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  1. Thomas 9 McKirdy 11 not much in it
  2. With Manny back in training I’d like see him in the squad
  3. I don’t like cheats, I didn’t like Tudor when he played for us
  4. If he buys you he will divide the club into separate trading entities , kiosk, wedding, shop sales etc then claim he is putting money into the club when in essence it’s the money from these separate trading companies
  5. Well if you are going to use stats in an odd crusade against a player at least get them right
  6. His record is far better than RB, don’t be shocked if he joins
  7. He played 24 games in their promotion season [emoji2369][emoji2369]
  8. He’s without a club and living locally
  9. Nope not him this time, definitely a winger [emoji6]
  10. Actually, he may have someone lined up
  11. Not at all, it’s insinuating Askey won’t hang around if players don’t want be here
  12. Askey certainly doesn’t mess around
  13. It’s amazing how good are owners are compared to any previous guardians, the ticketing system is up there on the long list of priorities
  14. Their fans really upset they didn’t Money
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