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  1. Sorry nowhere near good enough that. Unlucky from Wilson at the end fantastic effort. 2nd half was better, a bit of urgency but results like this do not equal promotion. 2 points from Rochdale and Harrogate is pretty dreadful. No idea why the tactic is always hoofball and why we have to play 3 centre backs all the time. If we had beaten these two we would be 4th. Just throwing it away. Im a bit disappointed we kept gibbo on at the end just to hobble about. Issue is our games in hand have now essentially gone. Exeter and Mansfield now have games in hand on us. We should be 4th now just wasting games. That first half was dreadful and whoever thinks that tactic is the way to go needs talking to. I know I’ll get stick here. But Scott brown is better than our 3 keepers. Holy is dreadful.
  2. Get in there. No idea why the other one didn’t count
  3. What the <ovf censored> are them subs. Back 5 still
  4. Change it round FFS this is atrocious. Couldn’t look further away from a promotion side
  5. If anything they look more like scoring. <ovf censored> rubbish this is.
  6. Surely one of our many coaches can see this isn’t / was never going to work
  7. Why not bring Charsley on and go to a back 4???? Nah we’ve looked so threatening with a back 3/5 I’m sure Martin will really improve our attacking play with his range of hoofing the ball. Must be playing for set plays. That’s all I can think of
  8. No attacking changes. Make sense that. If anything more negative. Why can’t we drop this 3 <ovf censored> centre backs.
  9. It’s been the tactic since we came back from covid. I don’t like it but kind of get it when proctor is fit. But when we’ve got small players who are technically decent it just makes no sense
  10. Dire. No pace about the side. Hoofing it forwards. Only gibbons and hussey look like they want to try and get it down. Lumping the ball up to Wilson and cooper is about as dinosaur as it gets. Change it at half time go with a back 4 and try to score a goal. Other than hussey and gibbons who have been ok I think they’ve all been rubbish. Front line offers absolutely nothing. First time we’ve look shaky at the back so we need to attack a bit. I won’t hold my breath though.
  11. right. What is this tactic. Wilson up top. Lump it to him. He falls over. They win the ball. Repeat. What muppet thought that tactic would ever work. Get it down ffs
  12. Look like the only way we will ever score is a set play. Nothing going forwards yet again. Seriously don’t know why we bother picking a midfield when we just lump to our huge forwards cooper and Wilson. Been the same for weeks.
  13. Done that loads recently. No proctor yet still just lump it up. Rubbish
  14. Torn open there. Love this formation!!! Really poor
  15. 1 bad game in a season of class is a bit different to what Cooper has shown imo. Amoo deserves a run of games from the start
  16. Not sure that’s enough. I could run around chasing the ball. Thought he was really poor against Tranmere and Rochdale personally. Just think we have a better player sat on the bench. Hopefully like you say we something from him tonight.
  17. Depends how we play. Just hope we try to pass it around tonight. No use lumping it forwards as we have done previously without proctor.
  18. How longs he out for this time? Nevermind at least we signed two young lads in January. No idea what copper he done to deserve another start over amoo.
  19. It got them promoted to the premiership in the first place though and a 9th place finish last season. Injuries and a tiny squad are the reason Leeds are struggling they’ve barely been able to name a side for months. Not saying it’s the way to go as they should have changed it up months ago but entertaining football can and does have just as much success as defensive football
  20. Should be beating these. They’ve been on a horrible run for some time and I thought were terrible at vale. 0-2 Garrity and proctor.
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