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  1. Ah, just their personalities you didn’t like
  2. Can’t believe you didn’t like Swan Walker Kerr Van Der Laan etc
  3. Well I’m sure you don’t want us increasing the budget , spending what we don’t have Versatility is the way
  4. Archer has pace, can also play wide Brisley will be solid enough, bags of experience Taylor I don’t know much about , other than he can slot in at LB if needed
  5. Good move for him close to his family
  6. Ernie will be head butting his keyboard and crying like a baby Lloyd starts
  7. Good , I don’t want them to pump money in , I want them to run the club as a business
  8. Some delightful jean and smart jacket ensembles on show today along with some ill fitting suits
  9. Good lad Bobby, that’s exciting the spirit
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