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  1. They were 48 hours behind the first rumour on Rodney , do not trust that twitter account
  2. Must rate Rodney if offered contract length
  3. He would join Vale, but I’m not sure he’s an Askey signing ( I rate him though )
  4. He is moving to SoT, he has not found a club yet
  5. Clearly football owners can not regulate themselves in the main so yes 100% in support of a cap
  6. Be good move for him, his wife is from Sneyd green
  7. Oh contrare Expectations have rocketed , we no longer have a tool running the club who allegedly had to put 30k a week into the club Had he produced proper accounts we could of course compared detailed P&L during his tenure and after , but alas he chose not to.
  8. On an alleged 4500 a week, hopefully never in L2
  9. Ah, just their personalities you didn’t like
  10. Can’t believe you didn’t like Swan Walker Kerr Van Der Laan etc
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