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  1. It would take 2-3 hundred in diesel for a coach
  2. Am I the only one sitting here scratching my head thinking “ where do we think we are going to magic up 10,000 home fans from “ ? In over forty years of league game we have rarely achieved that
  3. Hospitality sold out except a small number boxes , I believe vale get keep 100% of hospitality revenue ( please correct me if I’m wrong )
  4. Online sales for paddock stopped now as well
  5. Hall has played centre mid in the past [emoji2369]
  6. I’m just really pleased have a fit Taylor back just in time
  7. I wonder what that Rampant Donkey chappie thinks of that result ( sorry If I got his name wrong , I’ve had a few vodkas )
  8. [emoji1787][emoji1787][emoji1787][emoji1787][emoji1787] sod off
  9. He made no mistake mate , his posts are well thought out and reasoned ( in my opinion )
  10. It wasn’t meant to be , but I’m mindful that I’m awful with the written word , at work I let others check emails before I send them if it’s a sensitive matter as I wind people up I’m not like this face to face [emoji106]
  11. You fully understand why we struggled for form though and are just starting to find some consistency though , that’s great [emoji106]
  12. Imagine if they had Upto 5 of their best players injured for several games they may have struggled for even more form and consistency during that period , say from November to January You are right though us having our best player injured yesterday was key
  13. So by your own admission it wasn’t a must win game as clearly if you think it’s possible for us to still go up
  14. 51 points play for some of the drivel “ must win game” is absolute nonsense
  15. Good job it wasn’t though so don’t worry
  16. We may or may not regret it, we are barely passed midway through the season
  17. I’m not disagreeing , I’m saying they are the management team it’s 100% their decision [emoji2369][emoji2369][emoji2369] we can argue the toss all day long it won’t change the fact we have decided to go down the wage cap route, with large incentives based on performance I’m not saying it’s the right or wrong way, it’s the way our management team have decided to go Four fees paid in a season , in the main it’s positive this year, no matter how pessimistic and negative some want view it
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