be a problem.
  11. Making the decision to incorporate all health issues, getting rid of any for profit companies, taking responsibility away from local authorities, remove the need for charitable support
  12. If you build from the ground up you can cut the top off..... and all the waste inbetween.
  13. As I've said previously it's the best idea we ever had, it was over budget in its first year and it's never been able to keep pace.... it was built on needs in late 40s and 50s and bits were stuck on as needed subsequently but the pieces never quite fit.... I wouldn't want to change the cradle to grave ethos but it needs rebuilding from the ground up with planning for the next century included, although forecasts are unreliable.... massive task, huge undertaking with mind numbing financial costs.... but worth it.
  14. Apparently the current system isn't adequate either..... if it was it wouldn't be in crisis every year.
  15. It's slightly amusing that the British people fall for the cack spouted by all political parties when elections are called. Money magically appears from empty coffers to buy votes and make promises to the electorate that will never materialise, homes to accommodate the homeless but not in your village or community, more in benefits, more on roads we can't afford to fill the potholes in, more doctors and nurses we can't find, more police to enforce laws we don't need and the new laws generated to protect "special" groups and a few laws that don't exist....... on and on and on and on. A question to the big two....... if the money is there to deliver all the promises why didn't you spend it when you were in office?..... please don't blame the previous administrations failures for your inability to deliver.... and don't pretend your financial inability will raise the money needed because you know it won't..... the only way to finance the promises you make is to borrow more, a lot more, probably more than we can afford to repay.
  16. Are Labour going after millionaires or just billionaires? Will we see the return of the infamous 98% tax rate? How many nationalised industries have made a year on year profit?... if they don't where does the money come from to keep them afloat? If the 32 hour week applies to everyone will that reduce the emergency services? Will it produce more jobs or increase overtime payments? Will it cover the armed forces? If jezza won't press the button why waste money on deterrents? If workers are given shares who pays for them?
  17. As simply and as concisely as possible.... the Tories didn't give a rat's ass..... Labour were useless..... and the unions took over. The only thing that's changed relates to the unions.
  18. I had enough of politics and politicians in the late 70s
  19. What makes you think immigrants will refuse to come to the UK?
  20. Tories have been in power for 27 of the last 40 years..... Labour are so bad they can't get them out. They are 10 points behind in the polls even though they blame the Tories for everything from selling off the NHS to heavy rainfall. The general default in politics is opposition bad you good..... everyone blames someone else.
  21. Has anyone calculated how much has been promised in spending by each party?
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