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  1. I hope they don't make a habit of giving a goal away so they can come from behind. Good win though.
  2. That was a bit like loosing a £10 note and finding an old penny...... then realising it's a 1933 George V penny worth about £70,000. Bloody great result.
  3. Billy Ocean. When the going gets tough, the tough get going.
  4. If it's in the terms and conditions of the sale of the ticket you have agreed to the search, provided you were able to agree at the time you entered into the contract. There are conditions to how and where they search. If the club are imposing any restrictions of entry (covid) Staff should also be adhering to the same rules/restrictions as applied to the public. Perhaps someone should ask if staff/stewards are subject to the same scrutiny before entry.
  5. I will admit that over the years there have been a few refs I would have liked to have seen on their knees...... with a large, well studded boot wedged up their passage. 😆
  6. 555 and that poor bugger hasn't even played one game
  7. Im not trying to justify what is acceptable or tell people what is acceptable. Im offering reasons why/how people justify it to themselves. It's not an issue to me, I don't do it, I don't care if others do. Whether they should is up to the individual to decide. As for taking the knee....... is it a team decision or the players making individual choices?..... I think some boo the action not the team, some boo for other reasons and some don't know why they are booing. The only people who know why are the people who do it. As a PS...... booing isn't new, it happened in the 50s, 60s, 70s etc etc..... it's not something that has crept in.
  8. If the team starts off by doing something some fans object to it may get a reaction (taking the knee) like booing. If pèople are booing the team not the action it may be residual and or accumulative, it certainly seem pre-emptive.
  9. Im not sure what you mean by initial, so I will assume you mean in this thread. Not everyone is a fan but everyone who buys a ticket is a supporter, even the away following supports the club financially. Some may be fans of other clubs, some may attend for entertainment. My mate was a fanatic I was simply a supporter. We went home and away, I went for the entertainment he had to go. Some don't like what they see and react others don't. Which is exactly what's happening in this thread, some don't like the booing and are reacting, which they have the right to do. The mood of the crowd is an integral part of the game, especially in the lower leagues, without the crowds there would be no clubs, no players and no one to support. Excite them, give them something to shout about and you are on a winner, P them off you tend to feel their ire. I don't boo. It's a waste of energy and people don't know what you are booing at/for most of the time.
  10. 1. bear all or part of the weight of; hold up. "the dome was supported by a hundred white columns" 2. give assistance to, especially financially; enable to function or act.
  11. Supporting isn't simply defined as encouraging but I see your point. It could mean paying your money to be entertained watching the game but we then get into defining the differences between supporter and fan. Whether players get discouraged by the crowd would depend on the individual player. Personaly I have always performed better when told I couldn't do something than when I got my ego stroked. That's just me, I have never had the desire to play football or be part of a team.
  12. You could of course turn that argument on its head and say taking the knee disrupts the mood of the supporters so the team are not helping themselves. They have the right to do it but the counter argument would be even if they have the right should they. I suppose it depends on how you define supporting the team. It's difficult, in my oppinion, to support a team not doing what you came to support them for, so unless they are playing are you really supporting them? I would suggest if the team were out doing "good works" that would be supporting the club not necessarily the team. As I have said it's not something I am prone to doing but each to their own.
  13. Im not suggesting that people should do anything except what they feel is right. People have the right to boo a minutes silence but it seems if they dissagree they don't observe it and keep talking, phoning, texting etc. I only show reverence to the silence in November but I wouldn't disrupt other like events intentionally.
  14. Im not generally in favour of booing players although I suppose it's the only way to show dissatisfaction in the moment. As for booing when taking the knee before kick off I see that as disapproving of the action not necessarily the team, and although I wouldn't do it myself people are allowed to protest legally. For every action there is a reaction etc.
  15. A time of silence is usually out of respect, some people don't have it. It's not compulsory.
  16. Suicide is one of the most difficult things to understand...... Unless you have been at the point of making the decision. It creates a sadness like no other.
  17. Whoever is buying the pies gets to choose the filling
  18. According to the missus England switched off very early on and didn't really do much up front.
  19. My missus is getting up at 01.30am to watch the match.
  20. I think a family stand with a family atmosphere is a necessity. Creating a statue of Sir John while he can see and appreciate it is a brilliant idea and a fitting tribute to the legend. The only concern I have is asking fans to donate funds to two major projects at the same time, especially after constraints imposed by the pandemic. I hope everything goes well.
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