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  1. It would take 2-3 hundred in diesel for a coach
  2. Am I the only one sitting here scratching my head thinking “ where do we think we are going to magic up 10,000 home fans from “ ? In over forty years of league game we have rarely achieved that
  3. Hospitality sold out except a small number boxes , I believe vale get keep 100% of hospitality revenue ( please correct me if I’m wrong )
  4. Online sales for paddock stopped now as well
  5. Hall has played centre mid in the past [emoji2369]
  6. I’m just really pleased have a fit Taylor back just in time
  7. I wonder what that Rampant Donkey chappie thinks of that result ( sorry If I got his name wrong , I’ve had a few vodkas )
  8. [emoji1787][emoji1787][emoji1787][emoji1787][emoji1787] sod off
  9. He made no mistake mate , his posts are well thought out and reasoned ( in my opinion )
  10. It wasn’t meant to be , but I’m mindful that I’m awful with the written word , at work I let others check emails before I send them if it’s a sensitive matter as I wind people up I’m not like this face to face [emoji106]
  11. You fully understand why we struggled for form though and are just starting to find some consistency though , that’s great [emoji106]
  12. Imagine if they had Upto 5 of their best players injured for several games they may have struggled for even more form and consistency during that period , say from November to January You are right though us having our best player injured yesterday was key
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