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  1. He has but he’s been injured for large parts of it, we saw his impact with key assist and passes towards the end of the season, think it’s an error letting him go unless we have someone lined up which I’m sure we do.
  2. I’m not sure why Taylor would be considered a squad player. He’s better than Charsley, and without Conlon our only real creative midfielder. He was fantastic in the last few games so unless we have someone lined up to replace him it makes no sense to me letting him go. Loads of potential, years on his deal, played well and getting back to full fitness. Dosent make sense Imo. If a midfielder is to leave it surely would be charsley. If he goes I fully back the team to sign someone as good / better, but that will cost as these kind of players aren’t cheap. Just think we should be looking at keeping him - there was euphoria on here when he signed
  3. Charsley would be the one midfielder I wouldn’t mind leaving. He’s a good grafter but he’s a league two player in my opinion
  4. Personally I’d like us to keep Taylor. Was excellent in his first spell and by the end of the season was starting to get his form back - was fantastic at Wembley. Personally think we should be keeping players with that much talent on the ball. Conlon won’t be ready till what December? Think we will need him unless someone is lined up
  5. Great signing. His injury clearly impacted our side, having to play Smith RCB and having him as the spare man often hampered us going forwards. Still young, will improve, great on the ball. Very strong back 3 now, he does need to work on defending crosses as we conceded quite a few at the back post but still a very good signing.
  6. I’d take him as a squad player as he can play in a few positions, imagine he would be 4/5th choice striker though
  7. They’re loving it on their forum. Sadly (or gladly in my case with walsall) this will only end up one way. Investment companies want one thing and one thing only. A return on their investment. This has future admin written all over it.
  8. Well Root has won us that. Fantastic yet again, thought we bowled well though both innings but the same old problems are there for all to see. 4 of the top 5 aren’t up to it, Crawley i don’t mind but he just Dosent look an opening batsman to me. I’d love to see a couple of changes in the batting line up for the next game. Brook has to play.
  9. Politic was great for us. Changed games on a regular basis and scored some big goals. He might not fit into 352, but we have to have these kinds of players in the squad to change games and mix it up a bit. If I remember correctly he played up top at times for us and looked ok. No brainier for me, can win games by himself and would be a class signing. He’s still very young, I’d love us to sign him.
  10. Tonight was class. Robbie was brilliant and the strip looks fantastic. Best home strip for a while
  11. Sorry, basically he said how much kian loved it at the vale and thanks for all the support. Then in the comments he said:
  12. Just seen on Facebook Kian wanted to stay at Vale but Huddersfield wanted him to play first 11 and be the main man. Makes sense, but thought him playing a decent role in a league 1 club where he’s settled may have been better
  13. He did well in big games but I thought a bit anonymous in other games. Definitely one for the future, has natural talent in front of goal and I wanted him back as 4th / 5th choice on loan this season. Think this move to Bradford is the wrong one though. Graveyard for strikers and can see him following a similar route. Yeah that reveal is vile. Whether he was told to kiss the badge or not 🤮🤮
  14. Thanks David, very good league 2 player that will be snapped up by a decent side next season.
  15. Wish him well but think it could be another Jones. Bradford is a graveyard for strikers. Kissing the badge - maybe didn’t the like the vale as much as he says…. Bit much that
  16. I find that signing mental. We mustn’t have been interested. They’ve released big theo sure he could do a job
  17. Not sure mate, I hope not, would have liked him off the bench
  18. What an odd signing if true. Would have thought himself and Huddersfield would have wanted him to say at Vale? If we wanted to keep him anyway
  19. I got Martin from someone in the club, no idea on the others though
  20. Hope you smash league 2 next season. Thought although we were the better side on the day, oats looked a real quality player. Hopefully you aren’t playing catch up this season and have at least an average start.
  21. For me we need: 1st choice keeper. Either a RWB or right centre back (Gibbo to then play in the other position) 1/2 wingers - I know we don’t use them, but off the bench I think we need some pace and an upgrade on Amoo. Someone similar to Politic who can change a game 2nd half. 2 strikers. Wilson and Proctor are great, but will more than certainly be injured at some point. I’d probably want us to sign a first team striker to play with Wilson, with proctor and Harratt on the bench. I’d be happy for us to sign Edmonson if available as well just as back up as he can play in a number of positions. Possibly a back up centre back, I think Martin will be released / listed 7 players for me at the most. (If we keep everyone we want to keep)
  22. Sounded pretty good after the full time whistle
  23. Yeah our ceiling will definitely increase in the league 1. I’d be surprised if Smithy left to Stockport personally. Money would be the only reason and I’d like to think we would offer something competitive to one or our best players in recent years. Re the keepers, I’d like to see a proper number 1 signed. Cov is decent and I love his personality and for me a good number 2. Stone, great shot stopper but makes errors in terms of crosses and communication. I’d keep cov as number 2 and look to loan Stone out to a league 2 side. Think he will be a great keeper in a couple of years
  24. Yeah clough got it all wrong. No idea why he didn’t change it when wozza and benning were constantly wide open. Thought it was really poor management from a good manager. Can’t remember the last time our wing backs had so much time and space
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