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    Wow. Just wow. This thread represents everything wrong with Vale fans and why we'll never get anywhere or attract big numbers. So there's a (fairly relaxed) dress code for the posh seats. Some people obviously disagree with that, but rather than actually see the other side of the argument or, God forbid, asking for clarification, there's talk of protests and how it's such an awful thing to do. Give over eh? For one, it seems sensible to me to give people who pay a decent chunk of money a higher class experience. By doing so, we may be able to attract better and bigger sponsorship. Secondly, it seems to me that the dress code allows a decent pair of dark jeans, trainers and a polo shirt or even t-shirt. Basically something even approaching smart. Thirdly, what happened to goodwill towards the owners who just paid 4 million+ to rid us of Smurf? If for that 4 million they can't make even minor changes without being threatened with protests then something is seriously, seriously wrong. I think some people need to decide if they enjoy supporting the Vale or just enjoy moaning.
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    What is the obsession with 4-4-2 at home? Askey will play his favoured and worked on 4-3-3 formation and rightly so. Also, it's not one up front, it's three up front with Oyeleke linking it all up. Effective and well drilled in my opinion.
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    Spot on. Every decision cannot be made by a vote with the whole fan base. To me the only issue is that what the dress code is should be known before you commit to the expense. You then choose whether you then want to abide by what the dress code is. For that reason only The Shanahans are right to delay implementation, but you really would have expected more goodwill from the fans towards 2 individuals who have just purchased very very expensive season tickets to benefit us all.
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    Never been keen on dress codes, I just wear what I feel comfortable with. I think a dress code in these circumstances isn't the best idea, it seems to create a bit of a them and us situation that the owners seem to want to avoid overall.
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    Irony Jeez [emoji23][emoji23][emoji23][emoji23]
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    Good news that Ryan Lloyd should be fit for the game!
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    Agreed 4-4-2 is one of the most outdated systems in this day and age. Almost guaranteed to get overrun in midfield.
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    Lyon is underrated in England. He gets a lot of drift and overspin, which allows less lateral movement to become more valuable. Amazing to think that a few years ago he was the groundsman/net bowler in South Australia, his development is really a testament to hard work. I wouldn't worry too much about either of the Marsh's, both of whom are flat track bullies. Starc and Hazelwood however, are both formidable replacements if any of the quicks break down. I don't think that a green top would necessarily make a difference Sage, given the technical deficiencies of our batsmen and the quality of their bowling attack. Paine will not be dropped - Wade's keeping is not really up to scratch for Tests and he's in for his batting only while Carey might be more of the long term option once they can give the captaincy back to Smith. Conversely, I don't look at our side, or their backups with any great confidence. Without wanting to overreact or be typically defeatist about English cricket, you are right in that there are so many issues to address. I love watching Roy bat, but why is he in the Test team? It's embarrassing watching him score at a strike rate of 20, knowing he is trying to be cautious and conservative because if he gives his wicket away, he will get pilloried. If he is in the side, surely he needs to be a Warner type counterpuncher at the top of the order (incidentally, what will happen once they get a good start! Bancroft has been playing in England and Warner is surely too good to fail all series...) I think Curren would be a good addition if we can also add pace to complement his lack of it - he's a change of angle as a leftie, plus he scores quickly when batting so would add a little zest. For all the talk of the talent in the middle order, yesterday was entirely predictable; we always get rolled when having to bat for a draw, because we eschew natural positivity for being too defensive, get stuck in a rut, then get undone by either frustration, or a decent ball. By being positive and putting a bit more pressure back on the bowlers, I always think you are in a better mindset, and less likely to get out. At the end of the day, what can you do if you get an unplayable ball whatever the scenario. All in all, worrying signs. I don't think there is much between the 2 teams to be perfectly honest, but we need to recover quickly from such a poor start.
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    I saw Rawlinson a few times for TNS and he always impressed me. Considering the gulf in standard between the WPL and the EFL I thought he did ok, especially as he is an out and out central defender bring asked to play full back. I would have liked to have seen him have more of a chance at centre half, where he may have expected to play after joining us. However, from where he came it is still a decent move. Good luck to the lad !
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    I think the initiative to raise standards through out the club is to be applauded,if I could afford the kind of money to have a box (Highly unlikely) ! I would hope that the standard of dress reflected the cost of the box, I wouldn't want to see people wandering round in scruffy clothes, football shirts and shorts. Sorry if that offends those whose chosen clothing is the above, I dont mean to offend, but I am surprised that there were no restrictions in situ in the first place,so good luck to Kevin and Carol in your attempts to raise our profile.
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    That’s a good statement. Not really seeing the issue though. You wouldn’t get into even the cheapest paddock at Ascot or Aintree without a suit so why wear scratty jeans in supposedly presidential/corporate level seating.
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    email is excellent response Dear Hospitality Box Holder Firstly, thank you for your support, as we enter our New Era at Port Vale. We are overwhelmed by the response of the fans and especially to you, our hospitality customers, who very quickly showed your support. Thanks to you, we now have a healthy, but frustrated (!), waiting list for our boxes and President seats. Our aim throughout the club is to raise the standard and bring back the pride to Vale Park that we have all seen deteriorate over the last few years. To this end we emulated a number of other clubs and looked to introduce a dress code for hospitality. Having received mixed but emphatic “feedback” we feel that within our enthusiasm and excitement we haven’t worked in the collaborative manner that we always aspire to. We have therefore, taken a decision to delay making any changes on the match day Hospitality Experience (other than the food of course). Over the first two home league matches (Northampton and Forest Green) we will look to canvas your opinions on everything from food, service and dress code so that we can produce a set of guidelines that everyone feels comfortable with. Please can we emphasise that we can only influence off the pitch and not on! [emoji4] We look forward to welcoming you back to Vale Park for the new season.
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    Wish him well, clearly has a good mentality for Askey to have him back in the fold. Maintain the fact Aspin hung him out to dry at right back. Hope it goes well for the lad . Obviously we are now woefully short for the inevitable injuries and suspensions unless Crookes moves over
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    Good luck, Connell. Hope it works out for you.
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    I too wish him well. He hasn't had the easiest of years and seems to have knuckled down in pre-season and found his form again. All the very best to him.
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    'Just 2 appearances for Reading' would have been a journeyman compared to the dross Smurthwaite bought off that pop salesman.
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    I'm not disagreeing mate..... just stating the obvious
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    An issue was raised, politely, constructively & addressed Some seem to want to continue the point...on and on
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    I don't disagree mate..... some of the pantomime performances are amusing if you don't have a dog in the fight.
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    Serious injuries are quickly identified by the nearest player of either side and the ref called over to stop the game. Nothing is ever perfect but the outright cheating has got to be reduced. For some teams it is their game plan.
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    I’m with Johnson on this, let the ref manage the game. Too much gamesmanship involved and it’s one of these smaltzy sentimental things that gets attached to footie these days that turn me off, I’m afraid.
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    I wasn't counting Monty, not on long enough. Should have made that clear. But yeah, Cullen when he got that ball from Gibbo just froze.
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    Maybe the club read the outpouring of backwardness on the 'No cash at Colchester' thread and thought it best to bin the online ticketing system because it'd be too much for our prehistoric fanbase. On a serious note, I hope this is sorted by the weekend. Carol has spoken a lot about 'the North of the city' being our territory and I applaud the sentiment and ambition of that statement, but there's a large number of people who go to watch Port Vale and want to spend lots of money at Port Vale who live absolutely nowhere near 'the North of the City' or Stoke-On-Trent at all. We need to look after those people, too.
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    I’m sure it’s all just a very long series of unfortunate coincidences.
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    I'm going as a Timmy Mallett lookalike. Better not refuse me admission.
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    Protest threatened. I'm ashamed to be a Vale fan sometimes.
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    It's a non issue. I could list 100 things that are infinitely more worthy of a 4 page thread.
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    The club recognised this, hence the email and temporary halt to the changes. An extract “Ha ing received mixed but emphatic “feedback” we feel that within our enthusiasm and excitement we haven’t worked in the collaborative manner that we always aspire to.”
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    You've got to question the sanity of some of our supporters, kicking off about the pretty loose dress code being imposed in our posher seats. If you want to wear trackie Bs and a T shirt then sit in one of the 14,000 spare seats in the common areas. If you won't smarten up to sit corporate then there's a waiting list of people who will. You're not going down Saggermakers people, this is an executive experience that you should be dressing up for. I'd like to see Carol up the ticket prices. Need to price out the scruffy plebs that make the place look untidy.
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    Agreed, different markets, fans enjoying better facilities but casual, whereas corporate or occasion guests may expect something more formal. I know we are a long way off the expectations of Spurs or Arsenal. All my trips to Anfield were suit and tie jobs even to watch the Vale.
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    I was living abroad that season and my mum used to post me Sentinel match reports. Davis struck me as someone who was scared to death of Brian Horton so used to tell people everything was great, even when we were adrift at the bottom of the league and relegated by Easter.
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    If you dont understand the difference between the stand and corporate then there isnt much point carrying on. If it's one big community family..... what is the difference?
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    It's not a moan.... who decides what's terrible?..... A 20 year old..... a 40 year old..... a sixty year old. Personally I don't wear jeans, I would prefer a pair of loakes to trainers which I've seen at a similar price, and I've seen people pay more for a pair of jeans than I can get a suit made for..... I don't wear suits either. It's more about the feeling of exclusion, separation, segregation as opposed to the owners wish for inclusion, one big family?
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    Cant really understand why anyone would be getting upset by the intro of that dress code. It's hardly strict. It's basically not terrible Jean's or sportswear. Love a moan you lot.
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    Hard to judge him Geo 'cause the win/loss records of most of the guys he's fought are not available as they are unknowns. Only way to find out if he's a prospect or suspect is to put him in with contender level Heavyweights with winning records.against known fighters.
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    Someone who was at the game all five days told me yesterday that Woakes had been fidgetting with his shoulder when fielding so she thought he was probably injured. No other explanation makes sense.
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    Miller didn’t wear a suit, he wore a slightly altered barrage balloon.
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    That was going to be my next choice after the suit got the no-no.
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    With the aim of achieving what?
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    Doesn't mention mankinis, so Rob should be ok when OVF sponsor a match.
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    Apparently, so nobody feels victimised, we’re going to iron EVERYONE on the way in. All shoes are going to be removed, polished and then swapped back onto the correct feet.
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    Rawlinson leaves and joins Notts County. A great move for all involved, good luck to him.
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    All is answered here - Beano
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    Didn't Brian Horton say it when he was managing us and we were relegated?
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    I’d imagine we will go with the same 11. For me at home I would play Cullen over Joyce and go 442, wouldn’t be looking to bring bennet on as a winger either, either up top or not at all. Brown gibbons legge smith crookes Worrall manny conlon amoo cullen pope
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    Only one prediction from me on the nauseating Greed Is Good League. Blades, with Chris Wilder in charge, will NOT get relegated. Whatever else happens in this God forsaken division, I don’t give a monkey’s.
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    The club were warned about Bennell and did nothing. That's why they are to blame.

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