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  1. No income , no guarantee when there will be and some think 130k is reasonable , when if you include other benefits NIC etc will be closer to 160k !
  2. Winner either way then [emoji106]
  3. Just stating they are not [emoji2369]
  4. Fair point [emoji23][emoji23][emoji23]
  5. Port Vale caretaker manager Danny Pugh has said in a BBC Radio Stoke interview that the new manager will be watching the game tomorrow. #PVFC
  6. He took over pretty much when the chairman announced his first team budget reduction year on year , so basically each year had 300k taken away from first team for every year he managed there
  7. You are right mate He was putting upto 1.4m in until 2016 where he announced he would reduce this year on year by 300k for 5 years
  8. Using all club income for the club is a major turnaround though , reducing the alleged 30k a week losses to virtually zero is a major turnaround under the new owners , fantastic business people
  9. Clark decided to leave , personal reasons , I want Askey gone but there is some nonsense posted at times
  10. The owners have identified where they want the youth policy to go and are implementing the infrastructure, I wouldn’t be surprised to see more coaches
  11. With Manny back in training I’d like see him in the squad
  12. I don’t like cheats, I didn’t like Tudor when he played for us
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