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  1. Newport have named a very attack minded team today, probably saw what Tranmere did to us last week. But at least we won't be up against a ten man defence. Going to be a very open game, need to keep switched on early doors, and hopefully hit them on the break. Tough game but all games are winnable in this league, there's no stand out teams. Desperately wanted see Mckirdy start today, hopefully JA has got his selections right though...away win incoming
  2. As others have already said, Mckirdy and Cullen need to start, we need movement pace and creativity in the final third. Monty in at left back, the big problem is the loss of Luke Joyce, who plays there?
  3. Yeah agree with you, point i was making, we couldn't break them down, similar to Harrogate, and Morecambe. I think we've got the players in Robinson and Cullen, JA just needs to find a system that brings the best out them. We could have Mbappe and Neymar upfront, but if we don't supply them, and bring them into the game its pointless. On a positive note, once we work it out, we will charge up this league, roll on Tuesday.
  4. No idea, but they've conceded 24 times so far in the league.
  5. Kings Lynn have the worst defence in the national league by a country mile, they've shipped another 5 today. Just saying.
  6. Penaltly, corner and free kick. From open play we don't trouble teams at all. I get what your saying we've scored 3 today, but creating chances from open play and putting teams on the back foot? It just isn't happening.
  7. Completely folded, regardless of the Joyce sending off and the dubious penalty, we shouldn't be shipping 4 second half goals. We can blame the ref if we want, he certainly didn't help, but the truth is we got beat by a better side. We still aren't creating enough chances going forward, and its down to dodgy defending that we conceded 4 goals today, not Luke Joyce.
  8. Unsure about that half. Delighted we are 2 up, but there's not alot in it, Tranmere probably edging it. We look solid, very workmanlike, but lacking that extra something going forward. Think we need to introduce a bit of pace upfront after the hour mark, when they start commiting more men forward. Happy, but nervous so far.
  9. How bads Mckirdys injury? Was it cramp, or hamstring pull?
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