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  1. Head of Media relations I've heard [emoji102]
  2. Desperate for a couple of strikers next season.
  3. No, basically took all the details off your last ticket. Fortunately because I'd forgot my specs.
  4. Hardly noticed her, sign of a good ref. A couple of attempts by Harrogate first half to pressure her into giving penalties, she just waved them away, excellent.
  5. The bench might be interesting today, maybe T.pope and H. Mckirdy??
  6. I'm thinking the fact he was involved in the friendly against Hereford speaks volumes. If he was definitely being released Clarke wouldn't bother with him. Hopefully he's knuckled down and fighting for his career.
  7. Great stuff, didn't realise this hadn't happened before. The game should get alot of extra media coverage now, let's hope we put a performance in. Refereeing is a tough gig, usually one of the sides will be slating her performance, fair play to anyone who chooses to take up the whistle as a career.
  8. From memory he was played out of his natural position that game aswell. Shame about Mills he was starting to turn a corner, but must say I'm exited about Mckirdy getting another run. If Clarke can get the best out him, which he must feel he can, we could have a baller on our hands. He's basically got a six week shot of landing a contract. Hope we can see the other side of Harry now.
  9. Whatever compo we paid for DC it's been worth every penny.
  10. Walsall and Colchester can't buy a win. Getting interesting now Grimsby and Southend are picking up points. Don't think we've got enough points yet, but the way we've been playing we will definitely have enough soon.
  11. I was all for a walsall win tonight, that was until I read the comments on their forum about DC and our relegation fight. Which incedently hardly anyone's posted on since we beat Newport. There's alot of hatred for us down there [emoji1787] I'm fully behind Southend tonight, I hope they smash them. As for the Crawley game, really fancy us to knock 3 on the trot and pull us clear of the pack.
  12. Soul destroying watching this every week , another dire clueless display. No quality whatsoever
  13. Every fixture is a winnable game in this league, no standout teams. Starting today nice 3-1 win incoming.
  14. That feels worse than a defeat, so frustrating!!!!
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