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  1. I’m not saying anything I’m saying a gate of 8000 in fa cup will generate more additional income than the Bradford game, the club have all ready counted the ST money once, they can’t count it twice , I’m on about additional income as a direct result of this draw that will strengthen DC hand in January ( ST will not as this was budgeted way back and accounted for in the playing budget and the players we have all ready signed )
  2. You can’t take the ST money twice, so that makes no sense
  3. They may have Covid parties to spread it if the data carries on the way it is
  4. So they didn’t split our ST money then , they also didn’t cover all match day costs including policing
  5. I’ll be over the moon if it’s 8k plus ( so will Carol )
  6. We have roughly 5k home supporters, this isn’t going to double overnight , a gate of 7-8k would be great assuming they bring 1500
  7. I suspect a certain player may have similar thoughts
  8. He was an unused sub does that count ? Scratch that I maybe wrong
  9. As January window opening soon a big club home or away will strengthen our hand in the transfer market
  10. Looking likely we will need 2/3 forward players in Jan , that’s assuming politic won’t stay and that Lloyd goes back
  11. I’d say the current squad ( not individual players ) has far far more strength in depth
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