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  1. Nah he hasn’t, gets posted every time. Numerous people thought the same after Colchester. I even called myself a clown later on in the season for thinking season was over. Getting a bit boring now…. Anyway transfers thread….
  2. A gamble not worth taking in my view. Be a huge step up for a league 2 player to then miss a full year and come and play league 1 football. We have Conlon and Taylor already who were out for the majority of last season. Last thing we need is another CM with a bad injury recently. Regardless of wages - not worth it.
  3. Needs to drastically improve on the ball though. For me, was poor on the ball in league 2 so really needs to improve that side of his game. Great off the ball though
  4. Crazy signing that Telford for Crawley and blatantly obvious that the money has been thrown around there. So glad we’re out of that league - will be a very tough league next season
  5. Appalling that from Stokes. Think he’s playing the wrong format. Just stupid - do well get 100 now.
  6. Bowled well there leech to be fair on day 1/2 pitch.
  7. Probably rubbish but some random account on Twitter was right about Gibbo
  8. All season we have been saying he’s one of our better players. If not for his injuries he would be at a top league 1 side / low championship side IMO. Cass is a great signing but won’t be playing where Gibbons played. Im not against what the club has done at all with this, 27 starts in two seasons is nowhere near enough. But I do think the fact he was one of our better players should have counted for something. (I’m not saying he should have been offered as much as the others - but not half as some are saying either) Anyway like you say he’s gone now so let’s move on. Hope he does well there expect when they play us.
  9. Not really, he’s a better player than most of the others so that has to be taken into account as well.
  10. Swindon keeper joins Charlton and Reed to follow - similar style of recruitment to a manager we used to have!
  11. Wondered how leech had picked up two wickets 😂
  12. Good news Re Benning really impressed me 2nd half of the season Walsall aside. Still think we need another LWB though, can see Mal being 2nd choice and Hussey moved on
  13. Decent signing for them, league 1 probably too much for him at the moment but he will do alright for them. Wish him well, always gave it everything
  14. I’d imagine we have a replacement lined up if we were only ever going to offer Gibbo a low wage with an increase after so many games.
  15. Yeah that’s out of order. Dosent surprise me with some of them on there though
  16. Let’s wait and see what the signings are like. Now I’ve settled and seen he’s started 27 in the last two seasons; I’m glad we haven’t gone over the top to sign him. If Telford signs that’ll more than make up for this imo.
  17. Correct. I didn’t realise until you posted, but 27 starts in 2 years ain’t worth paying over the odds for
  18. Why does it always have to come back to being the fans fault.
  19. Bit harsh to call people doom and gloom merchants after one of our better players (who is loved) leaves. Injury record is the only reason I’m not really pissed off with this as it hindered us at times last year. At worse, we already have Cass, but I can see quite a few defenders join.
  20. I have to say I’m surprised there weren’t more interested parties. Injury record much have put a few off
  21. What an odd decision and I hope for his sake it’s not one he regrets. I could understand if he went to a top league 1 side / lower championship but this is a really odd sideways move to work under one of; if not the biggest <ovf censored> in English football. Obviously money talks, I heard earlier that our offer wasn’t exactly attractive and I do worry our very strict way of dealing and contracts could put off a few in this division. Obviously a very good player and we were much better with him in the side last season. Personally I don’t think he will thrive as much there as he did here, 13 years at the club - he’s always given me the impression he needs to really like the club and his passion will come out on the pitch. Only thing I can think from our side is that his injury record is bad, and is it woth pushing the boat out for a guy who will probably play 20ish games. Still, disappointed and find it odd that a player would want to leave after that promotion to another promoted side. <ovf censored> me he will get some reds under Barton 😂 Taylor going next.
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