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  1. No I didn't have mine, you'll be on the system
  2. Thank you [emoji106] wasn't going bother but fancy a night out now the day is here.
  3. Different view of the penalty Deffo a pen from that angle.
  4. Twitter reckons there's an incoming signing [emoji102]
  5. Based on absolutely nothing except what I've read on forum's, I'm going to predict Ben Garrity is going to become the standout signing of the new players. Sounds like a 100 percenter with a great engine, the type of player who fans warm to. The new Andy Porter!! Legend in the making!! Of course if he turns out to be the new Ryan Lloyd, I shall be deleting this post and keeping my head down...I'm ignoring the negativity from Oldham fans, this lads going to be mustard in vale colours.
  6. Two solid signings so far, two midfield workhorses, trust the plan, we are smashing this league next season.
  7. Excellent Joe, brilliantly put [emoji122]
  8. Interesting development on here, the moaners have decided to run down the new signings before they've even been announced. I much prefer the the old system of players being announced, then even though we barely know nothing about them, we decide they are total dross, and we lack ambition. From what I've heard from DF and DC we are looking to recruit a more fluent and flexible squad, round pegs for round holes, rather than our normal square peg approach. Definitely a squad approach rather than standout individuals. Things are happening and players will probably be announced alongside a Kit launch openday and season ticket push. If anybody is expecting big names, I fear they are going to be disappointed. We need a squad of grafters who want to fight for shirt.
  9. Head of Media relations I've heard [emoji102]
  10. Desperate for a couple of strikers next season.
  11. No, basically took all the details off your last ticket. Fortunately because I'd forgot my specs.
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