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  1. I know some think I’m negative on here but I think I call it fair (yes premature saturday) That was a fantastic performance against a very good side. For me man of the match was Stone - he has completely changed us and is twice the keeper Holy is. I’m sure he got a touch when smith hit our bar. I thought Martin was excellent against a good strike force, Wilson and Proctor also excellent although they’re keeper should saved the Wilson shot. Harrott did very well when he came on as well. Brilliant performance and it looks like it’s going to go right down to the wire. MOTM was Stone for me followed by Martin
  2. Said I wouldn’t comment but that is a world class save. Stone has been fantastic Get in. top performance this has been. god I wish we turned up against the poor sides
  3. It’s a forum. I’m at the game supporting but I don’t think me commenting on the opposition scoring makes a difference
  4. Forgot you can’t comment about vale starting bad. Love this forum. I’ll stay off now don’t want upset you pal
  5. Have you watched the last few games? delighted to be in front, hopefully push in and finish them off now
  6. Been the same for months. Say it every single game just try 4 at the back and attack them
  7. Have you watched our last few games? We’re miles off it
  8. Or maybe holy hasn’t been very good and people are allowed to say that without ‘scapegoating’. Stone did nothing wrong
  9. About time we did that. Still prefer a back 4 but that’s much better
  10. Said ages ago Clarke will not be back this season. 100% - I personally don’t think he will come back at all. I know I wouldn’t.
  11. It's nothing to do with ambition. We ALL want promotion, every season. That's everybody's ambition. The difference between posters like me and those like you is realism. You expect us to go from an absolutely dire squad to a promotion squad within 8 months. When it doesn't happen, you stamp and scream and throw your toys out of the pram. Most of us recognise the massive progress that has happened in such a short period of time. Yes, we're all disappointed not to be further up the table, particularly after how the season started. But most of us are sensible enough to realise the job that DC and DF had on their hands and are not throwing a tantrum because things haven't gone our way over the past few months. If you can't see the improvement all over the pitch then I fear you never will. I’m not sure where the improvement on the pitch has been since Bradford? The issue is, we had such a strong start, we’re in a fantastic position, we needed to take that chance. Sign a proven striker in the window not some young lads. There’s no tantrum or stamping the floor… it’s the realisation that we are more than likely going to be stuck in this league for another season. A season which will be much more difficult than this season in terms of opposition. That’s what the club expected though? Not just fans? The aim this season before they kicked a ball was the play offs. If your happy with how we’ve been for a good few months then fair enough, however not everyone is. Feels like a wasted opportunity this season IMO and im sure Crosby said something of the nature yesterday? To make sure it isn’t a wasted opportunity. Im not demanding immediate success. I simply expect us to be able to do better than we have recently. To try different tactics, to put players in their correct position, to not sign players who have played 5 minutes of pro football before, to not play hoofball to Wilson ect.
  12. Tough game for us this. We should probably spend all week watching how good Crawley are and then set up 343 and look to defend for 90 minutes. Then we can say well done if we manage to get a 7th draw in 11 games. Definitely need to keep the fantastic Holy in nets and make sure we play that back 3 again. Hopefully we play Wilson and Edmondson out position and Cooper surely has to start after how good he’s been. 0-0. Fantastic result that some fans take as a huge stride forwards.
  13. Yeah massive improvement this season is. 13th last season after that horrible start. Brilliant start this season and we now sit 10th. Same old issues as last year as well. Repetitive <ovf censored> formation week after week, loads of injuries, still a completely unbalanced squad. They moaned about us having loads of the same kind of player yet have done the exact same thing. Awful window last January, same this January. Guess it shows some vale fans ambitions though, to be happy that we’re not in a relegation battle in league 2.
  14. Sorry being so fickle. But fans can have different opinions. I never praised flitcroft. Our signings have been pretty average and very poor recently. I’ve heard what he’s like round the club and is a bit of a <ovf censored>.
  15. Calmed down now since that horror show yesterday. Worst performance of the season, everything about it was atrocious and not a single positive can be taken from game. Yes we have been unlucky with injuries. Why didn’t we sign someone to replace Conlon in January? Why not go and find a creative midfielder, isn’t that the job of the DOF? The football has been dire since since the Bradford game, dropping like a lead balloon. How many f in times, stop playing 3 at the back it’s infuriating. Every game we set up the same just waiting to concede. They were shocking yesterday and we were no better. I complained loads in the Jan window about our signings and got shot down. We had a shocking window and we’re seeing the dividends of that now. Never going to go up signing a load of young players on loan who have barely played any football. It’s straight out of the Michael Brown guide. Edmondson, Harratt, Holy, Robinson, Charsley why? What is the point? And don’t even get me started on cooper!!!! He’s the replacement for politic??? No chance we scouted him - he’s worse than hurst. Just wondering how DOF has improved us? Signings have been crap other than the odd player. Priorities all over the place in January, signing a third keeper, not signing any creativity not bringing in a decent forward ecttt Alls I know flitcroft has been good for is firing people who have been at the club a long time. And isn’t liked, at all. His contract is up at the end of the year isn’t it? 100% don’t renew that. Theres no chance what so ever of us going up. We have to scrap this negative style, it’s horrible to watch, picks up no points. 3 wins in 10 against 3 truly dreadful sides ain’t good enough, and it Dosent suit any of the players. All season worrall has been wasted at RWB. We have a lack of creativity because of the set up, yes we’re missing our two most creative players, but if set up with some kind of attacking approach that may help!!! Careful though, we can’t and shouldn’t criticise on here. It might hurt the players feelings…. Load of rubbish. We’re <ovf censored> same as every other season.
  16. Be interesting to see How many more points we end up with as opposed to last season. We’ve barely improved. <ovf censored> useless.
  17. Be interesting to see How many more points we end up with as opposed to last season. We’ve barely improved. <ovf censored> useless.
  18. Just bored and fed up with vale at the minute. Sick of mediocrity season after season. Every year we start well and fade. We will lose our best players in the summer and then start again. Can’t <ovf censored> wait.
  19. <ovf censored> shambles. Sick of getting shot down. ‘Back the lads’ ect. Since the Jan signings we’ve been <ovf censored>. <ovf censored> signings that have taken us backwards. Can’t wait for another season in this league. <ovf censored> sick of it. Same old <ovf censored> vale.
  20. Season over. <ovf censored> dreadful. It’s been coming
  21. Unbeaten in 10 though. 7 draws is amazing. Love us failing to beat Rochdale Harrogate and colchester….. dire <ovf censored> dreadful this is again. Stop defending it. It’s <ovf censored>. can’t wait for league 2 again next year wooooooo
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