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  1. Wouldn't make any difference, people buy a couple of bottles about 35 mins in and then stand in the doorways chugging them down before the second half. Don't see a problem with them returning to their seats with them.
  2. Cheltenhams a good away day, glad we get to go again next season.
  3. I'm fine with this, it's been a fantastic season compared to recent years. Starting in league 2 again next season is probably what we need to make the roots of the squad grow stronger. Giant steps this season, full credit to JA and DK , we've got foundations in place to have a great season next year. Fair play to Crewe aswell, they've been up there all season and deserve it. I would be gutted if I was an Exeter fan though, they've been proper shafted by this.
  4. Bradford suspended sales of season tickets yesterday, and different rumours games could be behind closed doors, I want to renew my season ticket, but dont want to risk 300 quid for nothing. Going to wait it out and see what the likelihood of matches happening before I part with my money.
  5. Is the season is made null and void, can we get Bury back?
  6. Agree, reckon there will be 800/900 tickets that go to category 2. It will be a bit of a pig fest getting one, unless the game is a dead rubber. People will be queuing from 6 o'clock for cat 2 tickets.
  7. The way things are heading, it could be played behind closed doors anyway.
  8. Seems fair, no doubt people will disagree though.
  9. I'd take this
  10. Good solid point, Cheltenham are nowt special, no need to fear anyone in this league
  11. Could we Raffle signed shirts and ball on the away coaches? Not just the club coaches but Charlie's coaches too? Every bit helps, theres 5 away games left.
  12. Agree with most of that. Only thing I differ on is, if you've got away tickets for the last 4/5 games of the season, you should be equal priority to a season ticket holder. Before I get jumped on, I am a season ticket holder and can see both sides of the debate.
  13. I hope they are taking note of who buys them, because I dont want to miss out on plymouth, already booked my hotel!!
  14. Minority spoiling it for the majority Phil.
  15. Good point away from home,not much atmosphere tbh in the away end though, suprised me
  16. Steady flow not a massive queue though at the moment
  17. Local plod wont be suprised when theres Vale fans scattered around the home ends then.
  18. Anybody know if they've received a new batch of tickets yet?
  19. As I understand it, you are allowed to accumulate millions of pounds worth of debt, as long as your income covers the repayment, bit like a loan. In city's case they've used personal wealth, and haven't put the club in debt, so they've been punished!! Beggars belief really.
  20. What was the initial allocation? Seems a bit conservative estimation. Should travel in big numbers to this one.
  21. Sold out of initial allocation, more tickets available monday.
  22. So what Football decides to do is punish a club who invested heavily in the team plus also completely regenerated the whole local area and created Jobs and better community for all. While just down the road at Bury and Bolton the same eyes watching over the health of football have seen fit to ignore. Which means we have now got one less team.
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