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  1. Good news, did well last season. Personally I think we should sign an experienced keeper for this level. Keep Cov as number 2 and then loan Stone out to a side in league 2.
  2. Good luck to him. I think he will do well there and think if we hadn’t go promotion he would have played more of a role next year. Always liked him but league 1 probably a stretch.
  3. I think he's a no brainer for any lower half championship team. He'd be cheap at 3x his current wages, he's young and on a free Injuries would put me off signing him as a championship side. Played majority of games in league 2 as well not sure I’d take a punt on him. (And I hope nobody does( For me his level at the moment is league 1. Whether that be with us or a bigger side I’m not sure. One thing is for sure, we looked 10x the side when he was playing last season whether that be at LWB or RWB.
  4. I’d imagine quite a few deals are done behind closed doors just waiting for everyone to return
  5. He’s definitely signed / got a deal in place somewhere, just where. As above wouldn’t be surprised if it’s Stockport but I would certainly have him down the vale. Would love Azaz as well
  6. Quite sure I wasn’t the only one who said that but keep banging the same drum. Yes we got to the semis and final. But when did we play a decent side? As soon as we played a decent side in the World Cup we lost, Euros on home ground we should have been winning that. Southgate somehow seems to have evaded criticism for those penalty decisions at the end as well…. He has some credit in the bank and will be in charge for the World Cup but I don’t see us doing remotely well there. Personally think that some of this credit has been lost after the other night. It wasn’t a 1-0 smash and grab. They battered us, and we were just as poor in Hungary. I don’t think it’s just Southgate, the players clearly aren’t interested but he needs to be more attacking against sides like this. The sub towards the end, taking Saka off for McGuire was a prime example. I know we were down to 10 but in what way is that going to improve the situation?
  7. Appearances in all competitions this season: Ramsdale - 39 Walker - 31 Stones - 27 Guehi - 42 James - 39 Gallagher - 39 Phillips - 23 Bellingham - 44 Saka - 43 Kane - 50 Bowen - 51
  8. Hungarys final? What about the fixture at home? Or we’re both finals? Not having this tired rubbish. They’re pro footballers, if you look at the team we selected the majority didn’t play 50 games. I really don’t buy that Hungary finishing a few weeks before us somehow gives them a huge advantage and makes 0-4 ok Southgate is and always has been far too negative. you should be able to beat a side like Hungary at home with a 2nd string 11, no need for the 2 CDMs. The players are a complete joke, rallying around Southgate saying he’s a great manager, I think they just have forgotten they are the ones who turned out that rubbish the last 4 games. Personally. 0 goals from open play in 4 I think it’s pretty indefensible. Listened to Talk Sport the other day. Imagine the reacting of Scotland got hammered at home to Hungary. Why is it ok for us? It was an embarrassing defeat and Southgate needs to change tactically ASAP and stop picking players blatantly not up to it. Round 16 exit at World Cup as we will actually play a half decent side
  9. We lose the game after the groups imo at this World Cup. We should get a decent side and I can’t see us beating anyone decent.
  10. Louis Britton from Bristol City? Never heard of him or seen him play - scored a few in Ireland - looks like one Dc and Df could take a punt on
  11. Couldn’t have got easier runs in either…
  12. Yeah Compton another good one. I don’t mind Crawley but he just isn’t an opening batsman. He would be ok at 5/6 where the ball isn’t swinging but like you say at the minute he’s just getting out the same way and he isn’t able to fix it. Jennings although not brilliant I think is steady enough and like you say he’s excellent against spin. I’d expect Compton to be before him though and for me personally Haines. I follow Sussex and last couple of years he’s come on a long way I think I would give Crawley this next match and then make a decision on him. No pressure on the game, series won, has to hit something. I would put leach in that category but i just don’t rate him at all
  13. He's a human being. Of course he will miss the odd chance. But he's absolute mustard. End of discussion. I think the point others are making is that he struggled at the beginning of the season mainly due to fitness issues and maybe a lack of confidence. Pretty certain everyone agrees of how good he was by the end of the season.
  14. One I mentioned before we went for Lees was Haines at Sussex he’s continued to do well this season and was very good last year. Other than that at the minute it’s like you say going back to someone else - I wouldn’t be too upset if Jennings got another go though personally. Better opener than we have had recently
  15. Can’t disagree with any of that. Like you say I think the key is the first 4 batsman to occupy the crease making it much easier for Bairstow and Stokes later on in the innings. He does have that glaring weakness the the ball swinging in mainly due to the amount of white ball cricket he plays but I think if (and it’s a big if) the top order works as it should then he shouldn’t be facing too many unplayable in swingers. I think we need another opener with Lees. Crawley is a walking wicket and there are quite a few doing well this season so far in the county games
  16. Be an unreal signing. He’s surely championship bound
  17. Always felt bairstow should play like this. He’s an outstanding white ball cricketer, batting at 5 he has the freedom to play like this and looks 10x the player than when he’s blocking - not sure why NZ keep bowling short to him though! Only issue for me today is Crawley again. Lees looked excellent in both innings, shame he hasn’t got a century. Crawley and leech out next game I think. Hopefully stokes is fit as he looks like he’s struggling
  18. And was played as a holding midfielder which he never has and never will be. Everyone is forgetting he changed the game at Hpool as well
  19. Think they’re looking to trial it this season in the Dutch second division as well.
  20. Benning was great 2nd half of season other than walsall - not just the last two games, before then not great but nowhere near as bad as some were saying.
  21. He’s definitely good enough, but I think his injury record will put sides off. I think he will sign as well, like you say with clauses
  22. He’s a very good player who had a big impact in quite a few games considering he’s not been close to fit. He was the only reason we won at Hartlepool and was outstanding against Swindon and Mansfield. Some of his passing at Wembley was excellent. The only issue i have with him is his injury record. He’s been out for a long time, took time to get going and towards end of the season was excellent. We will clearly have someone lined up who they team obviously think is an upgrade, and I trust them 100%. Just think it’s a shame if we let him go over Charsley. For me, he’s a great back up to Conlon, so if Taylor leaves, I’d expect us to be signing someone as good as / better than Conlon to play whilst he’s injured
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