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  1. I'm probably over thinking it. Most Saturdays there's only a couple hundred away fans at Vale anyway. Just thought the was this game is building its potential tinder box. I've done too many risk assessments at work lately [emoji1787]
  2. Main point I was trying to make was, it would be a lot easier to police if they were parked at synectics.
  3. Hope your right, and I'd love the Hamil to become permanent. Maybe I'm doing Burslems finest a disservice, let's hope for a vale win and a trouble free evening.
  4. Agree with you, it just looks like a recipe for trouble down there.
  5. I do like the idea of the Hamil as a home end, I've moved from the railway into there for Thursday. But for it to be permanent there needs to be a trouble free evening. Maybe I've watched too many Netflix movies, because my first thoughts were, great place for an ambush!! Best case scenario from a policing point of view, a vale win, vale fans still I the ground 30 mins after the whistle.
  6. Just seen the arrangements for away fans on Thursday and it baffles me why we've decided having the hamil for home fans. It must be costing us a fortune to police that. I presumed they would have synetics car park right next to the bycars, but their walking them up from Dimensions. That's a lot of dimly lit pathway the police have got to cover. Wonder why we couldn't use the far car park on synectics for away fans and charge them for the pleasure? That map the police have just put on twitter looks like an open invitation to local knuckle draggers who fancy lobbing a few bottles. A lot of police going to be needed to heard 2000 away fans down there.
  7. Some fans already booking hotel rooms for a Wembley weekend.
  8. I hope the Hamil actually makes a difference to the atmosphere, I disagree with most of the negativity on here, the one thing I do agree with is the atmosphere at VP. Starts off well, then decends into chuntering and groaning if we aren't winning. We need to create a 90 minute wall of noise, not just sing when we're winning.
  9. Tell everyone else mate, im with you on this [emoji109]
  10. Fans forum!! Never read so many negative comments. Please stay at home on Thursday night. We need to get Vale Park rocking, and get behind the players not moan and groan about them, you've got all summer to do that. Two good goals from Mckirdy were the difference, overall there wasn't a great deal in it. Fans can lift this team on Thursday night, it's far from over.
  11. Match prediction: It will rain pre match to get everyone nice and wet. Plenty of Arguments with stewards about getting more turnstiles open. Sun will then appear. Inside the ground we will moan about the price of beer and pies, whilst the smokers argue with the stewards about smoking. Stewards then retreat. Pre match sun is blazing in our eyes, and we're all calling the away end a dump. Five mins before kick off the first chorus of super vale away. Quickly followed by a song about a sex offender on the opposite side..this song will be the most sung song of the day.. Game starts less then 5 mins in, someone will shout Come on Vale these are s##t (guaranteed) lots of Swindon pressure first half, last ditch defending from vale. Tackles flying in everywhere, cue the chant you dirty northern barstewards from the Swindon fans. 43 min Swindon take the lead through non other than Mr Mckirdy, cups his ears to the vale fans, a few vale fans run to the front to shout abuse and offer out the police. Half time it starts raining again. Beer and pies run out, lots of moaning about Benning and Smiths contribution, and Stone should have saved it. Couple of half chances from vale second half. Stone down injured whilst we have a team talk on the hour mark. The sun comes back out. Wilson subbed on 70 mins. Vale corner on 76 mins, Smith heads it home, vale end erupts, a few people fall over the hoardings in their excitement. The same fans slating Smith at half time start singing, He's one of our own, and comparing him to Maldini. Mckirdy does his hamstring in the 83rd minute much to the joy of the away end. Nervous finish to the game, 6 minutes added time, nobody can work out why. Full time 1-1 draw, everyone's celebrating in the away end. Starts raining again, so we are nice and moist for the car journey home. Praise and grumble is on in the car, Ben rings up overjoyed and positive, followed by Carl who is downbeat and negative. Great day had by all.
  12. Literally been on general sale less than 3 hours when you posted this [emoji3]
  13. It definitely isn't everybody that uses the official coaches, if so I'm not in the click [emoji1787] we use the coaches regularly and this is the first time I've heard of this. There's people on the coach that attend every single fixture, I don't, we've been 13 away games. The people who go every fixture should get their loyalty rewarded in my opinion, don't begrudge them in the slightest, just make it transparent, and it's not a problem.
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