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  1. Yeah, didnt realise at the time that they were on general sale up to 2oclock so I guess people would get them whilst they get their match ticket. However some people wont be able to get there early and might have pre bought tickets.
  2. I have got it wrong they are on sale up till 2 o'clock
  3. Interesting that general sales start after the Cheltenham game. Whilst vale fans inside watch the game, a queue of day trippers will be forming outside the ticket office, first in line even though they haven't bothered going to watch a home match. Or have I got that wrong?
  4. Agree with you pal, the first paragraph I was quoting someone else's post.
  5. The number of walk up supporters on the day I think is never over 500...you have the Shanahan ticket pricing policy to thank for that That's exactly why vouchers for man city tickets would have persuaded a few more people to attend today.
  6. I meant for todays match. My maths if fine thanks
  7. Think Vale are missing a trick here. Ticket stubs for priority after season ticket holders, could have put a few extra on todays gate.
  8. Might aswell book a weeks holiday in manchester [emoji106]
  9. Shame its away, however only an hour away.
  10. The replay will definitely be on, no worries [emoji109]
  11. Are season ticket holders likely to be able to buy Two tickets?
  12. Guardiola studying Tom pope videos, fantastic draw. We should be making the next two home games voucher games for tickets. It will boost the Walsall and Cheltenham attendances.
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