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  1. If anybody listened to Blakemans commentary they will think their in for a treat.
  2. Weve played a lot worse teams than stevenage and leaked goals. Take the positives.
  3. First job was to stop leaking goals, we've done that tonight. That's a positive.
  4. I expect the same, although the defence has been leaking like a culinder all season, the midfield hasn't done its job of protecting them neither. Maybe Oyeleke or Burgess sat alongside Joyce to stiffen our resolve. Getting clean sheets is going to be the main priority, rather than chasing games all the time. It will be interesting to see who DC plays in that defensive midfield role. Fancy us to stink the place out tomorrow, park the bus and hit them on the break late on. And if that's the case il be delighted, we need some grubby one nil smash n grabs to get us clear of the bottom.
  5. I agree, irrelevant to some degree, 18 games left, our last 18 games we have been woeful and got 13 points. 13 points from the remaining fixtures would be enough (45pts) for us to survive. But really we should be looking at a much better return and finish comfortably in the middle. He's stuck with the cards he's been dealt until the summer, but even so, its about getting the best out of who we have. I'm still gullible enough to think we have a decent squad already, but for whatever reason it just hasn't clicked this season. A half decent manager can get out squad motivated and organised and
  6. I still reckon legges sending off at Mansfield was deliberate, either that or absolute stupidity. He hasn't made an appearance since.
  7. Nowt as fickle as football fans. Win Saturday and the majority will want danny until the end of the season, lose and this forum will explode with, we need a manager in asap!! I see it like this, its less than a week since Carol said they were starting an interview process, she also said it won't be Danny, and also gave a breif summary of whats she's looking for from the new boss. I'm not doubting her word for a single minute. He may be announced before Saturday and sit in the stand and let Danny do his thing, it maybe early next week before we hear anything. Either way we are getting a new
  8. Apart from a rumour on Facebook, does anybody actually know we are haggling over wages? That wasn't a dig, just a genuine question. Maybe the shortlist is being worked right now. Does anybody actually know Flitcroft was a done deal, or is it just assumed because of the bookies odds? Too many people claiming their in the know, when in reality, they've heard a rumour. I don't mind Pugh carrying on until we get the right man, speed not haste.
  9. Unless its Mitch clark on a permanent, im going to be very underwhelmed.
  10. Very happy tonight, great all round performance by the lads. Gibbo made a huge difference for me. Few contenders for mom, obviously Rodney for one, but I thought Guthrie was mustard today, great hold up play and chased everything, just needed a goal to top off a great performance. There will be tougher opponents for us, but well happy with that display.
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